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02:26AM | 05/31/12
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Any idea where I might get instructions for this old wall oven? Not very good pic, will get better one tomorrow.


10:32PM | 05/31/12
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More photos


10:33PM | 05/31/12
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01:19AM | 06/11/12
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Anybody give me a hint on the model # of this oven.
Owner lost the tag.



03:49PM | 06/27/12
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Maybe we will be selling this old caloric,
and will find something modern to replace it with.


09:27PM | 07/12/12
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I found the ID plate for the Old Caloric Ultramatic Wall Oven.
Looks like is says Model - FWAX
Ser AU-0544472



09:29PM | 07/12/12
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Another ID Plate photo



11:01AM | 10/31/13
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i want to buy your old white caloric ultramatic natural gas wall oven.but only if you can sell me a matching old white caloric ultramatic natural gas counter top range also .i am willing to pay what ever it takes to get you to sell me the matching set. please email a message as soon as you can. i may not be able to send you another email right away. because i donot know how to use a computer very good. my email address is


04:25PM | 03/18/17
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I own the same old Caloric Ultramatic wall oven as "OldGrampa" and need replacement door hinges, hinge springs, and gasket. The manufacturer's plate is missing so I don't know the model and serial numbers. Can anyone confirm that the numbers "OldGrampa" provided are correct? And can anyone suggest a source of replacement parts? I love this oven and would rather fix it than replace it. Email: Barrett


04:54PM | 06/12/18
the model/serial number plate is under the broiler tray.... don't ask me... a highly quirky place to put it. It'll drive you nuts looking for it until it gets so dirty you decide to take it apart to clean it...
... from memory. ... two or four screws will take the broiler tray assembly out, and then you'll see the tag....

additionally... there may be a wiring diagram sticker with the model name on it on top of the oven body.. visible once you take the control panel face plate off.... LOOSEN the four screws on the side and side it up and off.... after you've pulled the gas control knob.. be careful, don't break the shaft, or you're screwed...


06:57PM | 10/27/19
1951 Caloric Ultramatic wall oven and matching stovetop.

Finally redoing my kitchen, any interest in the attached?



03:47AM | 11/08/19
I have one for sale if anyone is interested


09:29PM | 12/10/19
I just bought a house the owner is an antique collector. My kitchen appliances are a caloric stove and a caloric ultramatic wall oven. I’m looking for someone who wants to buy them... does anyone knows of any antique appliance place I can ask?


04:31PM | 02/09/20
Got a retro Caloric Ultramatic wall over and counter top range. Both gas. The oven in pretty good condition, the range works but needs the brackets and eye grills replaced. Email me at for pics and questions. Anyone interested?

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