09:19AM | 10/19/09
Member Since: 10/18/09
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Thank God for Pella and Anderson??? This is exactly why home owners must be very careful in researching a window for their home. You trash the Semco product while clearly proving you have no idea what you're talking about. Just wondering how much Pella or Anderson paid you to write the post trashing Semco????


04:14PM | 10/19/09
Member Since: 10/18/09
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I am not a rep of Pella or Andersen.

We built our house in 1994. Our builder recomended Semco over the Andersen windows that our plans called for. We are screwed. All 10 of our upstair bedrooms windows have rotton sills. The 2 in the garage are completely inoperatable due to water damage. The big fixed picture window in my computer room..(looking at it right now)has water marks on the wood trim and the wall below. They all leak air too. In the winter you can see the curtains waving. We should have went with our first pick Anderson but we were trying to save a few bucks. When I contacted the Semco dealer he said maybe they were not installed right. He might have a point but this builder used Semco exclusively. He got about as defensive about the windows as Windowguy on this forum did.


07:35AM | 10/20/09
Member Since: 10/07/09
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If you have been using Semco Windows for ten years then you may have a "BIG" surprise waiting for you......when people tell you for over 10 years that you are making a poor product and it continues I really doubt there is any conspiracy or organized campaign by Semco's competition to smear a good product. The people at Pella and Anderson just compete by building a better product and service their customers with better warranties and service personal. I have nothing to gain or lose by reccomending any particular brand of windows in my projects but when cost , quality, service and reliability are discussed, my clients NEVER ask for I wonder why you would use their products exclusively if you're not getting a commission for the sales of those very poor quality windows


10:19AM | 10/20/09
Member Since: 10/14/09
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It's understandable that you would find the need to use the phrase, "I've been using Semco windows in all projects for the past 10 years" if you sell their product. To be totally honest - and not give a knee-jerk defensive reply to our group of homeowners who have bought an inferior product line (Semco Windows) - why not go back to one of your customers' homes and removed any one of their plastic jamb liners and inspect the rotting window frame at the [now] exposed window bottom? Why not do the actual inspection? Why not understand the Semco product is flawed? The design of the jamb's weather seal actually holds water and moisture which eventually rots the wood window frame. I have 17 out of 17 rotting window frames and rue the day I ever bought this Semco product.


11:21AM | 10/20/09
Member Since: 10/14/09
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I challenge to you revisit one of your homes with Semco windows and remove the sashes (if double-hung), then remove the plastic jamb liner, and then inspect the bottom of the window frame. The phrase, " I've sold hundreds without a complaint" doesn't wash here. How would you know about the viability of this product unless you actually did a comprehensive inspection behind the removable window jamb liners? My windows' flaws would have been hidden for 20 years had I not remodeled our kitchen and bumped out the front of our house ... intending upon reusing the Semco kitchen window. I was shocked at the deterioration of the window frame.


12:17PM | 10/20/09
Member Since: 10/18/09
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I only have one question in response to your post. If Semco is an inferior product why is Pella copying them??? Semco introduced an integral pop out nailing fin years ago. Pella has now copied this. Funny thing how various window companies are copying both their nailing fin and their jamb liner. This is why I've taken the time to post fact and not opinion. It's not that I'm personally benefiting in any way. It's the fact that it disgusts me to read post that are clearly incorrect and the author in all reality doesn't know the difference between a double hung and a casement. As for "powrus" I took your advice and removed all sashes and jamb liners in my two homes that have Semco windows. Guess what no leaking. Why aren't they leaking? Because I personally flashed and installed them. I really hope people reading these post can realize who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't. Both "powrus" and "catamaran" along with many others posting I'm sure have hidden agendas. Mine is very simple. Correct the uneducated people trashing a reputable company. Also "catamaran" and "powrus" I really hope neither of you are contractors and if so I feel sorry for your clients. I recommend you hire a quality contractor to come by and asses your problem. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts your issue is either installation or in the contruction of your home and not in a flawed Semco product!!!!


12:18PM | 10/20/09
Member Since: 10/18/09
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Clearly your windows weren't installed correctly. Really I mean come on. I hope everyone reading these posts can realize that as easily as I can.


01:29PM | 12/07/09
Member Since: 12/06/09
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I am a custom home builder for the last 31 years. I have used Weathershield, Marvin, Anderson, Kolby and Kolby, Hurd and Semco. The truth is most window problems are a result of poor installation, we will have a problem once in a while when we have new carpenters that refuse to learn new ways of installing windows. My preference is a Semco window over all of the other brands. Why? A great window with great specs, good delivery, good service (though we have had the Semco Rep out but 6-7 times out of the 190 homes (say 3000 windows)that we have installed Semco in and importantly a very good price. The other brands are fine, but if you are looking for the best overall package and money is an issue, Semco is a top choice. If a customer asks me what window I recommend it is Semco, I have used it in the last 5 homes I have built for myself. (13 homes total so far for myself!) I often wonder on these forums when you see such hostile complaints and then I note that there are primarily 3 screen names that make the same complaints over and over if they are even legitimate complaints or a fraud. If any one has questions, feel free to call me. Mark Etrheim, Mastercraft Homes, LaCrosse, WI 608-781-7200

Mark Etrheim, President Mastercraft Homes Inc


01:32PM | 12/07/09
Member Since: 11/19/09
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Comparing some of these posts to what I doesn't even sound like the same company.

About a year after purchase, we noticed some leaking around one of our casement windows. We called Semco Windows to voice our concern and see what could be done about it.

Semco said it was probably installation error. Even so, they offered to have a service tech come check it out. The service tech came a couple weeks later, determined the damage was due to improper installation, but still offered to replace it! The rest of our windows are still fine, and the new replacement one is holding up well also. I am quite happy with my Semco Windows.
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