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06:20PM | 06/28/03
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I will be gutting my kitchen in the next few days for a total remodel. Any tips on how the appliances should be wired and how many outlets should be on the walls. Also, as for lighting... I would like under cabinet lighting, a light in the cabinet that has glass doors, and I would like recessed lighting in the ceiling. I had read previously that some people had issues with some of the under cabinet lighting getting hot. I believe that they had concerns if you left it on all day, which is possible in my house since my kids are sometimes forgetful. The under cabinet lighting is for task lighting. Also, how many and how far apart? Any recommendations as to what to stay away from? Thanks so much.


08:06PM | 07/07/03
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Just finished remodeling our kitchen and put in recessed lighting...used to have flourescent lighting. If I had known better, I'd have put more lights up. I have a total of 8 recessed lights in a kitchen about 14 x 14. Not nearly enough lighting compared to what was there in flourescent prior. I wish I had put at least 12 now. Also, know that recessed lights cast a shadow...something I wasn't used to with flourescent either.


04:58PM | 07/09/03
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Do you prefer the recessed over the flourescent lights? I'm not sure which way to go. My contractor seems to prefer flourescents but he said that he would install either. He also told me that there was no need for recessed and under counter lights. He thinks that it would be over done. I totally disagree; I need task lighting. Plus as we get older, we need more light to see. He also thinks that 4 recessed lights will be plenty in my small kitchen. My kitchen is almost 12 X 12. Yes, its small but I want plenty of light.


01:29PM | 07/12/03
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I really like the looks of my recessed lighting...makes it much more modern looking be honest, there was way much more light with the flourescent and I'm not sure I care for the way the recessed casts shadows on everything. I'm like you, I like lots of light in my kitchen as well as in the house. I can't imagine 4 recessed lights in a 12 x 12 kitchen would be nearly enough just based on what I have.


06:23PM | 07/12/03
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I guess the best thing you can do is your own research. One of the best ways for me to get info is by asking people that have experienced it (and the advice I get from people are what I give the most weight to. Listening to contractors and sales people is a no no in my book.) Originally, I told the contractor that I wanted recessed lights in the ceiling and task lighting under the cabinets. He said it was too many lights. HELLO!!!! There is what I consider to be a science and an art to choosing lighting. There are lighting designers to help us properly light rooms. But I guess I am getting what I paid for, a self taught contractor that doesn't pay attention to trends or anything that is new.


07:39AM | 07/22/03
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If it matters, getting enough light from recessed lights will use much more electricity and generate much more heat.
I prefer fluorescent.


02:24PM | 01/09/04
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Everyone is right and everyone is wrong. The best solution is a mix of lamps. Recessed compact fluorescent downlights (horizontal lamps for more horizontal throw) for general lighting with dimmed recessed incandescent (PAR 20) task lighting over counters and sinks, and (dimmed) under cabinet lighting. Make sure that your fluorescent lamps are 3000 degrees kelvin (warm white)to match the incandescent. Dimmers add more flexibility, but you can't afford to dim the fluorescent. And buy good quality fluorescent fixtures. They're the ones that cost $200.

And those of you that have shadow problems with your downlights, try relamping them with REFLECTOR lamps instead of PAR lamps.


12:49PM | 02/18/04
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We are building and lighting is a headache! We are using recessed, a hanging fixture over the island and pendant over the sink. The recessed are centered over the edge of the countertops which is supposed to elimimate shadows. I think we will use Xenon lights under the cabinets for task lighting. These run cooler and last longer. More expensive though I think. We can't use a florescent fixture since our ceilings run from 9' to 15' so lighting has been a dilema.


01:08AM | 01/28/14
We have a low soffit for air conditioner over our countertop breakfast bar. We installed 3 pendant fixture above and are seeing three pronounced circles. Any suggestions for alternate lights for this difficult area.


04:38PM | 03/29/14
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The most important task for your kitchen project is good lighting because - especially in the dark season you are having trouble seeing when there is not enough light on your counter.

There are certain areas to illuminate in particular - such as Kitchen counters (Under-cabinet lighting) , Lighting over the Kitchen table , a window-board (if you have) and General Room lighting which most people use recessed lights. These 4 areas are the main areas to properly illuminate of you like to get your workflow a well illuminated in your kitchen. We usually order from this website as they cover all areas of Kitchen lighting. Good luck for your remodel.

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