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06:43PM | 08/08/00
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Askthetileman? I doubt it...

Post your question on BOBs Old Message board at:

There are a lot of experienced people who frequent the old board daily and you are more likely to have your question answered by somebody under peer review.


Helpful information on ceramic tile can be found at:

For do-it-yourself ceramic tile....

Either way it's free and a lot more credible!

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05:14PM | 08/17/00
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Ok froggy,
I don't know what your problem is bad mouthing this is a creditable service.
I know you want to sell your video's and stuff,but there is no need to put others down in your journey to the top.
That just shows what type of person you are. is run by Custom Tile,inc. a state licensed tile contractor (not county! but state!) not to many contractors can say that.We receive nothing but praise from the people we have helped.
All are answers are by the book.
No shortcuts.No cheap ways out.
OH! What book? (ANSI,MMSA,or TCA).
Our company has 6 state licensed tile contractors with over a hundred years of combined experienced,from old timers to the new generation of tile installers.
Some of the answers given on bobs website are not always the correct ones.This can mislead do-it-yourselfers into costly problems.
So why trash us for helping others for free.
Why should you be concerned? focus on your goals. Save the negative energy for someone or something that deserves it.

Good Luck on your website


06:58PM | 08/17/00
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#1 - What website do I own??????

#2 - If you are such a major nationwide company then why was your website registered using dubious information? Don't know what I am talking about? See:

This is what I mean by CREDIBLE!

#3 - The most important!- People frequent Bob's board to get answers to whatever problem they may have. Why don't you answer their questions instead of spamming the bbs board and redirecting them to your website? Did it ever occur to you that other people may be interested in the answer? Trust me, you'll gain more respect that way and it's worth more than that 3 cents you get for your banner ad.

Answer some questions and I won't be so confrontational. Use all that "know how" to help others.


06:30AM | 08/18/00
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I agree with froggyman. It is very irritating to see a response to a legitimate question in the form of an advertisement for your web page. Furthermore, I've noticed quite distinctly that you change your username very frequently with fake names. Do you do that to avoid the moderator, 'tileman'? I wrote an e-mail to the moderator of the community web page to ask him to take steps to keep your advertising out of that forum. Because you chose to blatantly advertise your site on this forum, I personally choose NOT to visit your site. Just as froggyman said, if you'd answer some peoples questions, then attach your web site address at the end of the post, you'd be treated with more respect.


10:33AM | 08/18/00
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1. We do answers questions completely on the old message board.
2.The information our website is registered under is correct.The registration information that is made public to the World Wide Web is not,Just for this sort of reason.(people like you snooping around in other peoples business).We have nothing to hide, it is a safety precaution.To protect other members of our company that have nothing to do with our website.Anyone in my local area can open a phone book to get our address or call.
3.Nobody said nationwide company,we said state licensed.(state)
4.To JHare, you should get your story straight about the fake names,Our user name has always been customtile nothing other.
Report me! For what? We have been answering questions on this site for 2 years.Reading all the wrong answers is what gave us the idea for our website.We already have been contacted by a moderator.He thanked us for our service.
Good Day


11:08AM | 08/18/00
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Government policy dictates that full disclosure of website ownership be mandated. It is not optional.


InterNIC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my name and contact information be publicly available?

Yes. Information about who is responsible for domain names is publicly available to allow rapid resolution of technical problems and to permit enforcement of consumer protection, trademark, and other laws. The registrar will make this information available to the public on a "Whois" site.


07:42AM | 08/12/14
What ever happened to Froggyman? is still around 14 years later.

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