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12:35AM | 01/19/11
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About a month or so ago I replaced the trip lever cover on my tub because it was pitted and ugly to look at (due to a tub spout leak always dripping on it). Genius that I am, when I removed the cover and detached the drain stopper linkage, I allowed the linkage and plunger/stopper assembly fall back into the hole and down the overflow pipe. I made an attempt with a hanger to fish our the linkage and stopper but was not able to do so. So I installed the new cover without connecting the linkage and hoped for the best! No big deal... the drain was still draining and the old stopper mechanism never really stopped the water anyway... we used a rubber drain cover in the tub to fill it and take baths.

So a few weeks go by and the drain is draining slower and slower each day. After a while it becomes intolerable and I have to fix it or pay a plumber lots of cash to do so.

So I remove the trip lever cover and try to snake it but it doesn't work and I give up quickly. A day or so later I try again, but this time with a carefully bent wire hanger to try to fish out the disconnect linkage and stopper that I believe is clogging my drain. Good news... success on the first try! I manage to hook the lost linkage and pull it out. But instead of the stopper on the other end, I have about a 1/2 pound of the grossest hair/soap scum/??? mess - about the size of a hamster - that was attached to the linkage in place of the stopper.

Now that the overflow tube is cleaned out(hopefully), the drain is clear and the tub no longer fills during showers. So far so good. Maybe I'll even buy a replacement linkage/stopper and get it working again.

BUT.... where is the old stopper that never came out of the overflow tube? Can it fall past the "T" with the tube drain pipe? What's below there... a J or U trap? Should I bother trying to get it out? How??? What's the worse that can happen if I just leave it as is?



06:41AM | 01/19/11
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It's probably stuck down in the trap,I heard of that happening before. Try the coathanger again. If the pipes are big enough and it has one of those old drum traps,it could have passed through and lodged and settled in there.If you can't get ir right away wait and see what happens.If it ain't broke.....

the drizzle

11:31PM | 02/12/11
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I may have a similar problem. My tub has always run a bit slow and periodically gets extremely slow. Heavy duty drain cleaner usually gets it back to an acceptable level. However, I noticed that the stopper lever didn't seem to have an effect on the rate at which it drained. When I removed the cover plate I saw that there was nothing attached. I was told that the stopper cannot fall into the trap because there is a lip in the drain to prevent this.

So there are two possibilities. The first one is that the linkage fell off and is somewhere in the drain. The second is that the stopper was removed by the previous owner or never installed for some reason. I spent some time fishing with a wire hanger but didn't feel anything that felt like the linkage. I am inclined to just but another stopper and linkage and see if it functions properly. Thoughts?


08:03PM | 07/02/15
I just lost one. I think.don't fix it ain't broke. Never drained better. I tried to snake
from under the house since pipes
were all apart under the house. seems like the last guy took the
pipes apart to make it drain. Other possibility would be it just fell off. I think the last
guy just took it apart. My only
concern is where is the plunger. Unable to retrieve that small brass piece .


03:39PM | 07/26/15
I just used the linkage to fish out the plunger. I could not budget it at first, so sprayed it with some WD40. Hooked it after a few attempts and it came right out. Bent the linkage in the process. Removed linkage and did not replace plunger. All is draining well now. 674


09:05AM | 01/13/18
There was not a tee bar to tub and overflow pipe goes straight down the main Fran. Stopper fell down the drain


08:59PM | 03/06/21
What if the coathanger gets stuck?

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