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plumber Tom

12:33PM | 05/03/04
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I really goofed up. The ball point pen went thru the washer just fine, but the heat from the dryer made it leak out everywhere. What a huge mess, on my new clothes :-( i have tried rubbing alcohol, but that just gets the residual off. I can't seem to "dissolve" it off the drum of the dryer. My next attempt will be some PVC primer, but i am a little weary because it's flammable. Your input is appreciated in this matter. Thank You, plumber Tom/Moderator/


02:40PM | 05/03/04
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I've been told that acitone (fingernail polish remover) and hair spray on a cloth works. I had good success using WD40 to get off inks, I don't know about after being baked on.

If you use anything flamable, wash the surface afterward with a mild soapy water and let it dry thoroughly. As long as it isn't a gas dryer, I doubt there's any chance of fire.


Dan O.

plumber Tom

03:24PM | 05/03/04
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I will try your suggestions. It is in fact baked on like you said, making the removal difficult. I guess the phrase "live and learn" might apply here. I won't make this mistake again! Tom


02:59AM | 05/04/04
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Hey plumber tom,

When I want REALLY clean pens I just stick them in the bathtub with me. This way I can give them the individual attention they deserve.

Just joking,



03:49PM | 05/06/04
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I have always had good luck pre-treating with a hairspray that contains alcohol(as a mother of four boys, I have done this MANY times). However: anytime clothing goes through the drying cycle, the stain generally is "set".

I have had instances where things get "baked on" the dryer, too. What I have done in those cases is throw in a wet rag (old towel is preferable) and let the dryer run until it is warm. Then, I use something like "De-solv-it" or "WD 40" to remove the mess.

Good luck!


03:53PM | 05/09/04
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If you are still having problems, it is 'denatured alcohol' that will remove ink stains. 'Rubbing alcohol' won't do it. Wrong molecular structure.

You can get denatured alcohol in any paint section of the home improvement stores.

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