06:19PM | 06/25/04
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What are the standard sizes of closets for a house about 1800 SQF.

Since a hangar is approximately 14"... shouldn't the closet be at least 14 1/2?

Is thier such thing as a minimum standard for a hallway 'linen' closet. In order for linens to properly fit inside, I would think it needs to be at least 12" deep.

I live in Maryland. There is a brand new house I viewed with a 'coat closet' that is 13" and a 'linen closet' that is only 8 1/2"!

All feedback is appreciated. TY


04:20PM | 06/26/04
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Most building codes have no 'standards' nor ant requirements for minimum closets sizes or requirements for closets in homes at all.

That said, what you and the builder decide is 'proper' ends up being 'standard'.

Most coat hangars are at least 19" long. Add for thick winter coats and closet depths need to be at LEAST 30" deep.

And since most closet rods are spaced at 12" from the backwall, 30" from front of closet partition to back of closet wall is a bare minimum distance under most circumstances.

But again, since there are no codes governing closet depths, sizes and or the builder are completely on your own when designing closets for any home.


07:44PM | 06/26/04
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I design and frame my closets at 25" deep frame to finish at 24"

22" wouild do OK for many items but I tried that in one of my own and it is a source of constant complaint for my wife.

Linen closets get to finish out at 18" deeep.

Excellence is its own reward!


08:02PM | 06/26/04
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Thanks for the replies Homebild and Piffin.

Unfortunately, I bought this house. Its now 2 months old and those 2 closets are the least of my problems. The builder, GEMCRAFT HOMES really needs to hire more qualified persons to build thier homes.

I think they are still trying to figure out how to show me wich way to fold my bath towel so it fits in the linen closet!

Its really a pain to have them deny the shoddy work.

Thanks again for your responses :)




12:47PM | 06/27/04
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The builders use a plan drafted by an architect to frame and finish the structure. GemCraft hires architects and probably tells them we want as much living space as possible at the lowest cost. At any rate, it is the designer that shorted you on closet space. This occured way back when you home (an a good many others) were on paper. You can't fault the workment that built the place for following the plan. Elevate your complaint to GemCraft. Its a design problem and was predictable.


02:55AM | 06/28/04
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Yes Tom, it is the builders. Gemcraft like ALL companies has a responsibility when selling a product. When a toy company manufactures a toy that they find out later can harm your child... they recall it and they STOP selling it.As long as I've been on this earth, Cars, baby swings, foods, makeup.... all have been recalled to be destroyed or "Fixed" at the companies expense. What if you bought a Ford Mustang Tom, and you find a problem with it the next day? You take it back to the dealer and they say.. well Tom, we are sorry but we don't design them, we just sell'em and furthermore, we cannot fix this because there is no more room in the engine to install the part needed to make it run right.

My point Tom.... Gemcraft needs to stop building this home and replace it with a different model.

So, don't tell me it's not the builders fault, it is Gemcrafts responsibility.

Furthermore, I would like to make a statement to anyone buying a new home. With the large amount of homes being built today and the lack of skilled, qualified workers, buyer beware.....dont think your house will be as nice as the model, I recommend talking to Everyone else that is already living in a home in that development. If red flags start going up.. you get out.


06:48AM | 06/28/04
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Let me clarify. The "workmen" (framing carpenters, are not at fault if they were following the design drawings and locating walls properly. The problem lies in the design which was accepted by Gemcraft who is ultimately responsible.

**The builder, GEMCRAFT HOMES really needs to hire more qualified persons to build thier homes**

The workmen building the house may be adequately skilled, but you are right the builder (Gemcraft) needs to review their design. Any disagreement you have with me is a matter of semantics.


04:42PM | 06/29/04
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Since I don't know hw this ourtfit does business, who they hire, how their plans are produced, or what language the sales contract contains, I can't comment on that, but "Let the buyer beware" is always good advice. I agree heartily!

But I also find your comparisons amusing, since buysers of Mustangs have found the rear seat of that particular automobile to be too small for comfort for a generation, but I am unaware of any returning the car to the dealer or voicing an internet complaint about that size in the same amnner that you have voiced your complaint about the size of the gemcraft closets.

Of of the general rules in home design is that you can never have enough closets or have large enough closets to satisfy most owners. But it is equally true that if the closets were all large enough, the family would have no living space or the house would be an ugly monstrosity.

How large (or small) are your closets, exactly, just for point of discussion and curiosity?

Excellence is its own reward!


04:18PM | 09/06/04
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I am in the process of buying a home from Gemcraft. The people they hire can not even read plans. They put a closet in the wrong room!

This was just one of a multitude of "Mistakes" They have made so far and we are weeks from closing. Every week its 2 or 3 new things.


08:12AM | 09/07/04
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Hi Wayne,

Unfortunately I lived too far away to stay on top of things when my home was being built. I depended on the site supervisor to see that things were up to par, boy what a mistake that was. I have been living in my home 4 months and now I deal with the service department of Gemcraft. In the future I have many repairs to look forward too including, but not limited to my flooring being removed so that the concrete slab underneath can be repaired. *rolls eyes*

I can put a pencil on the end of my kitchen table and it will roll off the other end all by itself! I realize the concrete poeple are at fault but I also feel the site supervisor wasn't doing his job. I live in a Maryland community and many of my neighbors are experiencing 'beyond shoddy' work in thier homes too. When it does come time for your walkthru... don't sign off on anything you want fixed later.. even if the supervisor says otherwise. Eventually your house will be turned over to the service department and things will be handled differently. After my experience I will probably never have another home built unless I do it myself!
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