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09:34AM | 02/25/04
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I just bought the microwave and am going to attempt to install it. The one problem I have run into is the wiring. The microwave has a 3 prong plug while the existing hood is 3 wires. According to the directions I need to plug this into an outlet located in the cabinet above, which I do not have (the outlet that is).

What should I do?




12:12PM | 02/25/04
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First thing please be aware a Microwave over the stove generally draws 10-12 amps. The fan hood you removed had a 1 or 2 amp draw most likely. Fan hoods are almost never on a dedicated circuit so connecting it to that line you may find the circuit overloading and tripping the breaker. Consider running a new circuit if possible.

As for how to terminate the wire. You need to install the receptacle inside the cabinet above the Microwave. You can use a surface mounted 1900 box with a mulberry cover for a GFI which by the way this should be.

Hope that helps

Tom O

12:14PM | 02/25/04
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I hate to state the obvious, install a receptacle in the cabinet above. Electrical equipment & appliances are required to be installed in compliance with the National Electrical Code and the instructions that come with the appliance.

Is this a combination microwave & exhaust hood? Or are you removing the hood & installing the microwave? I'm trying to understand why the exhaust hood wiring is getting involved in this project.


04:04AM | 02/26/04
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Yes it's a combination hood/microwave, and yes I'll be removing the old. I'm going to test if it's on its own circuit the fan that is, if not I'm sure it's on a line with one or some of the receptacles on my countertop. If that’s the case I'll probably just avoid using those receptacles instead of having a whole new line run. Would that be ok? Or will I still have a circuit problem?


08:13PM | 02/27/04
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If you know what's on the circuit and avoid overloads it should be okay. You will not be able to run the micro at the same time as some other appliances if they were on that circuit like a dish washer, toaster, coffee pot etc.

Tom O

01:48AM | 02/28/04
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If it turns oput that the existing circuit serves the kitchen receptacles, then you will need to run a new circuit . If the circuit does not serve the kitchen receptacles and the load is more than 50% of the existing circuits capacity, you will need to run a new circuit.



07:12PM | 09/02/14
want to changes my hood to over the ranges microwave, but have an outlet inside. what do i do now.please help....thanks


11:48AM | 12/14/14
will 12-2 work for a over the range microwave. Its 90 feet to the panel and it will be on its own circuit


12:11PM | 09/04/15


12:16PM | 01/22/16
I have an existing over the range microwave with a dedicated circuit with a plug in the cabinet above it. I want to install some LED rope lighting on a shelf above the microwave. Can I change the single plug for the microwave to a duplex outlet so I can plug the 1.5-3v rope lights?


02:34PM | 08/29/16
Well, My OTR microwave was just installed by a contractor and it is not on a dedicated circuit. He just told me to make sure that if I run the microwave, to be sure not to run anything else. However, I assume it is ok to run the vent and cooktop light. Please confirm. Thanks !


10:10AM | 07/01/18
lg supplies a wire tie that looks like a long white centipede. I have no clue on how this is supposed to work


12:31PM | 09/07/20
I believe the range hood circuit is coming off the RANGE CIRCUIT FOR THE Electronics as the range is gas and so will the new one. Microwave will be over the oven and is connected to the receptacle for the range. Would that be alright to use the existing range hood wiring as the only thing is the electronics for the range?


08:35AM | 09/23/20
Can romex wiring needs used in microwave? I’ve had it installed already but someone said don’t use romex wiring althive never had an issue


07:22AM | 06/15/21
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