Slide 1: Monochromatic Living Room


Fredman Design Group (Barbara Theile and Jean Kaiser), design; Eric Hausman Photography, photographer

A monochromatic palette might bore you. And it stands to reason that a burst of color would really spice things up. Instead of doing something dramatic, though, think about adding visual interest, not through color, but through the liberal use of different textures and materials. See how this hammered tabletop and the furniture's natural woven fabrics manage to bring depth to an otherwise neutral living room?

8 Decorating Rules Meant to Be Broken—and 1 to Live By

So many of us hesitate over decorating decisions, fearing that we might break an unwritten design rule. And it's true that, though largely unwritten, there are a host of best practices espoused by experts (and by people who are definitely not experts). The truth is that every so-called "rule" in home style can be broken, with stunning results, as proved by each one of the following examples.

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