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10:46AM | 12/23/02
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There is a strong sulfur like smell coming from one of our mater bathroom cold water faucets. It smells for the first 2-3 mins then goes away. The smell only comes from this one fixture that we can tell. The drain has been thoroughly cleaned etc...

The house is 4 months old new construction (major national builder)two story on city water and sewer with good water quality. The problem bath is on the second floor. The problem started about the same time the heat needed to be used everyday. Several of our neighbors have the same problem. The rest of the plumbing works fine. Copper and PEX type supply lines. Any thoughts


12:23PM | 12/23/02
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If you are getting a sulfur smell coming from your water, its probably your annode rod in your water heater. The rod goes bad and allows the iron in the water to start breaking down the piping. In addition there are iron bacteria in the water (non hazardous) that can create the same smell. The purpose of the annode rod is to break down before the metal does, its called a sacrificial metal. Since the rod gets eaten away with poor water quality, sometimes they have to be replaced.
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12:47PM | 12/23/02
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Would this cause just one faucet in the whole house to smell? It is only the cold water not the hot that smells. The hot water heater is only 4 months old, and is gas. Also several other homes have this same problem in the same bathroom.


11:49PM | 12/25/02
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Have the water tested, there may be something in the water supply causing this in your area. I have a well and get that same thing, but I know why I get it. I have a main filter that eliminates the odor, so when I smell it I know it is time to replace it. Most home centers carry a complete water test kit that checks for Iron, hardness, chemicals, bacteria, and pesticides that you can do in hime, there is alos a kit that has a bottle and a mailing carton that you send your water sample out in that cost about $4.

I am guessing that the faucet it the furthest one from the main so the water has a chance to sit in the pipe for a while and will take about 3 minutes to flush with fresh water. If there is a high iron or other bacteria count in the water supply, it only takes about 8 hours for the smell to build up. I have very high iron in my well, so I am speaking from experince. My iron content is around 18-20 PPM. I have 2 filters, on a dedicated iron filter that removes 15 PPM, and a water softner that removes 10 PPM. I know when I am low on salt just by the smell.

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04:04AM | 12/26/02
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The water quality is good. We are on city water, all the other taps are fine. The tap that stinks is part of a double bowl vanity, the second faucet is fine and gets much less use. There is also a second bathroom that shares a common wall with the master bathroom. The faucet in that bath is fine and gets even less use. That is the odd thing.

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05:44AM | 01/06/03
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A neighbor of mine that has the same stinky water problem talked to a plumber about the problem. The plubmer said that the smell is being caused by hydrogen sulfied (sp?)

The water supply pipes run right along the heating ductwork for the bathroom. They are warmed continuously, this causes the naturally occuring hydrogen sulfied to come out of solution in the water and smell until you have run enought water thru the pipers to flush them out. Usually 30sec to a minute.

It sounds good but has anyone heard of this? Is it unhealthy? Can anything be done to correct it?


06:20AM | 01/06/03
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If 2 side-by-side taps use the same supply and get different results, that leaves only the small portion of the pipe that is unique, and the tap itself.
Try swapping the 2 taps (with each other) and see what happpens.

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