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10:58AM | 09/02/01
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Moderator, can you help us? I seem to have a few other requests, as well. Thanks!!!

Original message starts here:

I'm interested in the wood block floors spotlighted by Bob in a "Hands on TLC tip." I've read the messages previously posted (mid-July) and saw the answers regarding a Chicago Greystone re-do of Bob's. That is not what I saw on TLC. It was a "snippet" of about 60 seconds and included some very specific information on the mastic and the grout/sealant. For instance, I think it said use an oil-based mastic instead of a regular tile mastic.

Moderator: Can you help?

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03:15PM | 09/23/01
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Are you asking about end grain block flooring?


08:27AM | 10/28/01
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I saw this same snippet! I want to get this look for my new kitchen. If you get instructions, please email them to me! The look is so cool!


11:04AM | 10/29/01
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Please e-mail me any info about this wood block flooring. Thanks.


05:06AM | 10/30/01
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That was the Cobblewood flooring installation from the Chicago Grey stone.

Use 3/8 or 1/2 inch thickness of wood. Any size or shape onto a sub-floor. Not too large or warping will occur. First glue floor down, you use the regular tile mastic as an adhesive.

Let set for two days... Then grout, let set for one day. Also add any stain to grout, then do final coat of varnish, stain etc. Then maintain like any wood floor. Oil it every 2 years using wood floor oil. Varnish once a year. Buff once a month.

The grout for the cobblewood flooring is composed of sawdust from the wood mixed with a fast-drying oil-based sealer in a ratio of 2 parts sawdust to 1 part sealer. Pour the grout on the floor push it into the cracks using a rubber trowel or your hands. Trowel in the grout. Squeegee off the excess. Steel wool the face to remove any remaining excess grout that could dry to the top of the bricks. Let it sit over night and then apply another coat of oil-based sealer the next day.

Hope this helps.

If you would like to order the video, it is show #136 and is available under products and services.
Delivery usually takes about three weeks.


11:18AM | 12/04/01
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I was reading through past posts about the wood block flooring and I have some questions about the instructions given. I could swear that Bob did say to use an oil-based mastic when I saw the TLC Tip. It would make sense to me to do so as you are using wood in a way to potenially expose it to water and an oil-based mastic would seem to be more protective to the bottom off the wood. I plan on doing this project for my bathroom floor and am looking forward to the ultimate outcome. If I run into any snags or discover anything helpful, I'll be sure to post the info.

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