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05:49AM | 04/11/05
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In my house I have noticed that after I trun off the water weather it be up stairs or down stairs the pipes bang. I have tried catching the water in a cup to prevent it from going down the drain and i still hear the noise. My house s only 10 years old what could be causing this problem?


09:23AM | 04/23/05
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Banging has multiple causes that work in conjunction to irritate you. Since the home is 10 years old, most of the wood has dried out and some of it has warped and the copper and wood are now touching. When the faucet shuts off (or any fixture) the water that has been traveling in the direction of the faucet suddenly has no place to go. Its like if you suddenly have to stop for a red light, you come to a screeching halt and you feel yourself thrown forward against the seat belt. The shock absorbers in the frame and those in the seat belt absorb your momentum. But, when the water is stopped in a piping system, there's nothing to absorb the force so a wave comes back from the faucet stretching the pipe and it bangs against the wood. The way to prevent this is to install small shock absorbers under the sink. These absorbers are a little cylinder with air inside behind a rubber membrane. The air compresses as the momentum of the water is deverted into the chamber. You can buy sweat or compression insert shock absorbers for under the sink.

Good Luck

Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof.


11:05AM | 04/23/05
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if your water supply pipes to the sink in question just elbow in to your shut off valve and terminate there instead of coming from a "t" and there is some pipe continuing above that is capped off, then go the arrestor route, but if not, then you need that extension sweated in there.

Also if municipal water supply, the inlet pressure from your main may have increased. You may need a whole-house arrestor installed. Consult with a qualified plumber after making an inquiry with the water department regards to pressure increase possibility in your area.

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