House of the Week


Sitting On the Dock

Who needs grass when your backyard can be the water? This mid-century modern houseboat floats on Lake Union in Seattle. And while some might associate the city for dreariness, this home is anything but. The sky blue siding and orange front door with the hanging plants and flower boxes create welcoming curb, er dock, appeal.

Villa slow Design: Laura Alvarez Architecture; Photo: David Montero


Slow Living

Sitting on a grassy hill in the northern part of Spain is this holiday retreat, Villa Slow. The house, built from a stone ruin, blends its naturally rustic look with contemporary design. Mindful of its beautiful environment, Laura Alvarez Architecture incorporated sustainable practices into the construction, using locally sourced reused materials and green-friendly heating and cooling techniques. Panoramic windows in the living room and large sliding doors in both bedrooms ensure that dwellers can enjoy the views from almost every room in the house. For more information about the house and how you can rent it visit



Willow Treehouse

Though located on the banks of a small pond in idyllic Upstate New York, the Willow Treehouse resembles a robot from the future. Designed by architect Antony Gibbon, the prefab structure almost appears to levitate above its site, thanks to an unseen rear piling and thin, leg-like supports. From within the compact, bright, wood-paneled interior, hooded, oversized windows frame postcard-perfect views of the surroundings—water, woods, and sky.

Neal creek house Design: Paul McKean Architecture; Photo: Stephen Tamiesie


Neal Creek House

Nestled in a lush forest on the Columbia River Gorge, the two-bedroom Neal Creek House epitomizes contemporary urban design. Paul McKean Architecture constructed the dwelling in 11 months, and he relied on environmentally friendly products like west cedar siding, a TPO roof, FSC-certified wood flooring, and no-VOC appliances. The elevated design protects against flooding and potential brush fires. Visitors can explore the Oregon landscape before heading inside to enjoy the modern amenities and mid-century decor.

Irish ivy


Irish Ivy

On the edge of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, sits this ivy-covered cottage. The restored home is fully renovated on the inside, but the exterior keeps its historic charms intact, like the red brick around the windows. Overflowing with lush ivy, you might miss the green front door!

Modern house amongst rocks


Rock Reach House

You’ll find this modern dwelling, Rock Reach House, in the Mojave Desert in Yucca Valley, CA. The 1,000-square-feet home was built in 2009, taking only eight weeks for construction. For a green-friendly design plan, builders chose galvanized steel, concrete, and glass as the primary building materials, using wood just for the cabinets and doors. The all-electric house garners most of its energy from large photovoltaic panels on top of the carport roof. With sleek, straight lines that contrast the rocky terrain, Rock Reach House makes a visually stunning impact.

Colorful victorian Zillow Digs home in Oakland, CA


Vibrant Victorian

Built in 1895, this elegant 1100-square-foots house in Oakland, California, underwent renovations in 2015. Despite its modern interior, the wooden facade has many traditional Victorian elements like bay windows, scalloped shingles, and a steep roof with decorative trim. The red door contrasts against the yellow and blue siding, making this house a stand-out on the street.

Idyllic a frame


Idyllic A-Frame

This charming A-frame is secluded in the woods of Idyllwild, CA. Those who get to lodge here can breathe in the crisp, fresh air from the patio beneath twinkling string lights and at night can relax inside in front of the wood-burning stove. It’s your quintessential A-frame mountain home.

Portugal houses Hugo Sousa on Unsplash


Picture Perfect

This colorful street in Lisbon stuns. It’s impossible to choose a favorite house between the blue patterned tile, blush pink, and fire engine red. The facades of each building standout on their own, but together create a picture that needs to be captured and shared.

Purple victorian Zillow Digs home in Chatham, NJ


Purple Majesty

Although it is over 130 years old, this Victorian house in Chatham, NJ looks regal as ever. The intricate details of the period architecture remain intact: lattice windows, detailed porch, and ornate trimming. The brilliant purple and gold just enhance the features even more.

Montana carriage house


Rustic and Reclaimed

This carriage home in Montana is inherently charming. The slanted roof and reclaimed wood siding bring rustic elegance, while the fully-furnished interior has a contemporary flair. Perhaps the best part, however, is the surrounding landscape; visitors need only to step outside to experience mountains, wildlife, and 100 acres of hiking trails.

Baahouse small lincoln Design: BAAHOUSE + BAASTUDIO; Photo: Darren Kerr


Elevated to New Heights

While a striking piece of architecture in itself, this contemporary one-bedroom house from building designers BAAHOUSE + BAASTUDIO puts the focus on its unique forest view, thanks to large glass doors, a wide covered porch, and an elevated perspective from atop steel posts. These stilts are also strategic, though: They help the home survive in the rain in the subtropical city of Brisbane, Australia, by reducing the risk of flooding and preventing pools of water from weakening the house’s foundation.

Mountain a frame


A-Frame in Arizona

Just outside Coconino National Forest in Flagstaff, Arizona, this A-frame cabin provides a weekend retreat from responsibilities. With limited electronic and Wi-Fi access, residents are left with minimal distractions to enjoy the mountain view.  

South dakota cabin


Over the Rainbow

Built on grounds sacred to the indigenous people of the region, like the Lakota, stands this symbol of westward expansion. The built-by-hand home is open to lodgers who travel with their horses, and those who travel without.

House on water Aurélien Bellanger on Unsplash


On the Horizon

Under a starry sky, sits this humble gray house on the water. It doesn’t have many fancy features, but when you’re this close to the water what more do you really need?

Bali villa


Holiday in the Sun

Embracing its tropical location in Bali, this stunning house blends indoor and outdoor living. Tall, open ceilings let in the breeze and expansive covered patios let you take in the views while staying shaded from the sun.

Frozen lake cabin Ian Keefe on Unsplash


A Holiday Escape

This is the ultimate wintertime getaway: A mega log cabin on the peninsula of a frozen lake with snow-covered mountains and evergreens surrounding it. During this hectic time of year it’s the perfect peaceful escape.

Mayne island cottage


Mayne Island Cabin

The handcrafted home in Mayne Island, British Columbia is truly one of a kind. Inside, white stucco walls and curved wooden beams create an otherworldly ambiance in the mushroom-shaped cabin

Norway red cabin Nil Castellví on Unsplash


Little Red

Not to be upstaged by the rocky terrain or teal waters, this tiny cabin in Norway manages to stand out amongst the scenery. Its black tin roof and brick-red siding makes a statement for the random traveler passing by.

Yellow houses panama Tim Cook on Unsplash


Sunshine and Surf

You can find these sunny yellow beach shacks in Bocas del Toro, Panama. A favorite destination for surfers and ecotourists, the province has colorful homes scattered across several islands.

Croatian stone home


Stunning Stone

Newly renovated on the inside, the outside of this Croatian cottage retains its historic charm. Surrounded by creeping vines and a field of lavender, the property looks straight out of a storybook.

Sustainable a frame


An A-Frame in Isolation

Hidden among two wooded acres in the Catskills, this two-bedroom A-frame house offers a weekend in nature. Just imagine hiking through foliage (or snow-shoeing in wintry months) to relax in the main area of this cozy open floor plan, either in front of the crackling indoor fireplace or the large glass window. Or, stay outside to cook on the large steel drum grill and dine inside the screened-in gazebo. (But you don't have to just dream of living here, though—you can rent it via Airbnb for a night, starting at $195.)

Finch ridge eco lodge


Something Blue

For the homeowner who'd rather be outside, this tiny home delivers in a big way. The kitchen and living space are completely screened yet open to the scenic forest and sky, and, though the bedroom offers privacy, it has no shortage of windows.

Baumhaus melle Baumraum


Among the Trees

This room on stilts is as versatile as it is striking: It has been used as a guest room, reception hall, and children's playroom. The natural color of the exterior cladding helps it blend into its surroundings even while its modern geometric shape makes it stand out.

Charming california cottage Zillow Digs home in Coronado, CA


Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

It might appear small on the outside, but this beach cottage in Coronado, CA, fits 2,000 sq ft—four bedrooms and four bathrooms—and a whole lot of charm under its roof. Turquoise shutters against butter yellow siding, the brick patio out back, exposed ceiling beams, and white beadboard throughout the home all contribute to its quaint look and feel. Built in 2009, though, this isn't your grandma's cottage. Rather, its distressed entry door opens to modern luxuries like an Italian marble fireplace, a wine chiller built into the dining room's custom cabinetry, and a gourmet kitchen filled with great lighting.