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When executed with patience and the right solutions, painting a chair’s upholstery can be as successful as painting its frame. By mixing a textile medium with latex paint and lightly sanding between thoroughly dry coats, Jilly, of the blog Jilly & Mia, created a pair of functional, wipe-down kitchen chairs with a hip, laid-back Belgian vibe.

Drab to Fab: 10 Fantastic Furniture Makeovers

Whether they involve repainting, resizing, or retrofitting, furniture makeovers are very popular in the DIY world. While original finishes and old-world style certainly have merit, there's a special thrill in giving new life and purpose to tired, old pieces. Design bloggers and style seekers alike, especially those who are thrift minded, waste conscious, and project oriented, know this excitement well. They gather supplies, identify key materials, and work doggedly toward the dramatic, much-anticipated reveal. These restyling magicians relish each furniture makeover challenge, bringing their ingenuity and hard work to bear as they transform yard sale bargains, flea market finds, and family hand-me-downs into relevant, covetable home furnishings for today.

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