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03:46PM | 11/29/03
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Cool first post here. Anyhow, down to business....

I'm a house renter with a gas water heater that occasionally "blows out" for no reason, requiring me to relight the pilot. The temp control says that the overtemp shutoff is a one-time, then replace it deal, so I don't think that is it. However, when I was just relighting it I happened to hear what sounded like a couple drops of water drip down and sizzle on the burner. (About every 3-4 seconds.) Hmmmmm. Now I've never had a gas heater before, just electrics, but I don't think there would be any condensation in the vent pipe that would be dripping unless the whole tub was very cold (it isn't) and my guess is that I'm getting the occasional lucky drip of water that's dousing the pilot light....? Any second guesses or other thoughts from the group?


04:32PM | 11/29/03
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I would suggest that you look at this very closely. If the water heater is inside the house in a closet, occasinoal drips every three seconds are a major problem. If this home has chipcore or versa board underlay, it is just like a sponge absorbing water and you will never know until the complete house floor needs repairing. If you have a drip like this, I would suggest you call the landlord immediately for inspection of floors and water heater.


04:42AM | 11/30/03
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Thanks for the reply. Fortunately the heater is in the garage over a concrete slab. I'm going to go out, turn it off, and give it a good look in the daylight. I just can't think of any reason why it would drip... Just looking for other theories.


11:28PM | 12/25/03
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Mine had a similar problem and eventually the thermostat went kaput. Instead of replacing the thermostat which costs more than half the price of a new heater, I bought a new heater that has a pilotless ignition. I like it a lot more, don't have to worry about the pilot going out anymore.


03:27AM | 12/30/03
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Could the unit (water heater) itself be leaking?


10:35AM | 12/30/03
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Replaced mine a couple of years ago. Had water dripping occasionally on the burner. Turned out the unit was starting to leak. If that's what's going on with yours, it won't get any better. I ended up replacing the unit.

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