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09:10PM | 04/02/18
I have read a few of the posts and would like to give an unbiased opinion from the new construction sales side of windows and the various manufactures. I have been selling building materials for over 30 years and over that time have had the opportunity to provide windows from many quality manufacturers.
Most all of the clad wood windows today use many of the same components and technologies in the construction of their units, so to say one window is great and another brand is terrible, well that is ignorant and myopic.

This being said, your opinion of any product is formed through the course of your experience with that product.

Today's windows have many options and can look identical, but actually be much different products.

Let me give you a couple examples of how windows can be perceived by a homeowner.
You are the the homeowner and are building a new home, you have researched area builders and decided upon a reputable contractor with many positive referrals. This builder uses Brand "X" and he purchases them through his local millwork specialty dealer, from a salesperson he has dealt with for many years. When your new home plan was brought in to have a window quote done, this salesman knew the level of quality that this builder expected and quoted the options that would perform and function to the high standards that his reputation was built upon. The windows were Extruded Aluminum Clad, with an anodized finish, had wood interiors, the glazing was LowE 366 with Argon using a warm edge spacer,and this spacer was black, due to the Bronze color exterior and the dark stain to be used on the interior.The hardware was satin nickel and the screens in certain areas were upgraded to a more "visable" mesh, the double hungs in the main living area incorporated concealed jamb liners. The interior of the library windows were upgraded to cherry wood to match the woodwork in this statement room. Since the bathrooms and laundry room were going to be painted white the hardware, screens and jamb liners in these rooms were to be white also, and back to the standard grey spacer material in these select units. And as such the windows were ordered.
When the home was ready the windows were delivered by the millwork dealer, along with the proper installation materials. The windows were then installed by an experienced and knowledgeable crew to meet the contractors standards. The staining and finishing was done using products to perform at high levels and applied with a professional's care and touch. Since the builder in this case recommended that the home be properly ventilated, the homeowner took that advise and spent a few more dollars to make sure he would have great air quality.
I am not saying that this homeowner will never have an issue with a window, but I am saying that the chance of any issues have been substantially diminished, and if there is a problem the resolution will be timely and complete. These homeowners were educated on the products that they had just spent a great deal of their hard earned money on and understood that there was value in their choice of builder and the product that he recommended. The knew the Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum Finish would never fade, The knew that their energy savings would be realized with a higher performing glass, They knew that the chance of having condensation was pretty much eliminated thought the use of this glass in combination with the warm edge spacer and their home being properly ventilated and the realized that the beauty of their windows wood interiors could not be matched.

You are building a new home, but don't have time to deal with all the decisions that need to be made so you choose a builder based on a home you saw being constructed down the street. Seems like a good guy the home he is building looks great and his price was less than the two other estimates you received. Yes he can get you the same windows that #1 used and he gets the through a lumberyard chain that saves him money and allows him to build for less. Sounds good, right?
Your windows are wood with aluminum cladding and have LowE glass, standard screens and standard hardware. They were delivered and then installed by the builders framing crew and used whatever leftover tape they had from the house wrap. The staining was done by a partime college student that was home for the summer. You just moved into your new home and everything looks great, you feel great after saving a whole bunch of money. After winter comes your windows are frosting up and your first thought is "WOW" these windows are terrible!!
So in order to get the business from your builder the lumber salesman used a single coat LowE and no argon and a metal spacer, he used a window that looks the same, but has a roll formed aluminum cladding.
they are having higher air infiltration due to improper installation techniques and your home is not properly ventilated.
You can not be expected to know all the factors that may contribute to windows failing, but in my experience it is 95% of the time ABSOLUTLY NOT THE FAULT of the window itself. It is science and common sense.
EDUCATE YOURSELF and make sure you deal with trustworthy people.

Todd C.

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