07:08AM | 05/12/14
I had the same problem. Changed the battery, changed the battery to every smoke detector in the house. Still the sound did not stop, and sounded like it came from the wiring in the ceiling. We went in the attic, to see if there was a 'lost' detector in the attic. We turned off the power to the house, still the chirping did not stop. After reading all of your posted, seems like a common suggestion was to check the carbon monoxide detectors. I had earlier in the day checked the one in basement. But remembered that there was a 'plug in' carbon monoxide detector sitting on the floor near the chirping. It was unplugged. I did not think it had batteries in it. but thought I should double check. I had tried everything else... Sure enough.. that was the source. My husband & I both thought the sound was coming from the ceiling wiring. Now we can rest...


05:57PM | 05/31/14
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I had the same issue as many have stated above. I changed all batteries, changed all smoke detectors, unplugged all smoke detectors only to find out....that it was my plug in carbon monoxide detector. When the batteries on the plug in carbon monoxide detectors go low, it makes the same chirp as the smoke detector. Because it is plugged into the wall, it sounds like the chirp is coming from everywhere in the house but the wall detector. I thought it was in ceiling, different rooms, as many have reported here. Very frustrating but the good news, i guess, is that I have all new smoke detectors that has not been replaced in 14 years. My house was built in 2000. Good luck and I hope this helps.


08:26PM | 06/18/14
Didn't help. Still chirping. Installed new ones and replaced all batteries and did step by step still going


09:30AM | 06/21/14
i reset the smoke detector after changing the battery and it started chirping again after 20 hours. what next ?


09:30AM | 06/21/14
i reset the smoke detector after changing the battery and it started chirping again after 20 hours. what next ?


07:45PM | 06/25/14
Try removing the battery, THEN holding down the reset button. I know this sounds silly, but it worked on my mother in laws detectors. There must be a capacitor in there or something that you discharge with the reset button.
I unplugged it, removed the battery and held the reset until the detector sounded a short beep, longer than the dying battery chirp, but pretty short. That seemed to do the trick.


05:17PM | 07/14/14
After a lengthy power outage, during which the smoke detectors continually kept beeping, the hardwired smoke detectors continued to beep when the power was restored. I dragged out the ladder and hit the reset button on everyone of them. THEY KEPT BEEPING. I was about to get out a gun and just shoot all of them, but then I remembered I do not own a firearm! So, in order to save my sanity, I started researching non violent solutions to reset the smoke detectors on the internet. Thank goodness for this website. It was the CO2 monitors! Like many other comments, I swear the sound was coming from the ceiling.


12:41AM | 07/18/14
OMG....we just figured out it was our CO2 sensor, the darn thing sounds exactly like the smoke detector. Now, unfortunately, we need to get the ladder back out and re-hook up all of our smoke detectors since we disconnected them. But alas....the beeping has stopped!


06:54AM | 07/18/14
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