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06:44AM | 11/15/09
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Ok please remember I am not "electrical experienced" I can do little stuff but this one has me stumped.I have only had this house about 2 years so I don't know much about it but here lies the problem.... I went to plug a light lite back into the socket in main bathroom it gave off some light(not really a spark,no smell) so I went to my trusty breaker box, checked them,I have electric in part of my house, and it is out in 2 bedrooms, yes that main bathroom,and hall light has none,I have tried the old hit the main breaker, easy stuff, was also told that there is a reset switch that I needed to find/push to reset(house was built in 72) (did/have not found yet) so now I am running thick extension cords to those rooms, also there is nothing that uses alot of electrical power, so anybody have any idea what I can do or check? Can not afford electrician,single woman making a house payment here lol it seems like it should be something simple, at least I'm hoping so, any input would be appreciated.Thanks!


11:26AM | 11/15/09
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it may be right on that bathroom socket.(the reset switch that is)


09:52PM | 11/16/09
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Some possibilities to try

1) You mentioned the main breaker. Have you tried the individual breakers for the appropriate circuits? Switch them off and back on again. Wit some breakers, they can actually be tripped, but it's hard to see that -- they may look like they are still on.

2) Do you have an electric stove? Is that working, or only 'half' working? Does the oven or the largest burner work as normal? If not, you may have one of the hots coming into your house not working. This needs the power company or an electrician to fix.

3) Are all the non-working rooms wired to one breaker in the box? (Seems like a lot for 1 circuit, but maybe 70's wiring...) If so, is anything on this breaker working? Often such a circuit would be wired from one receptacle/light on to the next one. It could be a loose wire, cutting off the rest of the rooms beyond that. This could be at either the last working item on the circuit, or at the first non-working item. Fixing that is a fairly simple task, if you are good with tools. Or it's a simple (thus cheap) task for an electrician.

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