05:24AM | 01/10/10
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Quote from Brucet50 "I to had the problem of trying to sort through all the confusing contridictions relating to water softerners.I have chosen the pelican no salt,and i have well water.I did not want to taint the tast of my water with a salty tast.My water tast was excelent and tested for very good quality, except for the hardness. The pelican did take away that hard to clean build up on all our faucets and my wife and i notice a big difference in the feel after taking showers.Skin feels not as dry as before and all water appliances now stay very clean.I have only had the system installed for about 6 as far as longeventy we will see???I am not in anyway assoiciated with any company.I do however wonder why there isn't more research and proof reguarding this all important topic.i find reading all the information reported by the many water filter companies to be in many cases only self serving. GOOD LUCK."

Brucet50 commented on this system back in in January 2009, claiming that it worked for his water. I have well water with hardness level of approx. 20 grains/gal. My questions are 1) What was the hardness of your well water? 2) Now a year has passed, is the system still working for you?

3) Is their claim correct that scale build up starts coming off once installed? 4) My understanding is that removed scale may initially clogg up various faucets and appliances. Do they recommend flushing the various water lines within the house within a aperiod of time? Hope someone can answer these questions including Brucet50.




11:49AM | 02/11/10
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Why does EasyWater have over 500 authorized plumbing companies all over the USA that carry their system in stock if these do not work? Call EasyWater and ask for one if you don't believe me. A rep gave me a list of about 100 in Indiana alone.

Why do Marriott hotels, Gatorade factories, McDonalds restuarants use EasyWater systems if they don't work?

Come on people. Don't get scared away by these salt softener sales people. Also, there are a bunch of knock off systems that don't work. The Freije EasyWater system is the one that plumbing companies use. I know not all plumbing companies are carrying them yet but if they are smart, they will be soon.


09:50PM | 04/02/10
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I installed a Pelican system about 1-1/2 years ago. The home is in San Diego, where our issue is salt and sulfur. It is the whole house system, including UV filter and cartridge pre-filter. We noticed major differences with the water deposits and taste; my coffee in the morning has a better flavor, a big plus. Pelican indicates the charcoal tank needs a charcoal replacement in 5 years, and I will see about the "ion" tank. But I have been impressed enough I am buying another system for use at a new home in San Diego. Maybe I am foolish, but as an engineer I tend to be anal, and the system seems to work. Plus I have a 14-month old daughter in the house, so my "anal-is" is increased.


02:52PM | 04/27/10
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Any updates to your satisfaction with the Pelican system? I'm in Riverside Co, CA and am considering the Pelican combined softener and filter.

There are so many opinions out there and so many of them are biased. So few of them are founded on either good scientific evidence or simple experience. It's hard to know what to do.


01:58PM | 06/26/10
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After seeing the Hardness Master work for myself, I'm definitely a believer in this technology. I wish I would of bought the HardnessMaster years ago and saved myself a lot of money and frustration. No complaints here!


10:53PM | 08/26/10
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I'll be forthcoming - I am both a Kinetico service technician and salesperson. There is no reason to separate a superior product such as Kinetico and the idea of installing the system yourself. Any reputable dealer will give you an uninstalled price.

Also, when I push to meet someone at their house, it has nothing to do with "wowing" them with my presentation. It has everything to do with putting myself in a forum where a face-to-face conversation can happen. I prefer my customers to be able to ask questions as they come up in the dialog of a conversation. Also, with my background in service and installation, I can give them good ideas about where to put their equipment.

I can't speak on behalf of every Kinetico dealer or salesperson, but I hold myself to a higher standard morally and ethically. There is myriad misinformation on the internet and I pride myself in giving people straight, unbiased facts.

If you are reading this, I think it's safe to say you're in the market for a water system of some sort. It's totally worthwhile to contact your nearest Kinetico dealer and see what is offered in your area.


11:03PM | 08/26/10
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I have a current customer who recently moved from Montana. Obviously, it's impossible to generalize for an entire state, especially one as large as Montana, but I understand my customer's water was much harder up there. The amount of salt used in a demand-initiated regeneration softener is directly proportional to the hardness of the water, i.e. salt usage increases as hardness increases.


07:37AM | 11/04/10
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Wow, you weren't kidding about the shark liver oil. Every type of salt-less water softener I've seen is either a scam or incredibly ineffective. Don't throw your money away.



01:43PM | 11/04/10
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Its now been a little over 2 years that I installed the Pelican no salt system.The system seems to be doing what we wanted it to do.:1-does not affect the taste of water

2-no mineral build up on faucets.

3-Seems to cause soap to lather up

4-seems to make skin feel softer(Less Hardness)


i AM NOT A PRO..I have no dogs in this race.....I to still feel there should be more concrete information on this most important issue.

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