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09:45AM | 04/18/07
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We are thinking about painting the exterior of our house. We are considering having LiquaCoat of Connecticut apply CHIC Liquid Vinyl to the exterior of our house. The product is owned by the Benders, a Canadian family.

We are also considering a product called RhinoShield.

Has anyone used either product? Were you satisfied? What are the differences between the two products?

Thanks for your help.


04:12PM | 04/18/07
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Please go into this with an open mind and eyes as there is not a paint made that will last forever and not fade or peel. You could probably paint your house four times for what this paint job will cost you and with the average paint job lasting 6 to 7 years, it just does not seem to me to be money well spent. Do plenty of research before you spend this kind of money on a paint job.

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12:54AM | 11/22/12
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Well, it's no doubt too late for a response, but perhaps someone viewing this post may see my response and give this product consideration. I am rather prejudice for the CHIC Advanced Coating System, as I am the exclusive dealer for the product in Washington State (Elite Exteriors, Inc. out of Bremerton). The product is fantastic. It has a good 25 years of history in Canada and maybe about 10 years or so here in the US. CHIC has been proudly protecting the Peace Arch at Blaine, WA, gateway to Canada, for over 25 years now. A visit to their website at will show you many residential and commercial projects, some that sustain brutal weather and still hold up. Yes, indeed, the Benders are great people and possess a fantastic family-owned, debt free company. The product is not paint, nor does it act anything like paint, but it does look like a fantastic paint job. It is a coating, which by definition means it is a different chemistry. It is much thicker than paint. It truly will last a lifetime. But better than that, it will protect your siding against sun and water infiltration and damage. And that means if your siding is protected, then you won't be needing to spend needless money to replace your siding. Our pricing tends to run about 3-3 1/2 times that of a good professional paint job. So if you plan to move within a few years, this may not be for you. If you plan to stay in your house 10 years or more, this is definitely a product to consider. You will no longer have to go through what I consider to be the inconvenient experience of having your house painted. Paint does not protect the siding. It continues to deteriorate. Even lifetime paints do not protect the siding and really will not look good for a lifetime, as CHIC Advanced Coating System will. It is so durable I have gouged it with a car key and didn't even find a scratch in the surface. It truly is a beautiful finish and my biggest problem with this product is that it sounds too good to be true! There are dealers in many states in the US and throughout Canada which can be found on the website above.


02:07AM | 04/13/14
For us at least it's been a good investment. We had our wood siding home in California done over with Liquid Stucco (since renamed Liquid Siding/Liquid Stucco) in 2006. Eight years later we're still pleased with the results. There's no discernible wear, and anything that gets on the walls can simple be hosed off. The Rhino Shield ads describe a similar product but we don't know if they're equal.


10:43PM | 07/06/17
Liquid Vinyl buyer beware. We purchased with hopes of " never having to paint again"! Flash forward 5 years and guess what? Peeling, fading, chipping, but not under warranty because, oh yeah, the wood was rotting after the application. After extensive research, apparently this formulation of resins and polymers don't adhere to cedar very well especially in the New England area. Would have been good to know before we purchased. Apparently, paint prohibits cedar from breathing, and creates bubbling to release water vapors. The kicker now, cedar must be completely stripped ($$$$$$), if you want to repaint. Looks like we re-cedar or vinyl side. Really disappointed and heartbroken this ruined our house.


09:18AM | 05/07/18
This is the worst paint you can use. We were promised that you will never have to paint. Instead the paint is peeling and the wood is rotting so bad that the birds are nesting in the wall of the house, destroying my sleep. The balcony outside the bedroom has totally rotted and dangerous.
It looked good maybe a couple years. The water seeps in between the paint and wood and remains there rotting the wood. None of the other homes in the neighborhood with similar wood sidings have this problem. IT HAS TO BE THE VINYL CHIC PAINT. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.
I had to have a temporary plywood cover the worst area and therefore cannot send a picture of it.Re


01:54PM | 05/22/18
DO NOT DO IT. The paint is ridiculously expensive and it fades and peels anyway . Working with the manufacturer in Canada to get additional paint for areas needed is a nightmare. Don’t do it


11:47PM | 06/21/18
These last 2 sound like improperly prepared surfaces. There should be no way for water to get in thru the edges and any suspect wood pieces should be replaced beforehand.

It bubbles if water gets between the coating and underlying surface. And wood rotting already would still rot hence replacing it.

Again not the product but the suppliers fault it would seem


12:42PM | 07/23/19
We pay for the prep. to validate the lifetime guarantees. A total waste of money! All prep areas have failed after 8 years along with 2/3rds of the house and trim. Southern and Eastern sides have totally failed. Since Liqucoat of Ct. dissolved in 2010 the $8000 cost and guaranty has turned into scrap paper.


12:05PM | 09/13/19
Even though our cedar siding was pressure washed and dried by CHIC, the CHIC paint does not adhere well to wood siding. It is only good for stucco surfaces. Cracks and separation occurred. I found soft rotten siding in several places. The excuse about improper surface preparation is just that; an excuse. We felt that they were aware of that beforehand and did not dissuade is from using it. Total waste of money in our situation.

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