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01:39PM | 10/18/06
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I bought my house 3 years ago. I need to replace the shower door guides that keep the shower doors from swaying. They are plastic and aprox 3inches by 3inches in the shape of an "L". The roller guides are on the top of the door and the bottom guides I need are just there to keep the doors from moving around. Can anyone help even though I do not know the manufacturer?


07:45AM | 11/11/08
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I don't know if you ever found any guides for your bathroom door, but I have the same problem. My shower doors were installed in 1991 and the plastic pieces are about ready to fall off the door at the screws (there are 2 screws in each plastic part). If anyone out there has a clue as to where to find these, please post....Thanks in advance!


09:22AM | 11/11/08
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Here is place that has a number of different ones.

Have no idea if these are what you need or not.


04:14PM | 11/11/08
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I can't seem to get the right photo in here but maybe if this posts I can post again and put a different one in another post.

I will imagine that there is supposed to be a link in your post where there is a space. However, I cannot see it if it's there. :(

2669 photo of antique gui


04:18PM | 11/11/08
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Dimensions on this is approx 3" by 3". It has a slight curve to the plastic and then forms a slight lip on the bottom, if that makes sense.

Thanks for your help!
2670 shower guide another


06:50PM | 11/11/08
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Sorry about that.

Also you might try local glass shops.

They fabricate and install shower doors using standard parts.


07:09PM | 11/11/08
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Thanks Bill. I am off on a new quest to find obsolete Peachtree window parts now in another section of Bob Avila. Thanks!


01:07PM | 06/10/15
I have the same problem looking for that plastic piece.


05:37PM | 08/29/15
Did anyone ever find a supplier for these plastic shower door glides? If so, can you please post the web address? Thanks!


10:44PM | 04/12/17
I know this post is very old but I have the same issue and maybe you do too. I found a replacement part online that is the Prime Line 6191. It's available on EBay, Lowes, Home Depot and elsewhere. I hope this helps :)


09:43PM | 05/15/17
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I know the post is old, but I now have the issue with the plastic shower guide. I found a replacement, but find that I cannot remove the old guide. It appears to be tightly clipped to the underside of the aluminum track. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to remove other than taking the unit apart and/or replacing with new shower door unit, which I don't really want to do at this time. Any comments greatly appreciated.


03:14PM | 04/24/19
Did you ever get the old guide off. I am having the same problem now.


09:18PM | 09/22/19
I have the same problem but home depot and lowes has this part. Thankyou for the info because these are the same door guides that I need that were in the picks up above


09:06PM | 09/10/20
Looking for the answer to remove and install glide s


10:45AM | 04/10/21
I am trying to remove my guides and can't find anything on this. Same guides as pictured here. How did you remove them? Thanks. Melanie


04:52PM | 06/22/21

Lost the guiding part of this shower door. Anyone know what can I use to stop it swinging out and keep it on track? Thanks. Wing


04:55PM | 06/22/21
Sorry, Wasn't able to post picture.

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