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10:54AM | 07/14/03
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I am in a total dilemna... My husband and I live in a 70+ year old house and are trying to figure out how to remove the paint from the porcelain tub in the master.... what won't affect the drain and pipes? What won't cause a flash fire because of fumes by living in a house with gas? help!


05:00PM | 07/15/03
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What kind of paint?Are you trying to strip the yub or remove dripped or spilled paint from the tub?


04:00AM | 07/16/03
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I have no idea... it is a flat paint and the whole tub was painted at one time... since then, it is peeling and flaking....


04:01AM | 07/16/03
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so sorry, I am wanting to remove all of the paint from the tub if possible...


06:30PM | 07/27/03
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Please let me know how the situation with your porcelain tub comes out... my husband and I are in the EXACT same predicament... 75-year old house, peeling tub. It's making me crazy. Thanks!


04:22PM | 08/03/03
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You can strip your porcelain tub usingthe PEEL AWAY 7 product which is a safe remover . Visit the web site at for more info


03:00PM | 08/04/03
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What do you plan on doing with the tub when you are finished because I have a few ideas.
You could use a nice scraper not an elcheapo scraper that has 2 bldes looking thing the scraper that works is from red devil and is a 1 bladed scraper and will do the job but may scratch the tub,so this is why need to know what your plans are to repaint or what?


04:36PM | 08/05/03
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Thanks! Are you sure that peelaway product is safe going down the drain and for Gas homes? I will start this in about a month and keep everyone posted. I would take any suggestions on the tub and what to do with it....


11:10AM | 08/27/09
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I am trying to remove flat latex paint that was spilled into tub


06:09PM | 08/27/09
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I would think that a sponge and some soft scrub would remove it, or maybe just really hot water.


01:59PM | 09/28/17
Two years and ten cat paw marks and I'm still scrubbing.


02:45PM | 10/01/17
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Screenshot 1
I also had the same issue with my tub. I figured it out that it was a wall paint. My idea was using a baby oil or vegetable oil, it worked, tho, but not that easy.

Then I changed the tool with a paint thinner and a fabric, and the paint can easily be removed only with a gentle rub. It was stinky - but works very well. :)

You can read more about paint removing in this post:

Hope this helps!


12:35PM | 12/11/19
Is a power washer bad for porcelain? Also trying to remove pelling paint


08:46PM | 01/10/20
You can remove dried latex paint with liquid fabric softener and a coarse cloth. Heating the fabric softener in a small bowl in the microwave as warm as you can stand it, then letting it set on the paint spot a few minutes to soften it up, will make it go faster.
To remove dried latex and some oil paints on metal hardware, or plastic switch-plates, or covers, just soak it in boiling water for a few minutes and it will scrape right off. Adding vinegar to the water helps some scrape off easier.


08:48PM | 01/10/20
You can also scrape dried paint or caulk off of porcelain or ceramic with a new/sharp razor blade.

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