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03:13PM | 03/28/13
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There is retained water under my house slab foundation (no basement). The moisture from this water caused some damage to the hardwood floor that caused me to dig up and see what the issue was. The water level is just below the waste water line and it appears to be present in the waste water line area only where the soil is relatively soft.

It is not supply water or waste water... it is most likely rain water from oversaturated lawn. Although the house is one of the highest in the subdivision, the lawn does not have a good gradient in some areas.

As a fix, I am thinking of putting french drain in the lawn. But how to remove the existing water from under the slab? Is slump pump a good option?


12:13PM | 04/11/13
we have a similar problem with a concrete slab foundation in Florida. water surfaces up through the floors inside the home. through the carpet and under the tile. We discovered this when pulling up tiles on the floor. water was under the tile. we had a leak detection service come in and they did not find a leaking pipe, etc. our property is flat and the grade is flat. we live near a small lake and this area is known for issues with water intrusion. how do you waterproof the concrete slab? from the inside with a sealer? or french drains outside?


03:53PM | 06/28/14
My \town home has air moving pipes leading to vents in the floor under the concrete I have a sump pump. The sump stopped working and water filled the air pipes. A shop vac drained most of the water in the vents but 2 vents still do not blow air so water must be somewhere in the pipes but I cannot reach it. How can I find and drain the water? I also worry that it will corrode the pipes and I will lose all heat and ac. Please help


09:26PM | 06/30/14
My nephew is having a very similar problem at his house in Walnut,CA. There is water in the air intake vent that is
several feet below the slab and is filling with water. We
checked the water meter and there is no water leak in the plumbing system. The water is crystal clear and does not
appear to be coming from any drain lines in the house. We
are at a loss right now to figure this problem out.
My email is is you want to discuss further.


10:49AM | 01/29/15
I have the same problem , we live in Orlando, Florida. We are thinking about the frend drain. Do you have more recomendaions or a company that can help me in Florida?


03:00PM | 06/03/15
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We also have the same problem in Orlando, Fl. It started with the carpets feeling moist and when we removed them and put linoleum tiles they would curl up. We finally removed everything and let the concrete floor and it is constantly wet. before all of this, we had been having problems with leaking pipes and eventually repiped the house through the attic. So we know they are not leaking pipes. The humidity in the house contributed to mold so I called the insurance company. They came and sent a leak detection company that said we had no leaks and an engineer who said that he suspects that the water is coming up from the slab. The insurance company said that our insurance policy does not cover water coming from under the slab so there was nothing more that they could do. We were told to remove the drywall from the bottom up to 4 feet to remove the mold and that is what we have done. We are now living in a home without inside walls (just the frame) without cabinets, and with cement floors. Nobody seems to be able to tell us what the problem is so that we can fix it ans start rebuilding our home. Any ideas?


02:54PM | 08/01/15
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Did you ever find a way to fix the water problem under the slab? We have the same problem in CA and was wondering how to fix this. Would french drains around the perimeter of the house help? Let me know if you found a way to fix this problem!


05:34PM | 04/28/17
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Did anyone having the mysterious water coming through the slab find an answer? I have had my house under counstruction for over a year from last year's hail storms. Was discovered in the process that moisture was coming up through the slab. I have had 2 different plumbing companies come and do tests on lines and they are not finding a problem. I hired a structural engineer, that said I need to increase the slope on the exterior of the home, so I did this. The concrete looked dry, so I finally was starting to have the new floor put in, and discovered in the process, that I still have moisture coming up through the floors.


04:39PM | 10/06/17
My parents had this problem and they had to pull up their carpet and use this special waterproof paint to seal the floors and 1/2 way up the walls. Their carpets were never moist again.


01:42AM | 12/27/17
I have mold on the ceiling in our bathroom. We had the plumbing lines videotaped and there were no breaks. My husband cut holes in the walls to check "the stack" and there was no break. We are told that the mold is caused by water pooled under the home that the only way to repair it is to pump river sand under so that instead of water, there will be sand. They say the moisture goes up through cracks in the slab.

When I looked on line I saw recommendations of installing gutters and extended downspouts to carry water away from the home and sloping the ground away from the home. It is a real quest to find the solution.


04:54PM | 12/31/18
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Unit is on a down slope. built in the 80's. constant rain caused water coming thru the baseboards in the closet. One company wants to put a pump in. It is very expensive. Is there an easier and less costly solution?


09:40AM | 08/02/19
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We are looking at buying a home, but when we went to look again today we saw, what appears to be, water damage to the hardwood floors. I learned that pipes are NOT in concrete, but rather UNDER the foundation. If this is is water "seeping" through a thick foundation? Also no one is living in the no water has been running through any pipes. YELLOW ARROW shows a green "irrigation" cavity that has standing water, despite no apparent sprinkler system. Perplexing!


12:04AM | 08/28/19
We have a house on slab in grade. We have mold in heat vents due to water in ducts which was removed. I had the ducts cleaned but a dangerous mold was detected. We have clay soil which stays damp all the time. We dug down about 4 feet and the soil is damp. We think it might be damp under entire wood floors which are slightly cupped. Carpets are dry but bad smell coming from ducts in slab. I’ve been told to change the heating system and put it in a very small attic which is very expensive. But what if the mold is coming from the damp soil under slab. Who can we hire to investigate where mold is coming from and how to repair without costing us our entire saving. The slab is so low in ground that no one can figure out how to grade it properly. It’s a 4o year old house we bought 3 months ago. It’s in a patio home complex but no one else I’ve spoken to are admitting they have a problem. I don’t know who to turn to for help. We’re living on retirement pensions fixing it will take all of our savings and we won’t be able to sell it without disclosure. Desperately seeking helpful answers.


04:22PM | 04/08/20
Friend of mine has water coming up through her slab foundation, it has seeps through and sometimes puddles. It has ruined parts of the floor. what is the best way to go about getting this repaired and being cost effective. Thank you


11:07PM | 10/18/20
Water seeps through the concrete foundation when it rains


02:31PM | 02/09/21
I am having water come in too and have done everything i can think of gutters, gutter extensions and also a french drain, also had a plumber come and test and no leaks. Contacted a stucco repair company and he is going to pull out the baseboards and the sheetrock in that area to see what is going on this has been an expensive nightmare. It seems as alot of the Maronda homes in my neighborhood have had similar problems but not as bad as mine.


09:35PM | 04/25/21
Did anyone find out about the leaks in a Maronda home? Same issue, puddles of water inside garage corner. Please advise.


11:00AM | 05/11/21
We have a Maronda home in Brevard County, FL. Had moisture coming up through the slab. No leaks. Must be something that happened with this builder?


10:59AM | 06/04/21
I also have water under my slab and looking for answers, I’ve read all the questions but not seeing any responses, where on this site would I find the responses.

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