03:23PM | 03/01/99
We have a huge mole problem in our yard. We have tried poison pellets, traps and spray on "stuff". We recently put up those plastic flowers that spin around when the wind blows (we heard that the vibration "scares" the moles away. Still the mounds keep appearing. We thought about buying the pesticide that kills the grubs and other insects the moles feed on but we have a lake next door that is home to many geese and this stuff would kill them. Any suggestions??


02:45AM | 03/02/99
As long as you provide a banquet, you will have moles. You need to get rid of the grubs. Talk to the loacal extension agent and find out the best time to killthe grubs. It varies year to year and town to town.

I don't think the geese will be harmed by the grub pesticide. Its in granular form and should not leech into the pond.


05:41PM | 05/27/99
An old remedy my grandmother told me: BEECHNUT GUM. The moles are attraced to the scent but are unable to digest the gum and die due to it clogging up their digestive system. Gruesome but cheap and effective.


07:56AM | 02/01/00
Member Since: 01/31/00
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I have read very little on this subject and I have a question regarding problems with moles. I understand the point in getting rid of their food source (grubs). What I would like to know is what are they, what can I use to get rid of them, and is there a certain time of year that is better to do this? I am a first time home owner and my lawn looks like a munitions dump and I am desperate to get rid of the moles!!! Thankyou!


03:22PM | 04/19/00
Member Since: 04/18/00
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One remedy I heard is when you clean your hair brush, take the hair and cut it up real fine into a bowl or plastic bag. When the bag is full, sprinkle the hair into every entrance hole you can find, it acts as itching powder to the moles. It may take a while, but I know I would move if I kept finding itching powder. I heard the same treatment for slugs might work on grubs, Beer, pour into shallow pan near opening and add beer, they crawl in and drown. They cannot handle the alcohol.


03:31PM | 08/01/00
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Our cats got rid of our moles and voles. We let them have the run of the yard. If you got them as kittens, they might not have too hard a time with the geese....


10:04AM | 08/04/00
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GRUB EX, made by Scotts, is a great product. It has to be spread with a drop spreader and usually in the early spring.. I had the problem also and applied 1 month ago,....Moles seem to be gone...I, like you couldn't waite till next spring.....


01:24PM | 08/05/00
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I live in Oregon and we have lots of moles here. I have been dealing with some destructive moles myself. I was told that killing the grubs would work, but grubs also are good for your lawn. They apparently make your soil rich. It was suggested that I use traps or if my neighbors didn't mind, I could use a mole sonar. I have not tried it yet, but I plan on using it. I live on 5 acres and am not worried about driving the moles to my neighbors. They probably will just go to my pasture, and I don't care about that. Good Luck!!

Pam Soper

08:23PM | 08/07/00
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I would not use grub control on your lawn to control moles. The primary food source for moles is earthworms, not grubs as so many people believe. Congratulations on having a healthy yard, and for being concerned about the environment.

My neighbors and I have had great success in controlling moles using spear type traps. By success I mean 7 moles last year and 3 this year. If this is the type you have used without success, please check how you are setting them. We didn't catch anything until we got the traps figured out.

Good luck.


09:03PM | 12/26/00
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Flares. like you see on the side of the road. drop a few in and stamp down the openings. Easy and effective -and cheap too!
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