08:43PM | 12/21/04
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I have tried to reply 2 times to a previous response to my question about an oil furnace reset but it has said that the thread can not be found.

Anyway, in response to that reply, I know what the purpose of the reset is and it's highly unlikely that I'm going to blow my self up when I am not getting fuel to the pump. If that contractor would read my question a little more carefully, he would see that.

My question was.....Why will the reset not reset? I was able to get an air/fuel mixture through the bleeded valve and I believe that I would have been gotten all the air out of the line and gotten ignition with one more cycle but it would not reset. The light is blinking a 'lock-out' code which was the original code prior to resetting it two previous times to begin getting fuel to the pump. I'd appreciate any direct answers to this questions but I do not need any negative opinions about DIYers.

Without an open mind, there is little room to think.


05:34AM | 12/22/04
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Usually there is a diagnostic key located on the inside of one of the panels, that will give you some idea what the code blink is for, it may even be on the control itself. As for the reset not resetting perhaps the reset has failed beyond resetting. The fault indicator is a safety that may lock out the ignition control all together if the fault happens three times. We dont have too many oil fired furnaces here on the west coast so the only place I could help you would be electrical. If it is a fault condition that has locked out on a safety device I would suggest having a company out to determine why it is happening. We run into a lot of furnaces that need replacement because of fault conditions and reset buttons that homeowners continue to reset and the problem never gets addressed causing premature furnace replacement.


05:44AM | 12/22/04
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Thanx for the response. The lockout code is on the cover and the blink sequence has only 2 codes. The one I have just says 'lock-out'. I was also concerned that the number of times it was reset may be a factor but the manual said that it may take 3-5 resets to get it properly primed and I had only pressed it twice. Every winter, I wish that I was still on the west coast. Thanks again! Al

Without an open mind, there is little room to think.


06:34AM | 12/22/04
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In my earlier posts to respond to your smart-as_ comment, I did commercial, industrial and residential heating and cooling for almost 15 years but I got out of the business almost 10 years ago which was soon after getting universal certification. The primary reason that I got out was because I could not with a good conscience continue to install and service the 'crap' that manufacturers were beginning to sell at that time. It has only gotten worse since then as they continue to manufacture equipment with cheaper, inferior parts that are saving them thousands of $$s in manufacturing costs. Odd as it may seem in todays honest business world, this inferior equipment is costing consumers more. (which of course is just as much the fault of the contractors with their unethical yet, in most cases, LEGAL mark-ups)

And then when these inferior parts prematurely malfunction (even when these self proclaimed experts installed them) these manufacturers (and the 'experts') are making making millions more on labor and parts costs.

During the certification process 10 years ago, I went to many meetings with manufacturers (and paid for by them) where they explained how the new laws would be an economic boon for service techs and they weren't even talking about profits from the manufacturing and servicing of the inferior products that they were beginning to put out on the market. I'm posting this now just to see that it will. If it does I will follow with another post and finish wasting my time responding to your post.

Without an open mind, there is little room to think.


07:15AM | 12/22/04
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They instructed us as to how to 'sell' these new laws and (oddly enough) higher costs to the consumers in a positive way. (i.e. environment, children, safety etc.) It almost sounds that you may have very well been a straight 'A' student in a few of these classes yourself.

With the exception of cooling systems that does require much more knowledge, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to service heating and cooling systems and it does not require a rocket scientist to understand why MILLIONS of good smart people (and yes, some that are not so smart and should not touch it) are becoming DIYers each day. Many simply can not afford it and many others are simply fed up with having their intelligence insulted by the prices that are being charged by most of these so-called experts who are having to return 2-3 times (at an additional cost each time)to finally get it right. In most cases, these 'experts' are simply sending inexperienced cheap labor (at the 'expert' rate) who are learning 'on the job' through trial and error and, oddly enough, at the consumers expense. For almost 2 years,I was one of those inexperienced, cheap labor guys myself that made many mistakes during yhe first few months at the customers expense. However, after my first few mistakes and learning that they were not rightfully at the expense of the company I worked for (or even myself as far as that goes) I began to hide my mistakes at company expense until I was able to go into business for myself.

Since getting out of the H&C business, I have infiltrated many different types of businesses to get free training and more importantly to learn the newest versions of how to LEGALLY rip off the consumers. Once my training and updates are completed within each business, I share these unethical yet LEGAL 'tricks of the trades' with hundreds of participants in a 'h.i.p.' program who then SHARE them with their families, friends and loved ones. It's 'B.E.''H.A.P.P.Y.' 'N.E.W.S.'....and it's spreading.

Anyway, I thought this site was for helping people by SHARING knowledge, not OPINIONS.

Without an open mind, there is little room to think.

doug seibert

10:34AM | 12/22/04
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........Your earlier lost replies/links were posted "annomously" they never appeared in the thread......(You can see it on the "200 posts"'s titled "oil furnace" and it's lost forever in cyberspace).....YOU need to always Login to reply........

......And why the H*## are you busting Harold's chops.......

......In his very first reply He gave you a link to an online service post......

......and provided serious advice about DIY repairs and safety..........

A BIG "Thanks" HK for being here......Your advice is always appreciated.........

Merry Christmas



11:05AM | 12/22/04
It kills me that this is a do it yourself website to help people who would be willing to do things themselves do it themselves and yet there are people who post here that are completely against the whole idea to begin with...YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL!! YOU ARE NOT INTELIGENT ENOUGH TO DO IT YOURSELF!! I say BAH!!

People like this weaken our Nations ability to do and to produce things at a reasonable cost by constantly spreading fear into people that we can not do things ourselves without getting blown up or killed--that we need outside help, and that drives up the cost of living which drives up wages and inflation and hence companies ship jobs overseas to get things produced cheaper.

The thing that makes this forum dangerous is the possibility of unqualified people giving advice and diagnostic help to those would be do it yourselfers. I am not saying that anyone here is not qualified I am merely speaking to the possibility which exists.

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