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11:22AM | 12/11/03
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I just bought my first house, and want to put together a tool box with the things I'll need most. I have the basics (hammer, screw drivers, power drill).
If you were sending a grown daughter out into the big wide world of home onwership what would you put in her tool box?

Tracy in CO


04:57PM | 12/11/03
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simply take a look at my website I have over70,000 sq ft of nothing but tools. anything you want.


07:31PM | 12/11/03
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Gotta have money in that toolbox (LOL) not really but home improvements take it and so do the tools.
But I found I like the little plastic zip strips,duct tape,and a battery powered skil saw for making those quick cuts and great for hobby cutting,saftey glasses.


02:41AM | 12/12/03
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"Tape measure. I like a 25' but my wife prefers a 16'--the feel of it." So size doesn't matter?

All kidding aside, the vise grips and pliers and basic set of wrenches or a set of 4 different sized (crescent) adjustable wrenches.


06:54AM | 12/12/03
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Wow! Thanks for the great ideas!
I did survey my existing tool box last night, and I do have a vise grip, safety glasses, and one adjustible wrench. I also have a small hack saw, a bow saw and a small wood-hadle saw that I use for pruning trees. I will wait on specific projects to purchase other types of saws.
I have made a list of the other suggestions and will add them to the box.
Someone suggested plastic zip strips...what are those anyway?

This is a great board...thanks for your ideas and keep 'em coming!

Tracy in CO

plumber Tom

06:06AM | 12/13/03
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Hey you left out the pipe wrench. LOL If I had a tool box large enough to hold all my wrenches, you wouldn't be able to lift it #1 and it wouldn't fit in my work van.


04:32PM | 12/14/03
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+Zip strips are also called zip ties you find them in the electrical department in stores.They are great for holding things up or tying together various projects and are really strong.
For instance one of my workers hit a deer his front bumper skin fell off so instead of buying all new clips at $3.49 each we used these to put the bumper cover back on and it has lasted a long while know and is holding well and can't even see them.
There are so many different things you will need that you'll prolly get more than 1 toolbox and use each one for different things such as 1 will have gloves,pruning sheers,weed killer and such it will hold all your gardening items and tools,then another with all wrenches and sockets sets will be your fix-it box,what you need to do is have your toolbox for you and what items you will need and use.Obviously you won't have the same items an electrician ill have so you will weed out the tools you use and need in your box.
Good luck and happy holidays to all.

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