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10:50AM | 12/26/06
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The typical outlet only allows you to plug in 2 appliances.

Where I work workers have been told not to use extension cords. Why? Will using a surge protector be better?


07:27AM | 12/27/06
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Extention cords are for temporay use. mOst uses in the office would not be considered temporary. It also makes it too easy to overload a circuit.


09:18AM | 12/27/06
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Thanks for the info.

If I plug a surge protector into one of the 2 outlets and plug 2 or 3 appliances into the surge protector unit, could that possibly overload the circuit itself? The second outlet will have something plugged into it.

What you would have then would be a total of 4 applicances plugged into the 2 outlets.


05:14AM | 12/28/06
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You need to read the AMP rating for each applaince, and add them up. General house circuits use 15 amp breakers, Kitchen and basement circuit should be 20 amps. So long as your total is under the amp rating of your circuit, it should be fine. If your exceeding the max load of the circuit, the breaker will trip. So I don't think you can overload the circuit to the tip of it being dangerous, that's the whole point of circuit breakers.

Actually be code, you shouldn't exceed 80% of the circuit rating, so if you have 15 amp circuit, you should be able to put a 12 amp load on it.


05:50AM | 12/28/06
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Thanks for the info.

On appliances, where is the amp reading located? Actually, I'm looking at things like a TV or DVD machine.

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