07:32AM | 03/21/13
I have the same problem as the original poster. I unplugged the smoke detector and there is still a beeping coming from the ceiling. I've replaced all batteries, I've replaced the beeping detector and still it beeps. I guess I will check the attic to see if there is a detector up there.


01:21PM | 03/29/13
We are currently having the same issue as the original poster as well... now the chirping is every three hours like clockwork and lasts for half and hour. Driving us crazy. The alarm that is still chirping is not even attached to the wall anymore, its as if the wires are chirping! Not possible it seems but that's whats happening...


04:27PM | 04/11/13
MSOMAHA, did you figure out the source of the annoying chirping yet? Did you try shutting off the power to see if it continued? I agree with the other poster, there has to be another source emitting that beeping sound. Another detector, or anything that may beep when the battery is low. My grandmother had a similar problem once and we searched her home high and low several times trying to find out what was beeping once about every five minutes. I finally opened a kitchen drawer and found her old cellphone there which she had never turned off. It was beeping because of the low battery. We couldn't believe it. Good luck!


04:28AM | 05/15/13
Im having this issue with a battery operated detector. Replaced it with a new unit and the new one is chirping three times once every half hour in the middle of the night. How can it be happening with a new unit with new batteries and why only when i am sleeping?


02:51PM | 05/16/13
i am having same issue. i took the detector away and put it in the garage when it was originally connected in the hallway of our living room. STILL BEEPS! there is no smoke detector and Fn thing still beeps somewhere up in the ceiling. its very annoying.


01:46PM | 05/29/13
Ok I have the same issue in the open hallway near the back door. I have determined that it is temperature related. If I leave the heating on then the chirping stops or during the summer if we have a colder night the chirping starts up again. I guess this detector is more sensitive than most( poor thing) and its position also has an effect.

Good luck.


09:32AM | 06/02/13
Same issues with chirping Firex alarms. It's been going on for 8 years in our vacation/rental home. I finally put in wireless detectors that are connected to our alarm monitoring. One by one, I've disconnected and removed batteries from the firex models. I did the last 4 today after one went off and I couldn't get it to stop. But after I have disconnected them all and removed batteries, one keeps chirping?? I ant figure out how ? Or how to get it to stop


05:49AM | 06/04/13
omg its happening here too! The hard wired one in the master bedroom, no less. I also think it is temp related, as ours does it during the night when it's cooler. If I turn off the air conditioning it seems to stop after awhile, once the temp comes up a bit. I'm ready to take a sledge hammer to the thing, and sleep has become a luxury.


03:29AM | 06/19/13
I have a hardwired system. The one in the bedroom started chirping every 40 seconds. There are 4 detectors upstairs and one in the downstairs hall. Green lights were blinking on all. I replaced all batteries and the master bedroom one still chirps. Green lights not blinking any more. I removed it from the ceiling and turned the circuit breaker off. It still chirps. The fire dept said they have come across similar situations. I am calling an electrician in the morning. Will likely have hardwired system removed and go to strictly battery ones where I can at least throw out one if it becomes defective.
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