07:32PM | 07/10/08
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When I press the shower diverter on my bathtub spout to turn on the shower there is a noticeable "thud" and the water doesn't come out of the shower (or the tub spout either). Sometime there is a noise like a water hammer. I have checked the shower head and found no clog. I have replaced the tub spout also. I think there may be a problem in the "disc" (?) faucet (Single handle to select hot and cold water with center twist knob for velocity) , but what do I know. Any ideas?


11:18AM | 07/12/08
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Try removing the shower head completely then use the diverter and see if that helps.

Sometimes sediment has to be flushed out.
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09:07PM | 07/29/08
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Thanks, but I tried that and with or without the shower head it still acts the same. When you pull up the diverter there is a thud then the water stops from both the spigot and the shower head. I just can't figure it out. With out the diverter everything works just fine. Good water flow hot and cold but pull the diverter and it stops. I put on a new spigot with a new diverter and still nothing. It must be in the faucet it self. ?????????

Oh,one other thing when you start the water very slowly then pull the diveter it works up until the force of water gets above a certain point then SLAM.


02:58AM | 07/30/08
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did it ever work before? when did it start doing this? was anything done (plumbing wise)before you started having this problem?

if it's the type of diverter you say it is(on the tub spout)it seems that the pipe running up to the shower head would be plugged.

my guess would be remove the shower head and poke a wire coathanger into the pipe up to the elbow maybe.

i don't know.


06:30PM | 08/05/08
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Yes, the shower worked before (it is an old faucet / shower). It got real bad then better for quite awhile then recently shut down almost completely. When I replaced the spigot at the tub level it got better (somewhat) but still not close to being right. The same happened in the other shower and a replaced spigot did the trick. ?????


02:16AM | 08/07/08
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didn't you try the coat hanger ?


02:53PM | 01/06/13
This is concerning the bathroom in my master bedroom, which I do not use much as I keep a catpan in there and use the hall bath. Can this be rapaired easily and how?


10:00PM | 05/09/17
I broke my shower, I think it's twisted out the pipe, what do I do? I don't know if I can do it at home or I need a plumber
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