05:53AM | 02/12/02
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If what you say is true then Glidden is somewhat foolish. Years ago I used to buy Glidden paint, until I realized this is some pretty ****ty stuff, and will never but Glidden again. Once a customer gets a bad taste in their mouth for a given product it's extremely difficult to get that customer back. As I said in the previous note above, these companies have their reputations to think of. Evidently, this hasn't hurt Glidden enought because they're still out there. But no more business from me.


06:48AM | 02/14/02
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But the thing is its not just Glidden. SW, PPG, Valspar, Fuller OBrien, Devoe, Behr they all do it because its the only way they can get there paint in the stores. If you ask me its pretty crappy that those big stores make them do that in the first place. Personally I will not by paint from a HD or ***** because there products arent as good as if you were to by Glidden or Behr from a Mom and Pop shop.


02:12PM | 02/04/03
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You people are funny! Sound like the "Ford/Chevy" arguement to me! Opinions are like elbows - everyone has at least two!

I will say though J - as a moderator you should watch what you say - The major paint manufacturers watch these types of sites all the time - You will look foolish if you are mistaken in your facts (opinions?)

Just so you all know...... The four largest paint companies in the world (2002)

Akzo-Nobel - Belgium
PPG - U.S.A.
ICI Paints (Glidden) - England
Sherwin Williams - U.S.A.

Many of the brands in this thread are made by one of these companies.....including P&L - who was bought out by SW many years ago.

And if you think that the dealers who sell P&L don't tell SW what type of product performance they want - and what they want to pay - you don't know what a free market is.

Mr. Paint


04:51PM | 02/08/03
Hi! In reply to Sputnik47, if he is still watching this forum, I must agree with Jay J. for 2 reasons. First, my father was a salesman for a big abrasive company, and this is exactly what he used to do. On his order pad, he had 2 cat. numbers: one for small retail stores, and one for discount stores. The latter received sandpaper from batches that didn't meet the specs, but were still acceptable, while retail stores got the good stuff. The second reason why I truly agree with Jay J is that I just finished painting my bedroom with paint that I bought at a retail store for better service, more friendly relationship, and better accessories available (rollers, brushes, etc). But when I needed more paint to finish my job last Wednesday night, my small paint store was closed, so I went to the big warehouse store in my neighborhood to buy a pint to finish my work. I bought what appeared the same thing (same brand, same cat.# and sheen. At first sight, the labels were similar. To my surprise, it didn't spread as well as the paint I bought from the paint store, and it dried faster, making it difficult to keep a "wet edge". When I compared the two cans, I realized that the word "Classic" appears in small letters on the can I bought from the big warehouse, but not on the can from the retail store. Plus they sell their gallons 3$ higher than my small paint store. When the paint dried, it was not exactly the same finish, being a little bit shinier than what I had bought originally. So I truly beleive that discount stores don't sell exactly the same thing than the small retail stores. And Jay J. and my father are not the only ones who told me that story.


03:28AM | 02/13/03
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This is a response I received from Glidden this morning, I had written them asking if there is a difference in quality of there products between what is sold at independent retailers and HDs.

(Anyway recently did the entire interior of my home with Benjamin Moore...very satisfied!)

Thank you for contacting Glidden Paints. We appreciate the time you took
to contact us.

We sell quality products both at the Home Depot and through our Independent
Retailers. The Home Depot can buy paint in a larger quantity, therefore
their price will be lower.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected]
or via our customer dedicated number at 1-800-GLIDDEN (454-3336). Customer
Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 8:00
pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you,

Lori Calhoun
Consumer Call Center Agent
The Glidden Company


06:07AM | 02/13/03
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Cool. A conspicuously incomplete non-answer from Glidden.


03:01PM | 02/13/03
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Boy this is fun.

I work for one of the largest paint manufactuers of paint in the USA, Duron.

Yes we are good to our customers because that is all we do is paint, but free coffee, donuts etc. will not keep the proffessional painter coming back if the paint and the service are bad. I dare say we match more colors from the big boxes than they do of ours. The painters that I deal with do not go to HP, Loews Etc. because their reputation is built on how the job looks and holds up and if the paint does not cover or work well it just ends up costing them money.

I am sure that the big retailers can afford to pay someone to tell the paint manufactures how they want the paint made. Also they can tell them what type of price point they want to sell the paint for and then the paint companies can make a product to fit into that range that is if they want the contract to sell there.

We use to have our paint in HP but they did not want our premiun line as I am sure it would have made the Behr look bad.

Have a great day everyone.

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