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01:44PM | 06/12/00
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I live in south eastern PA and need to re-seed my lawn. I don't have much time to care for my yard, and every time that I have to cut the grass my allergies get MUCH worse. So, before I started I wondered if anyone could suggest a type of grass that is slower growing or that might not cause my allergies to react so badly.



04:44PM | 04/21/02
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I've been reading up on a low maintenance type of grass on the internet that is suppose to save time, work, and money...reads just like their advertisment. It's called Zoysia grass. Check it out.


07:12AM | 04/22/02
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fyi: zoysia doesn't grow from seed. It grows from the roots and must be sodded or plugged.
A zoysia lawn is beautiful and low maintenance, requiring infrequent mowing and keeping weeds choked out.
In the winter it turns completely brown, looking like a brown carpet.
It doesn't do well in some climates and is susceptable to certain pests. It also spreads relatively slowly, so unless you sod (which is very expensive) your plugs will literally take years to grow together and make a lawn.


03:32AM | 04/19/03
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Just to let you know I am new and reading up on all the topics. I have severe grass alergies. If I mow, knock me out for about 3 days because I don't want to be alive. I can walk and sit in grass, but not roll around. I get rashes if I do. So my solution, I pay a friend at church 25 bucks per mow. Better that than being sick for 3 days considering it is more expensive to miss work. Also, I take Zyrtec daily which seems to work great for grass alergies and get Kenalog 40 shots before the big season changes of Spring and Fall. Pay a lawn mower, pay a docter. Works for me.


06:26AM | 04/24/03
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I have a zoysia lawn, but I hate it. It's a warm-climate grass, more for the south than for PA. I live in DC, and it's brown from Sept. to May; fescue greens up in the spring, and retains some green year round. It's pretty invasive, too -- it spreads with underground runners, like bamboo, and manages to get around all sorts of obstacles into flowerbeds. Once there, it's hard to pull out and get rid of it.

Weeds grow in the zoysia just as much as in fescue -- you just have to pull 'em or hit 'em with weed-killer.

Unless no one around you has grass, you're better off fixing your allergies with medicine, not a different type of grass.


06:06PM | 08/12/14
You can talk with different grass suppliers to see what they suggest. If you want a quick fix then it would be best to tear out your existing grass and have them lay new grass down. The type of grass that would be best for your allergies probably depends on the area you live in and the type of allergies you have.

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