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Dria Szwarc

I'm an avid DIY'er finding ways to help myself and others make our homes as beautiful as we can imagine one project at a time!

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Holiday DIY: Popsicle Stick Trees

By Dria Szwarc on Dec 07, 2013

Super fun and easy craft! Supplies you will need are: *Craft sticks (two different kinds see photo) *Hot glue *Styrofoam trees *Blocks of wood for the tree trunk Step 1: If you are using multiple... Continue reading

diy, seasonal

Easy DIY: Polish Star Ornament

By Dria Szwarc on Nov 16, 2013

To make one of these ornaments you will need: A pen or pencil (to form the points) Something sharp to poke a hole through the center of each piece of paper, I used a lobster... Continue reading

diy, wood

DIY Tales: Oxidizing Wood with a Home Made Stain

By Dria Szwarc on Nov 08, 2013

When I built my plumbers pipe bench, I knew I wanted a greyish color stain. A friend told me you could make a stain mixing vinegar and steel wool! I decided to give it a... Continue reading

appliance, diy, paint

DIY Tales: Painting an Appliance

By Dria Szwarc on Oct 17, 2013

My refrigerator and stove hood had started yellowing recently. I didn't understand why since the dishwasher and stove were still bright white and only one year newer then the refrigerator. Aside from the yellowing color,... Continue reading


DIY Tales: Twine Wall Clock

By Dria Szwarc on Oct 10, 2013

Can't find a clock you love? Why not make one? This clock was made with nails and twine! Continue reading


DIY Tales: Beautiful Bench Made from Plumber's Pipe

By Dria Szwarc on Oct 02, 2013

I wanted a bench for my kitchen that was a little industrial. I had seen a table a while back that had pipes for the legs so I decided to make a bench using plumbers... Continue reading


Easy DIY: Painted Gold Leaves

By Dria Szwarc on Sep 26, 2013

Are you looking for a super easy, inexpensive art project for your fall decor? Look no more! This project took me less then an hour and was free! Pained gold leaves, it just doesn’t get... Continue reading