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    Hanging Drywall Inside the Skylight

    Bob interviews drywall contractor Mark Richardson, as he hangs drywall inside a skylight and attaches the corner bead.

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    thinking outside the box greenhouse

    I have an instruction manual.Will post it today. I need 2 skylights and 2 curved windows.

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    whole lotta confusion going on here. Andersen is one company and Velux is another. velux is the caddilac of s...

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    Protecting Cedar Without Darkening Color

    I wonder if your local paint store would put a few on a sample you provide... I know our local "Sandy's Paints" will...

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    Metal Roofing

    I have a log house that my father built in 1978. It has a 6" beam construction overlayed with 2x6" tongue and groove....

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    flat roof

    Your first problem is to locate where the leak is coming from.Even on a flat roof,water can travel a great distance b...

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    Wood Shake Roofs

    We are considering the purchase of a beautiful home that is about 15 years old in Wellington, Florida. The home is o...

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    Leaky roof around skylight

    If you "caulk it" yourself, make sure you get the right sealer - not caulk.Did the new unit come with flashing for th...

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    Rubber Roof Installation

    I have a leaky, slightly pitched roof with rolled roof type shingles. Most of the leaks are either caused by ice dams...

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    Sky Lites

    As long as they are installed correctly, there is no reason for them to leak at all. Velux is the best.All skylights ...

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    That coating

    I just base my opinions on the use of coaating on my experience with them. They don't offer that much more sealing pr...

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    that old leak

    The lead pipe jack is not flashed in correctly with the shingles. Since the boob who "roofed" this made such a sim...

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    Roofing Estimate

    Can you give me an approximate idea of what it would cost to replace a roof ? It is about 250 sqft over a room l...

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    ICE !!

    It`ll kill your home,and you`ll hardly eva see it comming !! If you live in snow country,...It is essential to p...

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    bay window leaking @ drywall after rain (picture attached!)

    with tonight's heavy rain I heard some dripping and traced it to the top of the bay window (inside the house). the l...

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    News flash, "After a cold flash", "only happens in winter" are better clues than that photo will give. C`mon,..s...

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    Where to Start

    I think your first step would be to contact your local Building Department to find out what you will need for buildin...

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    condensation from new skylight!

    Lots-a-luck. Don't mean to be smart, but when the warm moist air in your house rises and hits the cold window, the b...

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    Leaky Skylight

    Check the inside of roof around the skylights. If you don't have adaquate ventilation condensate can form on the insi...

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    Skylight won't open up

    I have 2 skylights in my sunroom. One of them will no longer open up. When you go to open both of them up, the firs...

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