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05:04AM | 07/26/01
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We recently had several trees cut down in our back yard. All of the stumps have been ground out and the holes have all been filled back in. The entire backyard has been completely leveled out, and all the brush and leaves (as well as a LOT of wood chips) have all been pushed back beyond the new treeline. What's left is just a lot of dirt, and a few tree branches here and there. If we clean up the branches and rake it up a bit, will we still need to add more loam before we plant grass? Or is the surface we have now enough to get a decent lawn growing?

Jay J

11:44AM | 07/26/01
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HI spenciejr,

Usually, when see is planted, it requires 1/4 - 3/8" of loom for cover. Usually, the bed is rolled (to be sure you have any 'depressions' filled before you seed), then you fertilize, then you see, then you cover.

You might want to consider Power Seeding (but you should STILL roll the dirt flat.) In my area, 3000 sq. ft. costs 88$, plus you'd have to pay for 2 additional 'follow-up visits' (for what, I don't know because I didn't persue it.) Sod costs about $.17 sq. ft., minimum 4000 sq. ft., delivered (not installed.) Seeding is certainly the cheapest. After rolling and filling the 'low spots', you'd seed with a Spreader. Done! Well, then you'd have to cover with 1/4 - 3/8" of loom.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: If you're seeding, you should wait until Fall (if where you live you have 4 Seasons ...)


03:58AM | 08/01/01
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Don't roll - that compacts the soil too much. Instead water the lawn thoroughly (or let the rains do it). Let it dry and do it again. This will help it to settle without compacting the soil.

A power seeder is a good option. You want good soil contact for the seed to germinate and grow. If you can get a slit seeder that is the best. But those are hard to find to rent. They are expensive machines to maintain which makes the rental fees outrageous.

Bringing in new loamy top soil is a waste unless you bring in 3-4" worth. Less than that and the roots still need to grow in the old soil.

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