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05:04PM | 07/17/05
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We had Anderson Velux roof windows professionally installed about five years ago. From day one they leaked and neither the contractor nor Anderson was any help. In fact one of Anderson's phone reps. told me that all Velux windows would leak and that they could not be disassembled and reglazed. I have tried untold numbers of caulks-from silicone to butyl - and the only thing that works is taping 3 mill plastic around them with duct tape. My brother in law - a marine mechanic says 3M caulk # 5200 or 5250 will stop a sub-water line leak. Should I try this or is there a better solution?


12:30AM | 08/14/05
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I may be wrong but isn't Velux part of the VKR Group? I don't think they are affiliated with Anderson doors & windows?

I've placed Velux for most of my 30 years in the biz and never had any leak and won't use any other kind? Just to give you an idea how many, just last week I put in another 3 one a remote.

It will depend on where your leak is located, but if it's the glass that is simple to reglaze, remove it and take it ti the glass center? If it's the glass to frame just retape it, with glazing tape, if it's the flashing have a profesional replace it with the velux kit, that is made for the velux window it works the best and I have found is less expensive than having it bent.

Caulking is not a solution, just a temporary fix in this situation.. if we are talking skylights even? Ha, it could be an Anderson window or door of some kind?

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01:15PM | 08/14/05
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whole lotta confusion going on here.

Andersen is one company and Velux is another.

velux is the caddilac of skylights

Andersen just started trying to copy them a few years ago

both are good companies, but I would take a Velux any day, because of a strong track record.

most skylight leaks are caused by improper installation anyuway. That is the cause I believe is suspect here since they lleaked from day one.

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06:53AM | 02/01/08
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Velux Skylights are not part of Andersen Window. They are a European company. The do have very nice skylights. You can check them out at

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02:44PM | 08/19/18
I just discovered Anderson no longer makes skylights. I am getting ready to doing a re-roof, and wanted to put on new flashing. (I installed the skylights myself, and know they were well tarred.) Problem is flashing kits are no longer available. It seems my top and bottom pieces would be ok, and I should be able to just bend my own 90 degree side pieces. Since flashing kits are not available, do you agree making my own pieces and sealing with Grace Ice barrier rubber sheeting should work?


04:09PM | 12/03/18
I have 2 freakin windows that say anderson vellux etched on the glass. AND ONE LEAKS ! Thats ehy im searching the web. The glass doesn't but the frame does. Ive narrowed it down to a rubber seal (but thats to low for th water coming in) to a fault aluminum weld that has pulled through/apart and is slowly leaking in. Now its only when the storms come from the east and the wind id blowing good. Im about to seal the area becauseim sick ofit leakingall over my dining room. BUT for this forum ive run across my window glass has Anderson and vellux etched on the glass. We think the circa is mid 1980's. Anyway I dont carecwhat anyone says or believes, im rying to fix a leak.


05:05PM | 09/11/19
Might want to check the spelling - does it say Anderson or Andersen. Velux is not Andersen

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