Mike in LG

11:47AM | 11/21/12
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Brent 11 is on the right track, we have a similar problem with windows leaking and causing sill and sheathing damage and ours were installed properly and maintained properly. currently waiting on them to reply to rquest to replace 9 on a Lake and Lakeside windows all failed


06:07PM | 02/14/13
My biggest problem with Semco is that a lot of the blue springs ? (in the track) broke and I have a lot of windows that slide down on their own. Mine are the tilt out double hung. I have numerous windows with these problems. One actually fell out completely during a storm, and hit me in the head, while laying on the couch. Makes it very hard to tilt them to clean. I need help when I clean them, because of them not being level. We also have sticks inside to hold the windows up. The springs to tilt windows have come out. They were installed in 1996, and have had some problems for quite a few years. I need someone from Semco to come out and see if they can be repaired


04:10PM | 05/18/13
We have 48 semco windows 1-casement, 45 double hungs, and a large angle bay window and they all have problems. Bay window has a air leak, windows leak depending on which way the rain is driving from, some of the storms are rotting, and all the screens have to be replaced they are disinegrating. Are home is 10 years old and I think its terrible that these windows look the way they do. Semco windows are nothing but junk!!!! But I guess you get what you pay for.


11:18PM | 06/19/13
I have several rotted storm windows. I'll never buy Semco again. Junk!


09:48PM | 07/04/13
We live in a suburb of Chicago.We have Semco double hung in 7 of our 12 windows. We love them. We moved in our home in 2006. We have no idea when they were installed.(our house was built in 1972) All are in great shape. No problem with moisture or any of the glass. Four of the windows have storms installed and I love those too.


10:26PM | 08/22/13
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Seems like you either love Semco windows or hate them - very little in between. Sounds like typical discourse in our world today. Forum posters are usually those who are passionate on either side of an issue. I am looking to replace 10 windows in my 28 year old home. I am having seal failures in my southern facing windows that are exposed to rain and direct sunlight. These are double hung insulated wood windows from an unknown manufacturer. I guess I shouldn't complain if they have lasted 28 years. In 2001, I added a master suite addition and had Semco windows installed - one large picture window unit with two casements on the sides, two double hung windows, one huge (6' x 9') casement with circle top, two fixed eyebrow windows over the tub and an octagon fixed. I have been very pleased with the windows - they operate flawlessly and I have had no condensation or water infiltration issues. I received a quote from the same supplier who provided the windows for the addition. Learning that Lowes is going to have 15% off of Pella windows and doors later this month, I asked for a quote. The Semco quote was $681 for a particular window and the Pella cost before the sale was $1,075 for an "equivalent" double hung windowfrom their Designer series. Too much difference - even with the discount. I think I'll go with the advice from the larger contractors and my personal experience. I did learn one thing on this blog - get experienced, professional installation!


01:01PM | 09/02/13
While my problem isn't as severe as some of these postings it's equally as frustrating! I have 9 double hung units and the window itself isn't my issue. It's the design of the storm window that's built into it! My house was built in the year 2000 and at that time Semco used a aluminum clad Storm window. Shortly after they changed to an all aluminum storm unit. After talks with the area Rep I found out why. The design was flawed and eventually would lead to issues. With my windows past the warranty period Semco offered me a 15% discount to purchase their "new" replacement storms. They did tell me how to repair the old storms but to me that was just band aid over the real issue. So at a cost to me of over a $1100 I now have my storms on order. Semco was using the latest technology and thought it was the way to go. They obviously learned from their mistakes or they would've stayed with the clad design. I still think there should be a class action suit against them to help people like myself recoup the cost of replacement. To me? Windows should only need to be washed and cleaned, not totally replaced after 10 plus years!


02:31PM | 09/26/13
We bought a multi-million dollar home in Newport Coast, CA. The builder, Standard Pacific, installed Semco windows and doors in these 100 homes. Within 2 years we all had windows and doors fog up and they had to be replaced. At first time it was free. Then they started to charge $100.00 per window for the installation fee. I have had my windows replaced 3 times in 10 years. To pay for just the installation for 20 windows costs me $2,000.00. Not to mention the time to take off from work for 3 days and move all the furniture away from the windows for the installation. The doors have been OK except for the locking unit. It is very difficult to lock these French doors. You have to pull up on them hard, then turn the lower lock. I hate them. I would never buy these doors or window.


04:19AM | 10/04/13
We have had semco windows since our home was built in 1997. 42 plus window in our home...originally, we had issues with water and some sill damage. Semco removed several window and added corner plate at the bottom corners of the frame and then caulked around window frame seem. The window frame has a seem which was inheritely was designed poorly and has caused water to sit, and leak into the sill causign potential rot, mold issues.

Today, my issues are with condensation and possible gas leaks with the double pan casements. We have many of the 42 windows that build up condensate. I am at a loss on how to deal with this concern other then replacement of the window glass within the casements or replace altogether.

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