11:19AM | 01/23/15

My husband and I purchased a home about 6 months ago. we were unaware of cat urine on the carpets until we moved in. the home. It as if the previous owners just allowed there pets to run wild.

anyway...we now need to determine whether we should replace the subfloors through out, or is there some form of chemical treatment we can use to penetrate the stains and remove the smell. If we need to replace the subfloors

Any help you can offer would be AMAZING!!!


02:36PM | 02/11/15
I think I have solved our problem. We had HORRIBLE cat urine issues in our living room. Pulled up carpet and padding. Subfloor was awful and had black mold in two spots. You had knock yourself out odors from 8 feet of the subfloor areas. Did not pretreat with enzyme as some suggest. Put down 4 coats of BIN pigmented shellac. Stopped the worst of the smell. The most offensive areas still had some bleed through odors doing a sniff test from an inch or two above the subfloors. Tried two more coats of BIN to no avail. I had a can of Kilz and decided to drop a coat down on top as it is much thicker oil based to see what would happen. One coat down on top and dry time and I dont smell anything outside of a quarter size area or two with a faint whiff any longer. Thinking about putting on one more coat of kilz for good measure. The BIN seemed to be better to put down first because it really absorbs. The Kilz is much thicker and more of a top coat and sealed it good. No bubbling or anything odd that I saw so far and I am still alive. I would suggest trying them in that order. If it can fix my issues, I can not imagine it could be much worse.


06:46PM | 09/27/15
My flooring company used a left over paint
to cover the cat urine stained subfloor prior
to installing a new pad and carpet.
I swear I can smell cat urine.

Does regular house paint work to seal the floor?
I thought they were going to use Kilz.


08:14PM | 04/12/16
We had a cat that peed in our dining room. We didn't think he was still doing it. We decided to replace the carpet with hardwood floors. When we pulled up the carpet, P-U! There were black spots on the subfloor, too! I couldn't stand it. If we had put hardwood over that, we would have still smelled it. I did not know about the paint-on products. Had a contractor replace all the subfloors. It was only a few hundred dollars and the smell of the fresh wood (even before he put in the hardwood floors) was great.


01:00PM | 06/20/16
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Our cat has been peeing one spot of the house continuously over the past year. We have finally got him to stop by placing a new litterbox in the area but there is still an odour - the worst part is my efforts to clean and scrub the area soaked the floor and allowed it to flow not only onto the subfloor but through that and onto the joists below and now the room below has the odour, as well as small stain marks on the ceiling!

My plan is to remove the carpet, remove the subfloor, and remove the ceiling drywall below. Then I will allow the joists to dry and paint them with the BIN primer based on the recommendations here - would this be to code?

Then after that replace the subfloor with new plywood and ceiling drywall with AirRenew Drywall. I'm hoping that will be the end of it.


01:39PM | 08/05/16
You guys are all awesome! I'm gonna try BIN and Air Renu together. We moved and my kitty wasn't too happy about it, now she's not using her litter when she should be. So she's been marking, unfortunately, we ripped up the floors, which probably added to her anxiety, and she peed on the subfloor!!! Ugh. I tried biokleen bacout and it kind of worked, but I smell lingering this will have to do for now. I'm not gonna rip out all that subfloor for that silly cat! Anyway, thanks for the help!


09:47PM | 09/10/16
I'm curious. Is BIN pigmented shellac no longer available as I can't find it. We are looking to purchase a home with terrible pet odors and I want to use the best thing possible before we resort to ripping out the subfloors.


12:57PM | 10/10/16
I used the BIN pigmented shellac...9 months later...still no problem. I pulled up the carpet on my 2nd floor and it turned out the previous owners had laid over a bunch of dog pee...which caused my cats to pee all over the place. I couldn't get the smell out of the house...I used the BIN. Laid bamboo flooring. The cats stopped peeing. Bottomline...It worked like a champ.


03:44PM | 10/17/16
can cat pee stay wet in subfloor after 3 years

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