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04:51PM | 10/09/02
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I am installing an oak floor and after ripping up the previous carpet found that a section (2'x 10') is unlevel from a joist to where threshold will be.
A friend suggested using a leveling compound, then 1/4 underlayment.
Where do I find this Self-leveling compund for wood sub-floor? Do I need a primer? Is it a mix? Will is take being nailed?

The new flooring is 3/4" oak (tongue-groove 4" wide plank). I am using an air-nailer (hammer-flooring type) and wondered if the nails will hold? the amount of leveling is only an 1/8" to a 1/4" at most.


doug seibert

05:03AM | 10/10/02
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Available at the home center........the nails will penetrate the compound and still hold in the sub-floor/joists........

But what happens at the threshold? Could your real solution be to check that 'One" joist for damage/rot/bearing and properly repair it from below(if possible)........



05:21AM | 10/10/02
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Thanks for the heads up!

The joist is actually off from construction (its a townhome with cross-span trusses..16 years old). The one truss in particular, is 8" wide and shows no sign that it happened after settling. This was bad construction. The carpeting (pad) hid it well. From the basement, it was not so obvious how much the slope was, but there is no rot or damage. Just a bad builder (gee, claimed bankruptcy year after homes were built).

Since its a gradual slope about 20" long, and the threshold from the kitchen/hall is quite high (tiled over vinyl), the saddle I install won't be to much of problem. Though it would have been nice to have an even transition.


03:45AM | 07/14/03
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question on this topic - i was told that the concrete type levelers will crack and chip when used for wood floor installation (tongue/groove) and if you use the concrete type levelers to glue the floor. 1. is this true 2. if so, where can i find appropriate wood floor leveler?


05:09AM | 07/14/03
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When you pour these compounds do you pour into the unlevel area or from a level are and allow it to go into the unlevel?

Make sense?


05:49AM | 07/14/03
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did you recieve any helpful feedback on this? i am doing the same thing and need help too. everything i am told, even by manufacturers, is that concrete won't do.


02:53PM | 07/14/03
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I used a mix that is a floor leveler.
Pours thinner than pancake mix.
I had to staple a mesh (plaster lath) down, on lewan board to build up the height. The mesh will limit or prevent cracking (reinforces it).
Saw sparks when nailing with floornailer.
Floor still slopes a bit, however its HIGHER than it was (too much leveler!).
I notice it, but for a townhome, the flooring (4" quater-sawn oak plank..with worm holes...rather rustic) is beautiful.
Humid summer expanded the wood perfectly (no cupping or binding).

KD Fisher

03:35AM | 07/15/03
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Ardex at makes a product for flattening(not level) low areas on wood subfloors but I've always preferred different thicknesses of roofing felt(#15-#90) tapered back to create a suitable bridge for hardwood flooring.

Ken Fisher

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