05:34AM | 01/29/05
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Help! I have a Kenmore front load washer model #417.43142200 (the one with the black rubber gasket and the smaller sized door). Soon after purchase, I noticed an odor, then right after the 1 year mark, the odor got much worse and now I am getting black marks on my laundry. I have been speaking with the ***** dealer that sold it to me and he kept telling me that he would do something about it but now they want me to prove my case. I have heard that this model has had problems with water seeping into the bearing case. Anyone else out there having these problems? I am allergic to mold and mildew and when I open the washer door to put the laundry in, it is really getting to me.


07:42AM | 01/29/05
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**I have heard that this model has had problems with water seeping into the bearing case**

Definetly not model# specific, but water making it's way past the seal and into the drum bearing can certainly leave marks on the clothes. The most common cause of this has been over soaping or not using HE soap and the seal breaksdown. *Usuaully* a noise happens as well when the bearing is bad.

Have also seen marks on the clothes have nothing to do with the rear bearing, but the rubber boot was leaving the marks.

Maybe try using a cleaner like Glisten ( the manufacture recommends this ) to clean the inside of the washer and when the loads are done leave the dispensor drawer open a bit and the door open a bit as this allows air flow through the washer so it can dry out and not cause odours between laundry days.

Glisten Cleaner and Deodorizer.

This may help as well...


Appliance Repair Aid


09:56AM | 01/29/05
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** Soon after purchase, I noticed an odor, then right after the 1 year mark, the odor got much worse **

Odors frequently occur from a build up of undissolved laundry detergent and fabric softener. Such a build up can even lead to mold growth resulting in even stronger odors depending on conditions.

These build-ups most often occur from using too much detergent for water conditions (water temperature, hardness, etc.) and is common among first time users of high efficiency washers which use very little water as compared to older, top load washer designs. Only HE detergents should be used and in water temperature no less than ~70°F which is what more clothes washer and detergent manufacturers consider a "cold" wash to be.

Some disassembly and manual cleaning may be required to remove all odor causing build-ups but periodically running several loads with very hot water, bleach and/or products like Glisten or WasherMagic® (see the following link) might help too.

  Clothes WasherMagic®


** now I am getting black marks on my laundry... I have heard that this model has had problems with water seeping into the bearing case. **

Water getting into the outer tub bearing usually produces reddish-brown 'mud' like substance, not black. It also frequently leads to increased noises while spinning as the bearings wear from the contamination.

Black marks could be coming from the rubber door boot material breaking down. I have heard that Frigidaire (the manufacturer of your particular Kenmore washer) has recently acknowledge an increase of such an occurrence.

Maybe S-ears will do something for you in regard to the door boot but I'm fairly confident that the odor problem with require changes to the way the washer is used.


Dan O.

The Appliance Information Site



12:51PM | 02/22/05
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My Gallery series washer(circa '98-it came with our "new" house) has the same problem. After much investigation I think I have solved the stinky mystery!

I just purchased HE detergent and I also wouldn't use liquid fabric softener in the future.

First remove the dispenser tray (yes-it does come out) and clean it well and replace it. Then run an empty load and use only bleach in the dispensers.

Take take a dry rag and thorougly dry the black door gasket. There are alot of folds and you need to press it back along the inner edge to get just under the seal. I wet it at the end with a little vinegar. Mine was full of gross blackish gunk. This may take a while and might need to be done occasionally but it is worth it. Good luck!


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Vinager can damage some rubber items...many times something like Glisten cleaner works really well :)

You can see the Glisten from here...

Some good tips ltbpt1!!

This may help as well...


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03:58AM | 03/14/09
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this is kinda weird. I just read something about this last night - maybe.

I was looking for something to clean the moldy smell out of my laundry washer. You sound like you have moldy odor problem too.

Anyway, the site talks about all the different ways of cleaning the machine.

In the section about using chlorine bleach as a shock treatment to kill off the stuff in the machine, it talks about small black flecks and tiny globs of goo.

This site ( says that the seals of the machine were not designed to get blasted by large doses of chorine like people are doing to get rid of the smell. The amount needed to shock the machine is a lot more that the amount you would use when doing laundry. So some machines may not be designed to take this kind of shock.

there are a lot of other ways of cleaning the machine explained on the site and you may want to try some of those instead of chlorine bleach.

but then, all this assumes you are using a chlorine shock - that's why I said maybe in the intro.

anyway good luck


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