04:31PM | 12/29/07
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I have complained to the AG in Ohio but I doubt it will do any good.


07:58AM | 01/05/08
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Hi! I'm new to this but have had my correct deck since Oct. 2005. Are people having the same problem with Trex?

I hate this mildew problem and would love to join this law suit.

I haven't read all the posts yet cause my computer is slow.

I clean my deck (not often) with a kitchen sponge mop and a bucket of clorox & water (1:1) because clorox is the best thing I know to kill mildew. It helps a lot to do this on a sunny day to help the bleach work. I use really old shoes that I rinse off before bringing in the house as clorox will bleach almost anything it touches. Correct Deck sent me some sealant that you spray on but it doesn't last long during the rainey seasons when the deck doesn't get a chance to dry out for days.

I live in Annapolis Maryland.


08:39AM | 01/05/08
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Aurora Watson


11:11AM | 01/05/08
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Were you told it would be this difficult to maintain when you bought it or were you told it was "user friendly". I hope someone on this list is a lawyer or at least knows how to begin a class action suit and knows how to get this problem a little publicity!!!!


01:31PM | 01/05/08
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What happened: I asked for Trex and my contractor said he used Correct Deck and that it was a similar product. I actually thought I was getting a plastic product like they must use at the marinas and where you never see mildew or mold. I was upset with myself when I found out it was composite and beside myself when I saw the black spots appear and spread into an ugly deck surface. When I contacted my contractor, I learned that he had also used correct deck at his house and was at least as upset about it's growing ugliness as I. He told me to contact the company. When I did, Correct Deck sent me out two cartons of Deck Defender free of charge to use after I cloroxed the living daylights out of it.


03:08PM | 01/05/08
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Available in 2 levels of Protection:

From Correct Deck's website under Products they list:

"CorrectDeck CX with Microban® antimicrobial protection resists mold & mildew that cause stains & discoloration on wood and other decking.

CorrectDeck It's polypropylene composite makes it superior to wood and other composites. Easy to maintain; Won’t rot, splinter, or crack like wood decking."

I have the second product. As you see, they still say its easy to maintain. They should have disclosed that it requires multiple cleanings each year to control mildew and mold. I suppose that's why they developed the improved product. It seems like an admission that the earlier product has problems.


05:16PM | 01/05/08
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You got the standard response from Correct Deck--- go away don't bother me, I already have your money and don't give a hoot about you or your problems. I wish I lived near the company I would try to make their lives a misery. There is something wrong with a system when we have no place to go after being cheated by a company who knows exactly what they are doing and firmly intend to keep doing it up because no one wants to stop them. I guess I'm just a bit more irritated than usual.


06:39PM | 01/13/08
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I am building a website for moldy deck clients like ourselves to express your stories. Send me an email @ [email protected] with your story and pics and I will post it ASAP. Maybe we wont get our decks replaced, but we might be able to prevent a few hundred sales to hit them back!


06:19AM | 01/17/08
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Angela Deleasa

2. B Kibi

3. J.M. Bradley

4. Deborah Weiss

5. Andrew Becker

6. Joe Rispoli Chgo Il.
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