Slide 1: Prefab Lake House


This fully sustainable prefab cottage by Broadhurst Architects comes in three sizes—the smallest has just 175 square feet of indoor space with an outdoor area that's almost as large. Our favorite part of the eco-friendly getaway? A retractable window wall that opens to let in a soothing lake breeze.

On the Waterfront: 10 Tiny Lake Houses

If you’ve set up home on a lake, chances are you're there because you love to be outside. Your days are most likely spent outdoors, so you don't need much as far as a house goes: a place to lay your head, cook dinner, and seek refuge when the weather takes a turn. Amenities are nice, but when you already have so much at your doorstep, they take a backseat. It’s no wonder, then, that there are so many incredible lake houses with small footprints. We wouldn't mind heading off to any one of these tiny lake houses for a long weekend (or full summer) of fishing, boating, and relaxation. 

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