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07:59PM | 01/05/15
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I'm so confused. I want a whole house filter because:

1 - I buy into the VOC re showers and toilets

2 - I only use my current under sink system for drinking because it takes too long to fill a pot from my faucet i.e. if I had a WWF, the filtered water would come directly from my tap

3 - I'm looking at:

#1: The Aquasana EQ 1000 which has a pre(sediment) filter, then KDF, then GAC. NO backflushing. From what I've read, the KDF needs to be backflushed and same with the GAC - why not with their system? KDF also helps to reduce bacteria build up. (10 year warranty, good for 1mil gal, I need my own plumber)
#2 The LifeSource 1620 which DOES do auto backflushing. They claim that the sediment filter is built in and they don't use any KDF, but what about bacteria build up after 20 years of use? (10 year warranty for 2+mil gals from 1 tank, they install).
#3 - Kinetico Q850. This also has a prefilter, KDF and GAC (with auto flushing), but I think they're mostly a water softener company and I'm not interested in a water softener (Hardness is a 10, which is only moderately hard and I don't want to spray my plants with salted water during draught times - too expensive to plumb in a bypass for the yard).

I've researched and researched and called the companies (but I don't necessarily trust them...), I'd just like to hear from someone in the industry who has an opinion or who can send me to another reliable source. Thanks! Jerbark


12:33AM | 12/06/16
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If you are still looking for whole house water filter, you can consider the Home Master HMF2SDGC. very easy to assemble, multi stage filtration process and high flow rate of 20 gallons per minute.
I have created a huge article on various best whole house water filter available in the market. This will give you all the information required to choose a whole house water filter.


04:55AM | 04/03/19
Does anyone know which is the best broker among those listed on this site?


04:56AM | 04/03/19
Some please help me pick out the best broker among those mentioned on the site.


04:57AM | 04/03/19
Can anyone pick out for me the best broker among those listed on this site?


01:23PM | 06/13/19
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I need someone to pick out one best product from those on this list here.

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