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12:18PM | 07/27/05
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I recently got a Kenmore dryer. The cord which came with it has 3 prong one of it is L shape. The wall outlet has 3 prong but with a diagonal prong. Since the old dryer which was a Kenmore dryer and used the outlet with a Range cord 50 amp. Can I replace a dryer cord 30 amp with a range cord 50 amp?


02:07PM | 07/27/05
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Check the breakers and see if they are rated for 30 amps.

To do it right you should replae the receptacle.

The correct one is a 10-30R for the 3 wire connections.


10:25AM | 07/28/05
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** Can I replace a dryer cord 30 amp with a range cord 50 amp? **

While it should be sufficient to carry any load which would be required, it may lead to confusion in the future.

IMO it would be better (and possibly simpler) to have the correct wall outlet installed to match the dryer cord.

But do as Bill suggested and also make sure no higher than 30 amp breaker/fuses are installed for that branch circuit.


Dan O.

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09:01PM | 07/28/05
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I replaced the receptacle. Since the breaker is 50 amp I have to install another 30 amp breaker.

Thank you guys


09:33PM | 07/28/05
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Glad to hear you decided to that route.

Dan O.


11:24PM | 07/09/13
I'm running into the same dilemma. Although labeling the 50 amp receptacle as a '30 amp circuit' with a 30 amp breaker should cover all my bases, you still have a 50 amp cord on your 30 amp range, so if it's ever installed elsewhere, guess what size breaker the new owner will install?

Add to this scenario that the 30 amp circuit is on 10/3 wire with a 50 amp receptacle, guess what a new owner of the house would do when replacing the stove with a 50 amp full electric range, in spite of any labels to the contrary? And who pays for a new house when the overheated 10/3 has burned the old house down?

No, this simplistic labeling of cords as 'dryer' and 'range' on the packaging opens up a whole can of potentially very nasty worms.

Tomorrow, I trade in my 50A 'range' cord and receptacle for a 30A 'dryer' variety. No ifs, ands or buts.

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