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Living Vintage

Kim Whitley-Gaynor

Dog trot homeowner, old home salvager, designer, and builder of little houses. Addicted to old things, good books, tasty food, independent films, and Pinterest.

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sustainability, diy

DIY Tales: Improving Energy Efficiency in Our Old Home

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Jan 08, 2014

When we first bought our house, it was not energy-efficient at all. Not by a long shot. The windows were all old and single-pane. The two existing heat pump A/C units were old and ran... Continue reading

diy, architectural history, wood

Demolition Diaries: Finishing an Old House Salvage

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Dec 19, 2013

We finished our old house salvage project that I told you about a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share some photos with you. When we arrived to start the project, we started removing... Continue reading

wood, walls, architectural history, diy

DIY Tales: War and Beadboard

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Oct 07, 2013

As part of the large lumber order for the Barton’s, I’ve been busy prepping a little over 100 square feet of wide, reclaimed beadboard. If I remember correctly, we salvaged the boards from the house... Continue reading

remodeling, bedrooms

Before & After: Master Bedroom Reveal

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Nov 05, 2013

I can’t believe it’s been September since last time I told you about what we’d done in our bedroom! Wait a minute. On second thought, now that I think about it, we were working on... Continue reading


10 Great Repurposing Ideas from Etsy

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Oct 16, 2013

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Etsy lately for a couple of reasons. I’ve been on the hunt for some things we need for the house. Also, Christmas is only two months away,... Continue reading

diy, ceilings

DIY Tales: Prepping Antique Ceiling Tin

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Oct 02, 2013

In addition to working on our master bedroom, and our big lumber sale, we carved out some time recently to prep our antique ceiling tins for our office ceiling. I saw an antique tin, patchworked... Continue reading

diy, remodeling

Before and After: DIY Wood Ceiling

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Sep 11, 2013

Do you remember the big pile of groove board that we had stored in our dogtrot? You know, the 4′ stack of lumber that was preventing me from unpacking the last four boxes of books?... Continue reading

wood, flooring

Reviving Salvaged Wood Flooring

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Sep 10, 2013

We recently sold almost 1,900 square feet of reclaimed lumber. Kim and Adam Barton are building a new bungalow near Garrison, Texas. Like us, they are huge advocates of salvage and repurposing. They want to... Continue reading


House Envy: Texas Farmhouse with a Drool-Worthy Porch

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Sep 09, 2013

Did you see the post on Hooked on Houses a few weeks back about the old Texas farmhouse that’s for sale? It absolutely blew me away. Absolutely. Positively. Gorgeous. Any home with a front porch... Continue reading

home office, decor

DIY Home Office Makeover: Vintage Finds and Rustic Style

By Kim Whitley-Gaynor on Sep 03, 2013

An overview of the finished product of the DIY vintage, industrial, reclaimed, and functional office. Continue reading