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10:53AM | 05/21/07
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If there is anyone who can offer any suggestions/advice on my problem I would be so grateful. I'll try to make this as short as possible, sorry, it's been a long drawn out saga… House was purchased two years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a row home (middle unit, 3rd from end), rehabbed in 2004. Last fall the basement (finished) was flooded with water and sediment (red silt/clay). Now we have water every time it rains. Water enters through cracks in the retaining wall and the floor/wall joint. Also, not just water, a lot of dirt/sediment comes in with it.

We found out that the previous owner had a water issue in 2005 and had French drains put on one side of the house and half the back wall. At this time the next door neighbor with the adjoining wall had French drains put in as well (after he started getting water). We've had the waterproofing company out several times, and they can't find the source of the water. They've tried flood the house, no effect. The entire area surrounding the house is concrete (or neighbors homes).

We did discover after drilling holes through the retaining wall that there is vacant space under the concrete, the soil is just gone, washed away (the neighbors driveway is already sinking). We have no space in which to dig up around the outside of the foundation. There is an addition to the home right over the area where the problem appears to be. Our neighbor is in the same boat, completely flooded (with red silt/water) now when it rains. There is an alley behind our house with a storm drain. I’ve had the City out and they have flushed/scoped the line and they say, no breaks. My theory is there is a "river" of stormwater running next to/under the pipe that’s hitting our walls. Has anyone had an issue like this? Again, sorry if this rambles, I'm just at the end of my rope. I honestly wouldn't care how much it cost at this point if someone could tell me how/what the problem is!

Thank you.


05:37AM | 05/25/07
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Without seeing your situation, it's difficult to make a determination.

Your problem is quite common. There are a lot of factors that could be involved, but it is safe to say the silt washed in your basement is a sign of what happened. I'm sure you have heard the phrase "path of least resistance". Water has formed channels that lead to your basement and it is now the path of least resistance of water.

Having the cracks addressed is a start, but the water will still be on the outer wall of the foundation patiently waiting for a new path.

Keeping drain water away from that area will help. Make sure your gutters are properly configured.

Any gaps/cracks between your house and the concrete should be sealed so rain water will not seep into the ground.

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