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This wall-mounted cabinet is a sly way to keep a minibar hidden from sight. The fold-down door, held in place by chains, creates a table when lowered, instantly expanding your entertaining space.

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17 DIY Mini Bars to Mix Up Your Home Decor

After a long day, almost nothing is as relaxing as enjoying a cocktail. If you like to unwind with a drink but don't always like the stress or expense of going out on the town to get one, try setting up your own minibar. While there are plenty of options available to purchase, concocting your own bar lets you bring out your personal style. You can make a DIY bar from scratch or rely instead on easy upgrades to existing pieces. Whichever route you choose, the joy of constructing your own minibar is that you can customize it to your needs, whether your goal is to create more storage, display your liquor collection, or just provide a gathering spot for friends. Getting thirsty? Grab a drink, take a seat, and savor these 17 tempting ideas for a DIY minibar.

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