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  • 10 Bargain Organizers for a Tidy Garage
    The garage is one of the most cluttered spaces in the whole house. Too often it becomes a dumping ground for sports equipment, lawn tools, off-season decorations, and workshop tools that somehow never get put back properly. But organization and control is within reach. These affordable storage solutions can be easily integrated into your garage and bring back order—just like that.
  • 10 Essential Products for Cleaning Your Home After a Flood
    Whether the home takes on just a few inches of water or the entire basement is full, floods aren’t fun to deal with a...
  • 10 Kayak Storage Ideas for Taking Back Your Garage
    Big and awkward when not gracefully gliding in the water, kayaks tend to take up more room in the garage than anticipated. Check out these kayak storage ideas to help free up space and keep things tidy.
  • 10 Shortcuts to a Not-So-Scary Basement
    If you have an unfinished basement, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of time down there. The air is musty, the floors are damp, and it feels just a tiny bit creepy. Luckily, there are some simple ways to get the feel of a finished basement without shelling out thousands of dollars. Here, 10 ways to turn your basement into a space where the entire family will want to hang out.
  • 10 Steps to Get Your Garage Ready for Winter
    Winter is coming, and you better get your home ready to withstand the season. And that includes one of the most oft-overlooked clutter magnets in the house—your garage!
  • 10 Things Not to Keep in Your Basement
    If you don’t have room for it, stick it in the basement, right? Well, maybe not. Basements are prone to dampness, mold, and temperature swings, which can adversely affect many of the items commonly kept down there. Always think before you stash, and never store these 10 things in your basement.
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Garage Lighting
    Whether you use it for parking your car, as a workshop, a storage hub, or all of the above, you need good lighting in...
  • 11 "Neat" Garage Storage Solutions
    Take back your garage and keep your clutter contained with these incredible organizational options.
  • 11 Awesome Overhead Garage Storage Ideas
    Your garage keeps things out of sight and out of mind, but are you utilizing the space in the best way? Get organized with these innovative up-high storage ideas.
  • 11 Things Never to Keep in Your Garage
    The garage is a convenient place to keep a lot of your clutter—but not all of it. Look for storage somewhere else when it comes to finding a spot for these household items.
  • 12 Clever Carport Ideas That Go Above and Beyond Extra Parking Space
    A carport is a cost-friendly and easier-to-install alternative to a new garage. Turn your carport into a stylish home addition with one of these creative carport ideas.
  • 12 Finished Basement Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Bonus Space
    It’s dark down there. It feels damp down there. There’s a unique odor—moldy, musty, fusty, fetid, putrid—that smells ...
  • 12 Ideas to Steal from the Most Organized Garages
    An organized garage is every homeowner’s dream, but it’s so hard to achieve! Check out these creative ways to keep clutter at bay by organizing everything from sports equipment to tools.
  • 12 Things to Toss ASAP When You Clean Out Your Garage
    For many people, the garage is a black hole. Rarely used belongings disappear into its dark depths, and homeowners completely forget about them—that is, until spring cleaning rolls around. Take control of your cluttered garage by purging these 12 items. You’ll barely notice their absence, and you may even free up enough space to park your car in there again!
  • 14 Cool Things You Need in Your Garage ASAP
    Turn your garage into the most popular room in the house with these functional and fun additions.
  • 14 Things You Absolutely Must Get Rid of if Your Home Floods
    Some flood damage is immediately visible—cars, trash cans, and even trees swept away by strong currents. When the wat...
  • 14 Tips for a Cozy Basement Bedroom
    Say goodbye to the basement bedroom blues! You don’t have to settle for a dark and gloomy subterranean chamber. Through creative lighting techniques and the use of upbeat color combinations, you can turn that drab and depressing basement into a cheerful living area. Accompany us as we visit 14 inviting basement bedrooms for clues as to what these homeowners did right, and how you can create a similar look.
  • 15 Basement Ceiling Ideas to Inspire Your Space
    Don’t miss out on this major style opportunity when updating your basement: a statement-making ceiling design.
  • 15 Problems Hard Water Can Cause
    Some homes have hard water—water that contains a high level of calcium, magnesium, lime, or other minerals. Hard water doesn't pose any health risks, but it can cause a number of plumbing, maintenance, and household cleaning issues. Click through to discover some of the problems hard water can create. And if these issues sound all too familiar, maybe it's time to install a water softener!
  • 16 Finishing Touches for Your Unfinished Basement
    Try these basement ideas to make use of the extra space in your home.
  • 3 Fixes for a Garage Door That Won't Close
    Garage doors sometimes seem to have a mind of their own, often deciding when—and how far—they want to open or close. ...
  • 3 Ways It Pays to Get a New Garage Door
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  • 3 Ways a New Garage Door Can Transform Your Curb Appeal
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  • 5 Curb Appeal Lessons from a Gorgeous Garage Makeover
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  • 5 Garage Makeovers That Will Inspire Your Own
    Check out these amazing before-and-afters to inspire you to get your own garage interior organized and looking great.
  • 5 Steps to Solving All of Your Garage Storage Problems
    Is it starting to seem like there’s no storage space left in your house? Is every closet, cabinet, and drawer totally...
  • 5 Things to Know Before You Replace a Garage Door Spring
    A garage door spring is one of those household items you probably never think about. Until it’s broken, that is, and ...
  • 5 Times a New Garage Door Made All the Difference
    The garage door doesn't get the respect it deserves. Think about it: In the daily life of a house, the unassuming garage door performs a pivotal practical function. For many families, the front door isn't the primary entrance—the garage is! Due in part to its large, front-and-center position on the facade, the garage door goes a long way in determining the first impression your house makes on visitors and passersby. The right garage door—one that thoughtfully complements the style of your home—adds as much curb appeal as anything else, including things like exterior paint and landscaping.<br> <br> If your current garage door looks worn or out of date—or if it never fit well with your house in the first place—you have a golden opportunity to radically improve the appearance of your home. Garage door replacement is one of the most immediate and cost-effective ways to give your house a stunning facelift. Garage doors offer an abundant choice of elements from style and construction to hardware and operation. Manufacturers like Clopay now offer a wider selection of garage door styles and construction materials than ever before. Don't know where to begin? For tips on choosing a new garage door—and for proof of the difference it can make—click through right now!
  • 6 Things to Know About Garage Door Opener Installation
    Garage door opener installation might seem like an intimidating task that’s out of your reach, but today’s installati...
  • 7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Garage Door Security
    Your house is only as safe as its weakest entry point, and for many, that point is an overhead garage door. While hom...
  • 7 Features to Look for in Your Next Garage Door
    From its origins as a no-frills, utilitarian outbuilding, the garage has matured into an integral part of the home, one that plays a major role in the day-to-day activities of contemporary life. For proof that the garage has gained elevated importance, look no further than current architectural design. The garage often stands out as the most prominent element of the exterior. Given that the garage door is so highly visible, appearance becomes a key concern. That's especially true when you consider that, alongside paint, trim, and landscaping, the garage door goes a long way toward determining the first impression that your home makes on visitors and passersby. Don't like how your home looks from the curb? There's an easy and effective option for giving it a fast face-lift—install a new garage door. Today, manufacturers offer a wide assortment of exciting new designs and features. If you've never shopped for a garage door, or if it's been years since you last explored the options, you may be amazed by the stand-out beauty and better-than-ever performance of the top choices today. Click through now to discover only a fraction of the latest garage door styles from companies like Clopay!<br> <br> <em>This content has been brought to you by Clopay. Its facts and opinions are those of</em>
  • 7 Health Hazards Lurking in Your Basement
    Basements were once used solely as utility rooms that housed furnaces, laundry areas, and overflow storage for seasonal items, tools, and sometimes even root vegetables. Today, with the high cost of above-grade living space, many homeowners choose to finish parts of their basements to serve as living areas. While this is a great way to gain more space, if characteristic basement problems aren't resolved first, occupants of these finished spaces may be exposed to a higher risk of some health problems. Even if you have no intention of using your basement as living space, health hazards that originate there can spread to other parts of your home. It pays to be aware of the risks that dwell in your basement and that could potentially affect your family’s health.
  • 7 Reasons Your Car Heater Isn't Working Properly
    A version of this story originally appeared on The Drive. BobVila. com is partnering with The Drive to share syndicat...
  • 7 Steps to Avoid a Flooded Basement
    <p>There are certain signs of spring we all welcome: cheery daffodils, increased daylight, and the chirping of birds returning from their winter vacations. Along with those happy signs of spring, a less welcome sign may be an annual event for you—basement flooding. Spring rains often bring out the worst in flawed grading and foundations, leaving homeowners with a mess. If you’ve never dealt with basement flooding before, there’s a set procedure to getting things back in order.<p> <br/> <p>First, get rid of the water. If you don’t have a sump pump, you can rent one from a home improvement store. If you have more than a few of inches of water, you might want to call a professional. They have more powerful equipment and can get the job done quickly. After the water is removed, you need to dry things out. Provide as much ventilation as possible to decrease the possibility of mold growth. Open all the windows and doors, and use fans to increase air circulation.<p> <br/> <p>Throw out anything wet that’s of a porous nature—like cardboard boxes or newspapers. That’s a breeding ground for mold. If carpets can be dried out quickly, you can keep them. Otherwise, they should go. (You can purchase a mold test kit if you’re unsure.) If a significant amount of drywall has been saturated, you’ll need to cut it out and replace it.<p> <br/> <p>Cleaning up basement flooding is a lot of work, and can get expensive. Instead, do yourself a favor: Before the worst happens, follow these simple guidelines from the National Restoration Network to reduce your risk for basement flooding this season.<p>
  • 7 Steps to Making Your Garage More Livable
    In many homes, the garage is nothing more than a place to park the car, store the Christmas decorations, and hang up a few tools. With a little ingenuity, however, a garage can be transformed into an awesome space that’s as comfortable as any other room in the house—only a whole lot more fun. Check out these quick tips on how to update your garage from a storage space to a fully functional multipurpose area.
  • 7 Things Every Great Garage Needs
    Garages: indispensable for keeping your car out of the elements, doing messy projects without cleaning up after them, and for storing items out of sight and mind. But if you’re dissatisfied with the dark, oil-stained outbuilding on your property, read on for simple additions that can help you get the most out of this utilitarian outpost.
  • Add an Entrance to Your Basement
    When building a new home, plan the foundation to include an exterior staircase and entry basement doors. The foundati...
  • All You Need to Know About Adding a Basement Bathroom
    Adding a basement bathroom adds value to the home, but installing toilets and sinks in a belowgrade environment takes...
  • All You Need to Know About Basement Drains
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, basements are more likely to take on water than any other part of your home because they’re b...
  • Basement Flooring 101
    Surprise! It&#39;s all right to install virtually any type of flooring in your basement. Although hardwood should be avoi...
  • Basement Remodeling Ideas: Overcoming Obstacles
    If you’re looking for extra space to expand your home and haven’t considered the basement, you’re missing out on the ...
  • Basement Remodels Add More Living Space
    America’s home improvement frontier is going underground with basement remodeling. Basement design has gone way beyon...
  • Basement Waterproofing: Here's How to Dry Out a Wet Basement—And How Much It Costs
    Unless the plan is to install a swimming pool in the basement, you probably cringe at the idea of water trickling ben...
  • Basement: To Finish or Not?
    Late in 2010, my husband and I, and our two young children (2 and 9 months old), moved from our teensy New York City ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: An Easy DIY Way to Seal Your Garage Door
    Though garage doors do a pretty good job of keeping bad guys away from your car, they&#39;re not so good at keeping out t...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Basement Flooding Damage Control
    Basement flooding easily ranks among the top ten homeowner nightmares. Though recovering from a flood certainly isn&#39;t...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Basement Waterproofing
    There’s no such thing as a waterproof basement.  The key is to minimize the water that gets in and get it back out ag...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Be Good to Your Garage Door
    No matter whether you use muscle or a motor to open and shut your garage door, it&#39;s going to need TLC every so often ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Button Up Your Crawl Space
    If you have a crawl space in your home that’s not adequately sealed and insulated, you’re probably wasting money on i...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Dealing with a Damp Basement
    Though you don&#39;t live in the tropics, the most humid days might make you feel like you do. That dampness is not only ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Dehumidifiers
    Basements are notorious for being damp, just by virtue of being underground. If you have a damp basement, your first ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Finishing a Basement
    Finishing your basement is a great way to add space and value to your home. If you have enough ceiling height and you...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Flooded Basement Cleanup Tips
    What a huge job it is to clean up a flooded basement! But the job can be a lot less of a headache if you keep some ke...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Garage Door Openers
    Your garage door opener controls what is probably the largest moving object in your house. But it’s not actually the ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Garage Door Replacement
    Garage doors may not seem like great decorating opportunities—most people treat them as functional afterthoughts that...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Garage Storage Options
    Installing a garage storage system can have the same effect as adding a room, and it’s a good way to increase your ho...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Give Your Garage Floor a Makeover
    Looking to make your garage a little snazzier? Dressing up the concrete floor with colorful epoxy paint may be just t...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Prevent Basement Window Leaks
    Basement windows are great for letting natural light into subterranean space, but what if they also let in water? The...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Sump Pumps Need Maintenance, Too
    With melting snow and spring rains just around the corner, now is the most important time of year for sump pump maint...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Your Finished Basement Needs an Egress
    Transforming a dark, dank basement into welcoming living space isn&#39;t a small job. But once complete, a finished basem...
  • Buyer's Guide: 6 Best Garage Door Openers
    It’s the little things in life that can make or break your day. Take, for instance, the garage door opener, an appliance most people never give a second thought…until it doesn’t work, that is. But a good garage door opener doesn't simply let your car in and out. It can also protect your home from intruders, let in kids, maintenance personal, or house sitters, and keep you and your family safe—even when you're not paying attention. Garage openers have improved substantially over the past few years, and there are a lot of options to consider when buying yours. Whether you choose a belt-drive, chain-drive, or screw-drive model, a high-end model or an affordable mid-range product, you want quality and performance. We've cherry picked some of the best garage door models on the market, according to real consumers. Take a look to help determine your next garage door opener.
  • Convert Your Crawl Space into a Storage Area
    For children and perhaps even many adults, the crawl space is shrouded in mystery. Rarely do we think of the dark, di...
  • Create a Distinctive Driveway
    Photo: stonecoatusa. comYour driveway is your welcome mat, the pathway to your home. It may be a broad expanse, or cu...
  • Diagnose Any Garage Door Problem Yourself in Just 9 Steps
    A garage door opener is a complicated creature.  In fact, despite its name, your garage door opener is actually a ser...
  • Dos and Don’ts of Finishing Basement Walls
    With the cost of living space going up, many homeowners are looking down—creating a “finished” basement—to expand the...
  • Flooded Basement? Here’s What to Know About Flooded Basement Cleanup
    A flooded basement is one of the most dreaded home maintenance problems. Seeing an inch or a foot of water standing i...
  • From Wreck Room to Rec Room: Drying Out the Basement
    One lesson I learned fast when I bought a house is that a homeowner’s number-one enemy is not the mortgage—it&#39;s the w...
  • From Wreck Room to Rec Room: Laying a Subfloor
    After 13 years in our house, the basement was finally dry—or as close to dry as it was ever going to get. The walls w...
  • Garage Door Openers 101
    For decades, homeowners interested in automating their garage doors had three choices: chain-, belt- or screw-driven ...
  • Get Your Garage Back in 7 Sanity-Restoring Steps
    Professional organizer Donna Smallin, author of "The One-Minute Organizer: A to Z Storage Solutions", shares hard-earned advice for controlling garage clutter.
  • Guy Stuff: 10 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Garage Makeover
    No man's home within the home should be without these big-boy toys.
  • Home Renovation: The Cellar and the Attic
    When undertaking a renovation project, an examination of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind spaces may be useful. If you&#39;r...
  • How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost? Basement Sealing Budgeting Guide
    Typical Range: $2,250 to $7,063 National Average: $4,539A wet basement is never a good thing. When groundwater or ...
  • How Much Does Garage Door Opener Installation Cost?
    Typical Range: $218 to $511 National Average: $356With the push of a remote control button, you can open and close...
  • How Much Does Garage Door Replacement Cost?
    Typical Range: $757 to $1,549 National Average: $1,123Garage doors are more than just an accessory to your home; t...
  • How Much Does Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost?
    Typical Range: $150 to $350 National Average: $250Automatic garage doors have fast become a necessity in the moder...
  • How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage?
    Typical Range: $16,747 to $38,926 National Average: $27,774Garages are a great way to boost home value. They offer...
  • How Much Does It Cost to Finish a Basement?
    Typical Range: $2,800 to $33,985 National Average: $18,395Finishing a basement is an excellent way to create more ...
  • How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Driveway?
    Typical Range: $2,392 to $6,514 National Average: $4,447Though it may seem insignificant, a great driveway complet...
  • How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost?
    Typical Range: $1,800 to $6,000 National Average: $3,000Ready to install a concrete driveway? Whether you’re repla...
  • How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost?
    Typical Range: $300 to $60,000 National Average: $1,500A gravel driveway can be a functional, budget-friendly feat...
  • How Much Does a Heated Driveway Cost?
    Typical Range: $1,300 to $7,500 National Average: $3,900For homeowners who deal with snow year in and out, the ide...
  • How Much Does a Sump Pump Cost to Install?
    Typical Range: $639 to $1,977 National Average: $1,257If you need to move water away from your home’s foundation a...
  • How Much Does an Epoxy Garage Floor Cost?
    Typical Range: $1,447 to $3,006 National Average: $2,227If you’re tired of the plain concrete flooring in your gar...
  • How To: Apply Epoxy Floor Paint
    You lavish attention on the bedroom and living room, bathroom and kitchen, but what about the unsung hero of many smo...
  • How To: Dry a Wet Basement
    A basement water problem can be as obvious as there being several inches of floodwater standing at the base of the st...
  • How To: Groom Your Garage in One Weekend
    The garage is the final frontier of spring cleaning. Part carport, part catchall storage facility, the garage, if well-organized, can be a tremendous asset. If left in a cluttered state, however, the space can be more of a liability, becoming a breeding ground for mold, rust, and pests. So if you value storage space—and who doesn't?—there's every reason to mark this project at the top of your weekend to-do list. Though grooming the garage may seem daunting at first, these manageable steps can help you tame even the most unruly of garages.
  • How To: Paint a Garage Door
    As long as it goes up and down on command, it’s easy to ignore your garage door. Yet this aspect of your home’s exter...
  • How to Get Rid of Mold in the Basement ASAP
    Mold and mildew are common household scourges that can over time cause damage to the home, particularly when they lin...
  • How to Heat a Garage: 10 Tips for Keeping Your Workshop Warm in Winter
    The typical garage isn&#39;t designed to stay warm inside when outdoor temperatures are frigid. Garages usually lack insu...
  • How to Install a Sump Pump
    In an ideal world, there’d be no basement flooding. But in reality, despite our best efforts to address the underlyin...
  • I Tried a Cordless Tire Inflator―Did It Work?
    Whether it’s inflating a flat tire, bumping up the pressure on a mountain bike, or inflating a pool float, having a p...
  • Keep Garage Doors in Top Shape
    The garage door is the single largest moving part in your home, and should be inspected and maintained every year. Wh...
  • Keep This in Mind When Choosing a New Garage Door
    As cars have grown more important to our lives, they have gained equal prominence in residential floor plans. You’d p...
  • Know the Rules for Finished Basements
    Converting your basement is like finding new space, fully equipped with plumbing and heat. Before you begin your remo...
  • Make Room for the Car: 7 Easy DIY Garage Organizers
    The garage is more than a place to park the car. It is a storage space for lawn tools, sports equipment, and off-season supplies, and it often houses the home workshop. More often than not, the garage becomes a catchall catastrophe, inundated with clutter. If your messy garage needs organizational triage, read on to find out how others have reclaimed their spaces. With some basic materials you can DIY storage solutions that will serve you well.
  • Man, Oh Man! 7 Unbelievable Guy Spaces
    So you want a man cave? Check out these over-the-top lairs from around the country and enter to win a $25,000 RAM CAVE of your own.
  • Move Out: 10 Ways to Expand into Your Garage
    Plenty of homeowners wish they had more room. It's possible these cramped-feeling dreamers have overlooked a golden opportunity: garage conversion. Renovating the garage is a wonderful way to add living space, whether you have a practical need—did someone say home office?—or just want to have a little fun with a kids' playroom, fitness gym, or man cave. There's no limit to what's possible, as these ten projects amply show. Click through now for great ideas on how to approach your own dramatic garage conversion!
  • Organize Your Garage to Keep Your Sanity
    Those of us lucky enough to have a garage space in our home tend to take it for granted. This private and secure park...
  • Picking the Right Garage Door
    When selecting a garage door for your home, the list of questions includes basic material, style, and price. There is...
  • Planning Guide: Basement Remodeling
    Do you feel like your home is shrinking? Are the kids growing up and accumulating more stuff? Is your teenager demand...
  • Planning Guide: Garage Conversion
    Remaking your garage into an extra bedroom, den, or kids&#39; playroom can improve not only the resale value of your home...
  • Power Washing Services: Are They Worth Paying For?
    Over time, the outside of your home can become weathered from outdoor elements, which can result in buildup of dirt, ...
  • Pro Tips: Basement Waterproofing
    A clean, dry basement—there, doesn’t that sound nice? Yet the fact is, many of us live with basements that are damp, ...
  • Product Showcase: Garage Doors
    Choosing a garage door is an important consideration. It needs to operate with ease, be made to withstand the elements with little to no care, and enhance the curb appeal of your home.
  • Re-Do Your Home Exterior with a New Garage Door
    If you were to look at pictures of all the homes built since the mid 1950s, you would notice one obvious commonality: For decades, the garage door has been the most noticeable aspect of the average home exterior. More than most homeowners appreciate, it's not paint colors or landscaping features that make or break curb appeal—it's the garage door! So if your home needs a facelift and fast, there's no upgrade more direct or cost-effective than replacing the battered old garage door. If it's been years since you last shopped for one, then you're in for a treat. There are more options on the market than ever before. The first manufacturer in the business, Overhead Door offers reliable, secure, and stylish options perfectly suited to any house style. Click through now to see how the right choice could make for a virtually instant transformation that helps your home make a great first impression for years to come.
  • Simple Solutions for a More Livable Garage
    In many homes, the garage is nothing more than a place to park the car, store the Christmas decorations and hang up a...
  • So, You Want to... Build a Carport
    Need a place to park that fancy new speedboat? A carport may be just the ticket! While it’s not quite a garage, a car...
  • So, You Want to... Insulate a Garage Door
    As the weather cools, it’s the perfect time to gird your garage against the colder temperatures on the way, especiall...
  • Solved! What Cracks in the Basement Floor Really Mean
    Q: We moved into a new house and I just noticed some cracks in the basement floor. They don’t look new, but I can’t b...
  • Solved! What to Do About a Flooded Basement
    Q. Help! I went to the basement to do some laundry but found water on the floor instead! How do I rescue my flooded b...
  • Solved! What to Do When a Garage Door Is Not Opening
    Q: When I returned from work today, I pushed the button on my remote garage door opener—but the door didn’t budge. Ev...
  • Solved! What’s Up with the Musty Smell in My Basement?
    Q: Lately, I notice a musty smell whenever I go into my basement. What’s causing the odor and most how do I get rid o...
  • Solved! Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?
    Q: Help! My furnace is running, but the heat is not turning on. Why is my furnace blowing cold air?A: If the home’s h...
  • Storm-Proof Your Garage Doors
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew’s devastation in 1992, the building codes in many coastal counties and storm-thr...
  • The 10 Best Colors for a Brighter Basement
    In the ongoing quest for more living and storage space, homeowners often overlook the basement. But this neglected space can be incredibly versatile. With a few simple upgrades it can become a den, playroom, guest quarters, craft studio, laundry room, and more. If you're renovating your basement—or if you simply want to freshen up the space–don't ignore the importance of paint color. After all, the hue on your walls helps create atmosphere, character, and personality. Here are 10 paint colors that would be welcome additions to any basement design.
  • The 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your Garage
    Garages are much more than just a designated parking place for your car. Homeowners these days take advantage of the space as a utility room and workshop as well as a storage solution for seasonal items, tools, lawn equipment, and gardening gear. In order to fill these many roles, a garage needs to be clean, well-organized, and up to date. Here are the 10 best things you can do for your garage to make that vital space as functional as possible.
  • The 3 Best Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door
    This article has been brought to you by Clopay. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Every time you leav...
  • The 9 Best Types of Gravel for Your Driveway
    Learn about the different kinds of gravel you can use for the driveway, and determine which type is best for your home.
  • The Best Basement Lighting of 2021
    Shining some light on below-grade spaces can do a lot for your home. Proper lighting increases the usability of your ...
  • The Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps of 2021
    Basements are subject to flooding because they’re below grade. If water trickles in, it has no place to go. Many base...
  • The Best Battery Chargers for the Car
    A battery charger for your vehicle can recharge a dead or dying car battery so your vehicle can start and get you on ...
  • The Best Bike Racks to Organize Your Garage
    Few items can clutter a garage like the family’s fleet of bicycles. Finding a place to store bikes out of the way of ...
  • The Best Dehumidifier for Basements of 2021
    Dehumidifiers for basement ventilation reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth leading to cleaner, safer air ...
  • The Best Digital Torque Wrenches for the Garage
    A torque wrench is a specialized tool that is regularly used in automotive repair to ensure that the parts of the veh...
  • The Best Electric Garage Heaters of 2021
    Cold-weather days can turn your garage into a frigid, uncomfortable, and unproductive work space. An electric garage ...
  • The Best Garage Cabinets for Storage
    Instead of leaving tools out on your workbench or having paint cans littering the floor of your garage, get a garage ...
  • The Best Garage Door Insulation Kits of 2021
    Nowadays, the idea of converting the garage into a second living space or personal sanctuary (i. e. , guest bedroom, ...
  • The Best Garage Door Lubricants for Silent Operation
    If your garage door is starting to rumble and chatter, there’s a good chance it needs some attention. Over time, mois...
  • The Best Garage Door Openers of 2021
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    Whether you're packing away seasonal gear, or stockpiling a few extra home essentials, the basement is a natural storage spot. Because the basement is dark, cool, and roomy, it can be a perfect spot for storing certain items, especially those you won't often use. On the other hand, a basement that is prone to flooding, mold, or pests is no place to store heirlooms or valuables. That's why it takes a little planning to make the most of your basement storage and ensure that your belongings last for years to come. Say no to musty old shoeboxes filled with junk, and check out our do's and don'ts for proper basement storage. You don’t need to break the bank to get fabulous basement storage. All you need is a little imagination—and our handy guide!
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  • 10 Factors That Make or Break the Value of Your Home
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  • 10 Home Staging Tips for Your Outdoor Spaces
    When preparing a home for sale, ensuring that the exterior is as tip-top as the interior can mean a big payoff for sellers. Here are a few easy ways to pep up patio and yard spaces before putting your home on the market.
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    The best listing agents serve as coaches and copilots, helping home sellers navigate a market that can be lucrative and treacherous in equal amounts. It’s wise to invest some time in choosing the best person for the job. To begin, ask around for recommendations and search real estate sites and ads to find your area’s top sellers. Next, set up some meetings. Finally, pose the following questions, designed to lead you to the perfect agent for a dynamite deal.
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    Buying a house has long been the American Dream—a dream preceded by years of working saving, and renting. But if you make that transition from renter to buyer prematurely, you could end up having trouble making ends meet once you finally have that house. Even worse, you could face foreclosure. If you’re currently renting but considering making the leap to homeownership, the following questions will help you determine whether you're ready to buy a house. If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, renting may be your best bet—at least for a little while longer.
  • 10 Real Estate Costs That Are Always Negotiable
    A house is a big-ticket item—indeed, buying or selling one may amount to the biggest transaction of your life. So you ought to be aware that with smart negotiation, you can reduce costs, no matter which side of the deal you’re on. Though real estate contracts are complex and often intimidating, you could save tens of thousands of dollars by knowing what aspects are negotiable and working them to your advantage. Save big bucks on home sale transactions—on both sides of the deal—with these wise negotiating techniques.
  • 10 Real Estate Negotiation Tactics That Can Really Backfire
    On the lookout for a new home? First, peruse our list of negotiation dos and don’ts, culled from the advice of industry professionals. The bottom line? As you embark on the process, be your own advocate, but make sure you also respect the sellers' time and heed their emotional cues. By avoiding these all-too-common behaviors, you can ensure a win-win deal.
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    Many apartment dwellers make the common mistake of assuming that they are covered under their landlord’s insurance policy…but this is rarely the case. Renter’s insurance is a must if you want to protect yourself and your belongings.
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    Homes with great floor plans and awesome curb appeal generate loads of interest from buyers, making these properties easy sellers. By contrast, the ugly house on the block all too often gets ignored by shoppers. But there are many reasons why you should seriously consider buying an ugly home. Read on, so you can train your eye to spot some hidden gems lying in your target neighborhood.
  • 10 Signs That Fixer-Upper Might Be a Money Pit
    Purchasing a house that needs some TLC can be a good investment—if the needed repairs aren’t too costly. While some fixer-uppers can come together with a coat of paint and a few small repairs, others may be harboring spendy secrets that could put you way over your budget. Here are 10 telltale signs that your old-house dream could turn into a high-cost nightmare.
  • 10 Signs You Are Ready to Own Your Own Home
    If you're tired of paying rent every month for the privilege of living on someone else's property, maybe it's time to put that money toward a place of your own. Do you want to take the plunge? Here are 10 signs that you may be ready for homeownership.
  • 10 Signs You're Paying Too Much for Your Mortgage
    Taking out a home mortgage is a rite of passage for many Americans. According to real estate authority Zillow, fewer than a quarter of buyers pay with cash; the rest receive financing from a bank or another lender in the form of a mortgage, which they pay back over a number of years. But did you know that many people pay more than necessary for their mortgage? If any of these 10 situations apply to you, consider talking to bank about lowering your rates.
  • 10 Signs Your House Isn’t Ready to Go on the Market
    Think you’re ready to sell your house? Not so fast. First, you probably need to take care of a few straightforward cleaning and maintenance tasks. To give your house the best chance for a quick sale, be sure to go through this checklist before you call an agent.
  • 10 Simple Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Dream Home
    In almost every city in the United States, certain neighborhoods are in hot demand, and real estate dealings in those areas can become alarmingly cutthroat. Don’t let a competitive market scare you away from nabbing the perfect home on the ideal street. Before you enter the fray, arm yourself with smart strategies that will help you avoid these 10 common mistakes that trip up less-savvy house shoppers.
  • 10 Simple Tricks to Make Buyers Love Your Home
    It is possible to wow and delight potential purchasers without investing crazy amounts of time and money. Read on for 10 minor changes that can inspire real estate seekers to fall in love with your home.
  • 10 Small Towns with Big Home Bargains
    The housing market has definitely rebounded since the Great Recession, but if you know where to look, you can still get a home for well under $100,000—especially if you’re willing to do a bit of renovation. To get started, you'll need an adventurous spirit and this list of the 10 most affordable housing markets in the United States, according to data gathered by real estate giant Coldwell Banker.
  • 10 Spots It's Okay to Snoop at Every Open House
    Attending open houses can feel a bit awkward at first—after all, you’re basically invading the private space of a perfect stranger. But buying a home is a time to be bold. Make sure to be polite and discreet, and go ahead and peek into corners and covered-up spots. Knowledge is power, and playing detective can pay off royally when it’s time to negotiate a deal.
  • 10 Surprising Reasons to Start House Hunting in Fall
    It’s a well-established pattern: Home sales heat up every spring and summer, and then, as the leaves begin to change, the market begins to cool. By November, with the holidays looming, few people are focused on real-estate shopping. And that’s why it may very well be the optimal time to begin your hunt. Here are 10 reasons why this counterintuitive move can be a very wise one if you’re hoping to buy a house.
  • 10 Telltale Signs That a Home Will Be Going on the Market
    If you’ve been house-hunting for a while, you know how frustrating it is to comb through the listings every week only to discover that the best houses are already under contract before you've had a chance to schedule a walk-through. If only you had a way of predicting when a home would be going on the market. Good news! You don’t need a crystal ball. Just use these smart tips and keep an eye out for a few telltale signs that could lead you to the house of your dreams before it even hits the market.
  • 10 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Their Property Rights
    Property rights are the foundation of homeownership, but this collection of privileges and protections varies from state to state and from neighborhood to neighborhood. Read on to learn more about basic property rights and to find out how these rights can be affected by laws, ordinances, codes, and covenants.
  • 10 Things I Learned from Moving During a Pandemic
    Buying or selling a home at any time is complex and potentially confusing, but during a pandemic the transaction becomes subject to a whole new set of rules. To find out how the process has changed, we talked to a few experienced home buyers and sellers who told us how it was different this time around.
  • 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Bought a Foreclosure
    Buying a house is already a tedious process, and buying a foreclosure adds another layer to it. Learn from experts and homeowners who have already been through the process of buying a foreclosed home, so you can be prepared and get a great deal.
  • 10 Things No One Tells You About Homeowner Associations
    Homeowners associations (HOAs) exist to ensure visual uniformity and to protect the property rights of residents of a specific neighborhood. Most of the time they do a decent job, but because their rules and regulations are decided and enforced by a group of neighbors, HOAs can overreach and make life miserable for certain homeowners. If you’re thinking of buying a home in a neighborhood governed by an HOA, keep reading to discover 10 things about these organizations that you may not know (but should).
  • 10 Things Real People Regret About Buying a Home
    Buying your first home is an exciting experience, but it can also trigger uncertainty and trepidation. With so much to do and so many decisions to make, it's not surprising that that first-time home buyers often overlook a few important steps in the process. To get a sense of some common pitfalls, we chatted with a trio of homeowners to find out what they regretted not doing during their first home purchase. Learn some valuable lessons from the misadventures of Laura Henderson, a registered nurse; Jay Koehn, a finish carpenter; and Melissa Unruh, a hobby farmer and dog trainer.
  • 10 Things You Had No Idea Home Insurance Actually Covers
    You expect your homeowners insurance to pay for damage caused by storms and fire, but unless you’ve read your entire policy (usually 30 pages or more), you might not know you’re covered for damages caused by other, much less common, events. Many policies cover a range of incidents you've probably never considered. In the unfortunate event that any of the following occurrences should befall you, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised to discover that your homeowners insurance policy will cover your expenses.
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Buying a House at Auction
    You’ve heard that you can get good deals on houses at auction, but along with those good deals come some considerations you should be aware of before you bid.
  • 10 Things You Never Knew Your Real Estate Agent Can Do for You
    Selling your house—or buying a new one—is a multifaceted process that typically involves the services of a licensed real estate agent. You already know that agents can list homes, host open houses, and assist in negotiations between buyers and sellers, but you may not know that they're willing and able to help with other matters. Click through to discover some surprising ways your real estate agent can help you throughout the buying and selling process.
  • 10 Things You Should Know Before Taking Out a Second Mortgage
    If you need money, you can use your home as collateral for a second mortgage loan. But beware: Should your finances change, you may be putting your home at stake.
  • 10 Things You Should Never Do in a Rental Home
    Most lease agreements spell out exactly what a tenant can and cannot do, but some renters neglect to read the fine print. Avoid hefty fines and tedious legal issues by never doing these 10 things in a rental home—unless, of course, you have the landlord’s express consent.
  • 10 Things Your Realtor Wishes You Knew About Selling Your House
    Just because it’s your home doesn’t make you the resident expert on how to sell it.
  • 10 Things to Bring With You to an Open House
    Make the most out of an open house by showing up with the right tools and in the right frame of mind.
  • 10 Things to Consider Before You Move to a New Neighborhood
    Just as when you get married, you're marrying an entire family, when you buy a house, you are buying into a whole neighborhood. What you thought was your dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare if the neighborhood presents unforeseen drawbacks, challenges, or restrictions. That’s why it’s so important to investigate the surrounding neighborhood almost as carefully as you evaluate your potential new home. Before you make an offer on a house, be sure you ask your real estate agent the following 10 questions.
  • 10 Things to Do Now if You Plan to Buy a House Next Year
    Your home search and purchase will go more smoothly if you’re prepared. Here’s your to-do list.
  • 10 Things to Know About Being Your Own Real Estate Agent
    Before you decide to go the "For Sale by Owner" route, it's a good idea to figure out what you're getting yourself into. You might find that the time commitment, marketing costs, and legal processes may be more than you bargained for. If you're getting ready to put your home on the market and think you may want to do the dirty work yourself, make sure you're prepared by perusing these 10 must-know considerations of being your own real estate agent.
  • 10 Things to Know Before Buying a Foreclosed Home
    A foreclosed home may seem like a great way to get a sweet deal on a house—but buyer beware! Foreclosed homes that have been abandoned or neglected for months—or even years—often come with hidden costs that can turn that bargain into a money pit. Check out our top tips for steps to take if you’re in the market for a foreclosed home.
  • 10 Things to Leave Behind the Next Time You Move
    As homeowners pack moving boxes and wrap furniture in blankets, one question inevitably runs through their minds: How did I accumulate so many things? Moving is a great time to purge items you no longer need, increasing the odds that your new home won’t fall victim to the same old clutter. What’s more, leaving certain items behind may actually help out the new residents of your old home. Before you pack a single box, take note of these 10 items you should never take when moving.
  • 10 Times Homeowners Should Hire a Financial Advisor
    Life comes with monetary ups and downs, so if you aim to meet the financial goals you’ve established—or learn how to set such goals in the first place—a financial advisor can help. These professionals are up on the latest tax laws and can help homeowners make insurance, savings, and investment decisions to ensure your ability to pay your mortgage (now and down the road) and remain financially secure during retirement. To find a qualified financial advisor, visit the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) website, and rely on the person you choose to counsel you in the 10 situations outlined below.
  • 10 Tips for Successfully Selling Your House in the Fall
    Along with shorter days and cool temps, autumn brings with it a host of home-selling challenges. But with a little attention to detail and some creative marketing techniques, you can take your house from “For Sale” to “Sold” before the last leaf falls.
  • 10 Tips to Master the Art of Low-Ball Real Estate Offers
    Buying a house is the single most expensive purchase most people will ever make, so it pays to know a few savvy negotiation tips before submitting an offer. An offer that’s more than 15% lower than the seller’s asking price is considered a low-ball offer—and if the seller accepts, the buyer stands to save thousands of dollars. If you’re in house-hunting mode, check out our tips on how to make a successful low-ball offer that both you and the seller can live with.
  • 10 Unique Ways Homeowners Saved to Buy a House
    Tired of rising rent prices? Looking for a place to really call home? The lack of quality affordable housing can make the dream of homeownership seem unreachable. It doesn't have to be this way! Take heart from these 10 hopeful stories, along with some practical tips and insights for making the dream a reality.
  • 10 Ways to Get Money Back from Home Improvement Projects
    Learn how to recoup some cash from your next renovation project.
  • 10 Ways to Lower Your Property Taxes
    If your most recent property tax assessment caught you by surprise, you have options beyond simply paying it. With a little research and a lot of determination, you can get your property taxes lowered. Here's how.
  • 11 Awful Real Estate Photos—And How to Make Yours Great
    An Internet real estate listing can be crucial in attracting buyers, and the photos that accompany that listing are incredibly important. They are the first impression buyers get of your home—and, as we know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Learn from others' mistakes, and steer clear of these real estate photography faux pas.
  • 11 Common Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide
    While laws vary from state to state, generally speaking, sellers are responsible for disclosing only information within their personal knowledge that could affect the property value, such as structural defects, mold, and lead paint. Some issues, however, fall into a gray area that a home seller may try to conceal in order to get a top-dollar offer. To protect your investment, hire a certified home inspector before making an offer, and be on the lookout for the following signs that a seller has something to hide.
  • 11 Easy Aesthetic Updates That Can Help Sell Your House for Top Dollar
    Complete these simple aesthetic updates to ensure you don’t miss out on getting the top value for your home.
  • 11 Essential Cleaning Chores to Complete Before Showing Your House
    Get your house looking its best before inviting potential buyers in for an open house or a private showing.
  • 11 Home Staging Tricks That Don’t Cost a Penny
    To maximize a home’s potential market value, many real estate agents recommend hiring a professional stager or investing in fairly major fix-ups. But what if your budget simply doesn’t allow for such pricey measures? Here are a dozen zero-dollar staging strategies, from glamorizing the bathroom to making the kitchen smell ultra-fresh, that will help seal the deal with picky prospective buyers.
  • 11 Lies You Can't Tell When Selling Your Home
    Selling your house can be a high-stress undertaking. You want potential buyers to see your home at its best, so you might wonder whether you really need to disclose every little thing that’s wrong with it. Some material defects must be disclosed by law, and if you lie about other details—and your lie is discovered during an inspection—you could lose your buyer. Even if a lie doesn’t come to light until after you've sold the house, you’re not free and clear; the buyer can file a lawsuit against you for damages or the cost of repairs. So, as you strive to make your house as attractive as possible to potential buyers, be aware that if you lie about any of the following details, you may find yourself in hot water.
  • 11 Myths Homebuyers Should Never Believe
    Don't get discouraged or misled by certain real estate "rules." Find the right home for you by ignoring these 11 home buying myths.
  • 11 Selfish Reasons to Make Friends with Your Neighbors
    Creating a desirable neighborhood requires commitment and participation from the people who reside there. When you get to know your neighbors, you’ll not only feel more comfortable around them, you’ll also be able to help one another improve the community. Click through to learn the 11 biggest advantages of being a friendly neighbor.
  • 11 Signs It's Time to Move
    The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but you won’t know for sure if you never move. According to data analysis site FiveThirtyEight, the average person will move 11.4 times in his or her lifetime, whether relocating for a job, expanding to a bigger space, or simply looking for a change of pace. Are you wondering if it’s time to pack up the boxes? Check out these 11 signs that you’re ready to move.
  • 11 Sneaky Ways to Save When Buying a Home
    Good deals on great homes are hard to come by these days. If, however, you’re a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, or you don’t mind living in a new build, or you enjoy thinking outside the box, you can save thousands—maybe even tens of thousands—of dollars when you decide to buy. So, while you're shopping around, try some of these alternative house-hunting methods that can help you find a bargain, save a bundle, and turn your home-buying dream into a reality.
  • 11 Things Not to Do If You Ever Want to Sell Your House
    If you’re planning on selling your property, don’t let your house sit on the market any longer than necessary. Take a page from our book and avoid these 11 common mistakes before listing.
  • 11 Tips for Getting a Loan for Your Next House
    Moving up in the world—or downsizing—often involves buying a bigger—or smaller—house. In such situations, it may have been a while since you were last in the market, so it's a good idea to brush up on the ins and outs of getting approved for a mortgage before you make an offer. Keep reading to learn how to improve your chances of getting a home loan.
  • 12 Best Cities for First-Time Home Buyers
    If you’re green to the real estate game, target these ultra-livable, wallet-friendly cities in your search for your first home.
  • 12 Confessions of a First-Time Home Seller
    While buying a first home is always exhilarating, selling it is often bittersweet. When it’s time to move on, it can be hard to let go. As is no doubt the case for most first-time homeowners, my first house harbored so many memories—first baby steps, first holidays, first schools days, and yes, first DIY successes. It was so inconceivable to me that I could sell a house that aroused such strong sentiments that I almost sabotaged the sale. Thank goodness my real estate agent set me straight. The following confessions come from my personal experience as a first-time home seller. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, first-time seller or not, I hope you can learn from my mistakes.
  • 12 Good Reasons to Move to a College Town
    College towns are't just for students, faculty, and college sports fanatics. In fact, these educational enclaves attract many residents who have no affiliation with the school. Just what is it that lures nonstudents to college towns? Read on to learn about some of the enticing benefits of living in the shadow of a college or university.
  • 12 Hidden Costs that Come with Selling a Home
    Be prepared for the financial bites that are bound to ensue when you sell your house, you can plan accordingly.
  • 12 Inexpensive Ideas to Make Your New House Feel Like Home Fast
    Balance the purchase of a new home with budget-friendly decorating ideas.
  • 12 Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling
    Throughout the years you live in a house, you pour your heart and soul into maintaining it and making it comfortable and attractive. When it comes time to sell, you hope that your care and hard work will be evident to potential buyers, and that the offers stream in quickly. But even a much-loved and well-tended home can linger on the market if the sellers make some unfortunate missteps. To avoid any hitches in the sale of your home, beware of making these 12 costly mistakes that can sabotage a sale.
  • 12 Reasons Your Home Isn't Worth as Much as You Think
    Think you know how much your house is worth? Before being disappointed with low offers, make sure your house is in tip-top shape. Scroll through to see what parts of your house are hurting your home's value.
  • 12 Reasons a Realtor Might Not Want to Work with You
    Most homeowners are under the impression that real estate agents are dying to list their houses and that they’ll do virtually anything to get a listing. Yet, while agents need a steady supply of houses and commercial buildings to sell, they're not always eager to get just any listing. In fact, there are a number of reasons a real estate agent will turn down a listing. Keep reading to find out why a real estate agent might not want to work with you.
  • 12 Secrets Every Savvy Home Seller Needs to Know
    Whether a town’s market is hot or not, certain homes seem to effortlessly attract packed open houses and multiple bids. What’s the secret behind these brisk and brilliant sales? From pricing to staging, here are a dozen proven strategies for winning at the real estate game.
  • 12 Surprising Truths About Millennial Homebuyers
    Many millennials may still live with their parents but that doesn’t mean people born between 1981 and 1997 don’t have their eyes on the prize: a home of their own. In fact, 61 percent of first-time homebuyers are under age 35, according to a survey. Read on for more fascinating info about millennials home-purchasing trends, decisions, and (gulp!) fears.
  • 12 Things Realtors Look For in Homes of Their Own
    The property professionals who show and sell houses for a living have to live somewhere too! So what’s on their “must" list for homes of their own? Real estate agents and brokers from around the country told us what they insist on—in terms of a home’s physical structure and features, as well as landscaping and neighborhood. As individual as these residence requirements may be, it’s no surprise that they all have serious resale value. So, whether you’re looking for a place or thinking of putting yours on the market—or just want to know how to keep your property appealing—read on for real estate specialists’ take on what makes a house a must-have.
  • 12 Things You Don't Realize Are Annoying Your Neighbors
    Sure, you can do whatever you want at your house, but it doesn’t hurt to have the decency to think of your neighbors. Consider changing these 12 annoying habits to be a better neighbor.
  • 12 Ways to Find Your Dream Home Without a Real Estate Agent
    While buyer's agents provide a valuable service, it is possible to search for a home and seal the deal without using one. Here's how.
  • 13 Decisions Homeowners Never Regret
    These home improvement projects will make you happier at home <em>and</em> will increase the value of your house when you’re ready to put it on the market.
  • 13 Issues That Could Make Your House Unsellable
    Increase your chances of selling your home quickly at the right price by troubleshooting these potential potholes in the road to real estate success.
  • 13 Mistakes Not to Make If You Ever Want to Sell Your Home
    If you plan to sell your home someday (and most people do), it's important to always consider the long-term consequences of short-term design decisions. Remember, when it comes to resale value, timeless trumps trendy every time. So, before you install a state-of-the-art sports court, invest in a luxury hot tub, or convert your garage into extra living space, keep in mind the following complaints home buyers often express about certain home enhancements.
  • 13 Signs Your Home Has Good Resale Value
    If you’re like many homeowners, your house is your biggest financial investment, so when it's time to sell, you’ll want to get as much money as possible from the deal. A home’s resale value—the amount it will eventually sell for—is affected by many factors, and knowing what they are will help you price your house accordingly. Click through to find out 13 of the most important influences on a home’s resale value.
  • 13 Signs Your Home Is Losing Value
    If you’re like many homeowners, your house is your single largest financial investment, so it’s only natural to protect that investment and hope it gains in value. According to, in a healthy economy the average home will appreciate 3 to 4 percent each year. But not all homeowners are that fortunate; some homes lose value. If any of the following descriptions apply to your house or community, you could be among the unlucky homeowners whose property is declining in value.
  • 13 Simple Home Staging Tips Every Seller Should Know
    Putting into action a few simple home staging tips will help your house stand out from the pack in today's real estate market.
  • 14 Cardinal Sins of Staging Your Home to Sell
    By now everyone's heard about the importance of staging a home. Real estate agents have made it clear that potential buyers want to see your house looking its best, warmly welcoming a new owner. But staging requires more than just arranging the furniture, setting the dining room table, and putting a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen island. In fact, what you don't do when you stage your home is as important as what you do. Some staging mistakes will simply make your home forgettable, while others can totally turn buyers off. Click through to see which home staging mistakes could stand between you and a good offer on your house.
  • 15 Cheapest Places to Buy Land in America
    Are you looking to build your dream home? Or maybe you want to simplify your life and go live off the grid in some remote locale. Or perhaps you just want your own place where you can hunt, camp, and park your RV or boat, where you can relax without nosy neighbors or pesky homeowners association rules. Whatever the reason, many people dream of buying their own little plot of land. But finding land that’s affordable can be a challenge. If your budget is tight, you can forget about snagging a parcel near big cities like New York or Los Angeles, where a small vacant lot, if you can find one, can easily sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re willing to consider a rural setting, though, there are still plenty of deals to be found, particularly in these 15 places where you can buy land for cheap—or for nothing at all!
  • 15 Mistakes Most People Make When Selling Their Homes Themselves
    Seller beware! Understand the common problems owners encounter when going it alone without a real estate agent.
  • 15 Things Not to Say in Your Real Estate Listing
    Say the wrong in your real estate listing and potential buyers won't even bother checking out your house.
  • 15 Things to Remember When on the Hunt for a New Home
    Searching for a new home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-timer. Don't worry—we’ve got you covered. Just take a deep breath, and read on.
  • 15 Tips for Buying a Home Out of State
    Successfully buying a home in a different state is doable—it happens all the time—but because you must take care of many details from afar, it's a bit trickier than buying a home in your current town. Choosing a house, making an offer, and then closing, all while you're living in another state, requires care and savvy. The following tips will help ensure that the deal goes smoothly and that you end up with a home you're proud to own.
  • 15 Warning Signs to Look for Before Making an Offer on a Property
    Home buyers can gain a wealth of information about a property by attending an open house. Spotting problems that hide in plain sight can save trouble—and needless expense—down the road.
  • 15 of the Cheapest Places to Buy a House in the U.S.
    These 15 U.S. cities are among the best places to buy a home today, based on extensive market research into home prices, quality of life, trends, average home size, and more.
  • 18 Hidden Costs of Moving
    Packing up and moving is expensive, costing an average of $1,200 to $6,000, depending on the distance to your new home and whether you move your own possessions or hire a moving company. While you’ve probably budgeted for the move, you may not know that a number of unforeseen factors can increase your overall cost. Things like add-on charges from the moving company, problems you leave behind or snags you encounter after you arrive at your new home can sap your budget. To be prepared for any little surprises along the way, scroll through our list of hidden moving costs.
  • 19 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Buying a Home
    So, the listing makes the house sound like a steal and the property is stunning in person—but wait. Before you rush into anything you may regret, watch out for the following signs of trouble ahead.
  • 21 Brilliant Money-Saving Hacks for Your Next Move
    Whether you move during peak season or in the depths of winter, you'll probably have to deal with stress and a dwindling supply of energy and funds. When it's time to depart your current dwelling for new digs, employ these 21 tips to make the move effortless and economical.
  • 3 Steps to an Easy Mortgage Approval
    Risky practices consigned to the past, mortgage lenders are now returning to applying the same standards that your pa...
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    While analysts argue whether 2012 was in fact the turnaround year for home sales, it’s clear that home remodeling is ...
  • 3 Ways Your Neighbors Affect Your Home's Value
    Here&#39;s some context for the old adage that home values are based on location, location, location: We identify three w...
  • 3 Ways to Polish Your Online Real Estate Listing
    “Curb appeal” is real estate jargon referring to the first impression your home makes on prospective buyers.  With ab...
  • 4 Things to Know About Tiny House Insurance
    This is advertising content created in partnership with Clearsurance. Tiny houses are a new type of home that have be...
  • 4 Things to Know Before Buying a Historic Home
    Perhaps you have been searching for several months or even years, and now you have found the perfect home. Your dream...
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    The unexpected has become the norm for the US real estate market. As evidenced by the annual Profile of Home Buyers a...
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    As founder and president of The Rural Connection, a real estate company based in Upstate New York, Randy Florke has p...
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Renovating Your Home
    Renovations can make your home more comfortable and attractive, and can often increase your home’s value. However, it...
  • 5 Savvy Upgrades That Add Home Value
    Will your project pay off? For a trustworthy estimate, consult Remodeling magazine&#39;s annual Cost vs. Value report to ...
  • 5 Smart Home Improvements? Think Again!
    Built-in aquariums: the amenity that quickly becomes an eyesore. Of all the misfired home improvements that Daniel Fr...
  • 5 Things Your Homeowner's Insurance May Not Cover
    Before disaster strikes, make sure to check for potential potholes in your property insurance policy. Doing so now could save you money—and heartache—later.
  • 5 Things Your Mortgage Lender Wishes You Knew
    Buying a home involves a lot of moving parts, and those parts need to move in sync. Complicating matters even more, m...
  • 5 Things to Know Before Buying a New Construction Home
    Choosing the right home can be overwhelming due to the number of variables involved: location, size, budget, style, a...
  • 5 Things to Know about Home Improvement Loans
    As a homeowner, you will experience the need to make repairs from time to time. Whether you need a new roof, window, ...
  • 5 Tips for Moving: One Veteran's Advice
    Five years ago today, I moved into my condo. It was the first home that I purchased. Not only did I have a new home, ...
  • 6 Reasons Why Buying a Big House Could Be a Bad Idea
    The pandemic caused most of us to spend more time at home than we ever have, and for some—especially those with young...
  • 6 Tempting Upgrades That Smart Homeowners Avoid
    Not all home improvements are created equal. In fact, some so-called “upgrades” actually can decrease the value of your home, especially if you are planning on selling in the near future. Even if you are not planning to put your house on the market soon, some enticing enhancements simply cost way too much time and money, especially when you figure that you may never be able to recoup on your investment. Read on for a few home renovations you might want put off—forever.
  • 6 Things Every Buyer Needs to Know When It's a Seller's Market
    The housing market isn’t just hot—it’s on fire. According to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)...
  • 7 Digital Tools That Can Help Sell Your House
    Selling your home can be a hectic process, and the pandemic has certainly added another level of stress. Between soci...
  • 7 Good Reasons to Fire Your Real Estate Agent (And How to Do It)
    Selling your home will probably be one of the biggest (and most nerve-racking) transactions of your lifetime. The process is riddled with anxiety—getting your property open-house ready, worrying that your house won't sell for what it’s worth, dealing with buyers regularly traipsing through your home. That's why it's so important to have an experienced seller’s agent by your side every step of the way. But sometimes a house languishes on the market. While this could be the result of market forces or conditions specific to your property, sometimes your agent may be at fault, in which case you may want to move on to another agent. Here are 7 good reasons to fire your real estate agent—and some suggestions for how to go about it.
  • 7 Real Estate Deal Breakers to Avoid
    The house is yours—almost. Make sure you don't fall victim to these common pitfalls that might break the deal.
  • 7 Reasons Not to Buy the Best House You Can Afford
    There are times when buying the priciest house your lender allows could doom you financially. Many homebuyers get preapproved for a home loan before starting they seriously start shopping—and for good reason. Preapproval by a lender lets homebuyers know exactly how much money they can spend on a house. Because mortgage payments are usually spread out over 20 to 30 years, the maximum preapproval figure is often surprisingly high. But does that mean you should purchase a house at the top of your preapproved budget? Probably not! Keep reading to discover some very good reasons not to buy the priciest house you can afford.
  • 7 Signs Starter Homes May Be a Thing of the Past
    If you’re a millennial, which puts you anywhere from about 20 through 36, you’re in the age range where young people in generations past would have purchased their first home. In the years after World War II, young adults new to the workforce expected to rent for a while as they saved for a down payment on their "starter" house. These small, affordable homes served as an entry point into the world of homeownership. Young couples would often live in these starter homes for a few years and then trade up to something larger and better suited to raising families.
  • 7 Signs You’re About to Buy the Wrong House
    The perfect house may not exist, but there is such a thing as the perfect house for you. It may be the first home you...
  • 7 Things Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew
    A home inspection can make or break a sale, which may be why home inspectors are sometimes referred to as a buyer’s b...
  • 7 Truths About Micro Apartments That May Surprise You
    Micro apartments, which are generally less than 350 square feet, are tight on living space but offer gigantic benefit...
  • 7 Ways Your Home Could Get You Sued
    Your home may be a comforting place of refuge, but it could also cause an unexpected—and definitely unwanted—lawsuit. While some unfortunate incidents lie beyond your control, others can easily be prevented if you take proper precautions. Here are 7 ways to ward off home-related legal issues, potentially saving you time and money down the road.
  • 8 Common Mistakes New Homeowners Make
    First-time home ownership ushers in an era of new responsibilities. Here’s how to make wise decisions and avoid common structural, financial, and legal mistakes.
  • 8 Home Costs That Take New Buyers by Surprise
While renting has the advantage of being affordable and carefree, purchasing your own home can be a great investment opportunity—if you’re prepared. Unlike with a rental, the costs of repairing and maintaining a property fall completely on the homeowner, and too often these additional financial responsibilities catch first-time buyers by surprise. Prime yourself to take on any sudden shakeup with this list of 8 often-overlooked costs of owning a home.
  • 8 Landscaping Features That Buyers Love
    Entice buyers and increase your home’s value by following these landscaping tips.
  • 8 Real Estate Rules That May Have Changed Since You Bought Your House
    If it’s been a while since you bought a house, you may be surprised to learn how things have changed. In the decade prior to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, buying a home was a relatively straightforward task: You identified the house you wanted, applied for a loan, and then moved into your new home within 30 to 60 days. Alas, the process has become a bit trickier, and you may need to wise up before you jump into the buying and selling process once more.
  • 8 Red Flags to Look For in a Real Estate Listing
    Real estate listings are written to sell houses, period. While most agents maintain an honesty-is-best policy when writing house listings, that won't keep them from highlighting a home's best, and downplaying the worst. If you've ever been taken in by glowing listings filled with euphemisms and white lies, you know you can waste a lot of time viewing the wrong properties. But if you look carefully at house listings, you can decode the most common—and sneaky—descriptors used by agents. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better able to discern which for-sale houses are worth a visit, and which properties you might want to skip.
  • 8 Things Every Home Inspection Checklist Should Include
    Buying a new home can be a thrilling and terrifying adventure. During the process, you’ll need to address dozens of d...
  • 8 of the Smartest Ways to Save Money When You Move
    Moving is expensive. Whether you’re moving to a new place down the street or crossing state lines, the costs add up quickly. In the United States, the average price of move within a state is $2,300. If you're heading to another state, the average is $4,300—and prices go up as the distance and the amount of stuff you're moving increase. There are, however, steps you can take during this notoriously stressful process that can help you save a few bucks and ensure that your move goes smoothly.
  • 9 Age-Old Real Estate Tips to Ignore Completely
    Not all advice is good advice. When it comes to the real estate market, friends and family may offer their unsolicited opinions based on common beliefs, but it’s always best to consult with a professional. However, even the experts have their agendas. So before you trust what was once “tried and true,” get the inside scoop, on what’s “here and now” when it comes to buying and selling your home.
  • 9 Factors That Jack Up the Cost of Home Insurance
    Discover the real reasons behind home insurance premiums—and how to keep yours from rising.
  • 9 Little Things You Can Do to Help Sell Your House
    <p>Preparing to sell your house? You should have two separate to-do lists. In one, itemize the issues a good home inspector is likely to find. Those are matters you must address. </p><br/> <p>In the second list, put down the minor improvements that are totally optional but can be extremely persuasive to a potential buyer. A buyer needs to be able to envision himself in your home, and there are dozens of modest upgrades you can make to help the buyer feel comfortable following in your footsteps. Once the major tasks have been accomplished, you can get down to home staging.</p><br/> <p>Some of the simplest and easiest ideas are the best tips for selling your house. Repainting in house colors that sell, like neutrals, will broaden the appeal of your home. It’s worth hiring cleaning professionals to come in and get the dust out of every nook and cranny, and to wash carpets and upholstery. Make sure all your cabinets and closets have some unused space, to make them look bigger. From clearing clutter to replacing bathroom fixtures, find out which simple, affordable home staging tips you should move on before you put the place on the market.</p>
  • 9 Mistakes Not to Make When Selling Your Home
    Thinking of selling your home? Chances are, you’ve heard real estate professionals, neighbors, and friends alike wax eloquent about the importance of things like “first impressions,” “curb appeal,” and “home staging.” Indeed, these industry terms peppered in your conversations hold real weight: Real estate industry research indicates that redesiging your home for maximum appeal can reduce the time a house spends on the market by 30 to 50 percent—and even increase the average selling price by 6 to 20 percent. But not all changes will be a instant-hit and sometimes you might forget a detail in the midst of all the planning that could make or break our sale. Skip the stress, and avoid the following 9 common mistakes to move your home off the market quickly.
  • 9 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Fixer-Upper
    So the new house isn't perfect—it needs a little fixing up. A house that needs some TLC might seem like a bargain, especially if it's your first home, but are you the right person to strap on the tool belt and give that house an overhaul? Consider the experience of Mark Brock. A fan of fixer-uppers, he bought his first in the mid-1970s, a circa 1935 house in Columbia, South Carolina, that was rich in history but short on modern conveniences. “Very little had been done to it, but it was in good shape and structurally sound,” he says. It turned out to be a good investment of his time, money, and sweat equity. But it takes a certain mindset—and budget—to see this type of project through. How can you tell if you've got a diamond in the rough worth excavating? Well, first you have to closely examine both the house and yourself. Here are some questions you need to consider when you’re thinking of buying a fixer-upper.
  • 9 Quick Fixes for a Faster Home Sale
    So, you think you're ready to put your house on the market? Not so fast! First, find an experienced selling agent and start looking at other neighborhood properties with a "For Sale" sign in the yard. Note the asking price and the condition of these houses, and ask yourself how your house stacks up. If you conclude that yours is one of the most attractive houses on offer, then go ahead and list. But if your home suffers in comparison with others nearby, beware—it may need some sprucing up. Whether your home is a full-on fixer-upper or just showing a little wear, a few strategic projects can do wonders to boost its appeal—and the offer price. If your home needs serious upgrades like a roof replacement or new appliances, you may be in for a bit of a slog, but there are still a number of key improvements you can make quickly and cheaply. Read on for 9 of the best projects to kick-start your home sale.
  • 9 Reasons You Might Not Get a Mortgage
    Applying for a home mortgage can be a time-consuming, costly, and frustrating process. When the housing crisis hit in 2008, banks and other mortgage lenders dramatically tightened the requirements on potential borrowers, leading to the denial of many mortgage applications. Indeed, according to industry estimates, as many as one-quarter to one-third of new mortgage applications are denied every year. Still, homeownership remains an essential part of the American dream, with some $2 trillion of new first lien mortgages approved in 2016. Since forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes, here are some of the top reasons why mortgages are denied—and pain points you should address before you apply for yours if you want to avoid any nasty surprises.
  • 9 Renovation Tips to Boost Resale Value
    Making the right renovation decisions can help you sell your house quicker, and for more money.
  • 9 Things First-Time Homeowners Don't Know to Do
    Congratulations, you’re officially a homeowner! But along with the new address comes a new set of responsibilities, including some you may not even know about. The secret to not only surviving but thriving during the first year—and every year after—is simple: Adopt good habits from the get-go! Here are 9 often-forgotten tasks that will get your homeownership off to the right start.
  • 9 Things Home Makeover Shows Never Tell You
    It was recently disclosed that some of the homeowners on the popular HGTV series "Fixer Upper" had already purchased their home before the show started filming—shocker! But there's good reason for the deception: If you’re buying a new home, you can’t expect to tour it, bid, and close in time for next week's episode! Behind the quick turnaround and flashy reveal lie a sea of paperwork, stressful waiting, and unexpected costs that would make a true-to-life television series a real flop. So, if you're you're considering an as-seen-on-HGTV-style renovation, keep in mind these 10 things that home makeover shows never tell you.
  • 9 Things No One Tells You About Moving to the Suburbs
    Ready to swap city life for solitude in the suburbs? Here are some unexpected things that might happen.
  • 9 Things No One Tells You About Selling the Family Home
    Nothing about selling the family home after the death of a parent is easy. Going into the process with your eyes open can help you navigate the pain and avoid the pitfalls.
  • 9 Times to Offer Over Asking Price
    Homebuyers often negotiate to get sellers to come down on their asking price. In some situations, however, offering more may be the only way your offer will be accepted.
  • 9 Unexpected Turnoffs for Home Buyers
    When you put your home up for sale, you need to put in quite a bit of work to make it an attractive competitor on the real estate market. Location, price, and a host of other factors affect its desirability, but proper staging is important too. Knowing the tricks of the trade will help you set the most appealing scene, but it's also wise to brush up on what not to do. Here, we share 9 well-intentioned but rarely successful staging tactics to avoid when you’re trying to put your best foot forward.
  • 9 Ways Your Neighbors Can Screw Up Your Home Sale
    If you’ve ever been on the hunt for that perfect piece of real estate, you know that decisions aren’t made by checklists alone. Sure, factors like location, square footage, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms form the basis of any buyer's search, but there are plenty of less obvious things that can make or break a sale. In fact, house hunters may sense whether or not they'll be making an offer as soon as they drive down your street and take a look around the neighborhood. The lesson here? Even if your home is in perfect condition, your neighbors could cause your home sale to go south. Here, we share 9 ways your neighbors can hurt the value of your home, if you let them.
  • 9 Ways to Get the Best Price on Your Dream Home
    Purchasing a house is a major undertaking--and, even for folks who’ve been through it before, the process can be a bit terrifying. The sums are usually huge, the competition may be cut-throat, and the negotiations can take some surprising twists and turns. It helps to stay cool and think ahead. To get prepped, arm yourself with these 9 strategies for winning at buying your next home.
  • A Flipper’s Top 10 Tips for Increasing Home Value
    You’ve seen the infomercial—all you have to do is order the video and you’ll be making a fortune flipping houses. The reality of house-flipping is slightly different, and while many people do make a decent profit, others lose money because they choose the wrong property or they don’t take the correct steps after buying the property. Stacy Coleman of Baytown, Texas, has been flipping one or two houses per year for the past 15 years, and she’s agreed to share her tips for increasing a home’s value as well as increasing the return on your investment (ROI).
  • A Good School District Is Worth How Much?
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  • America’s 15 States With Lowest Property Tax Rates
    If you're feeling the property tax pinch, maybe it's time to seek a little tax relief by moving to one of the 15 states with the lowest effective property tax rates.
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    Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing)...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Homeowner's Insurance
    Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing)...
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    Summer’s here, and it’s a great time to expand your living space—and your home’s value—by making the most of the grea...
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    Keeping up with the Joneses can actually be a good rule of thumb if you’re planning to sell your house within the nex...
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    Spring is a great time to sell your home. Houses tend to look their best this time of year, with fresh green lawns an...
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    Did you know that making your home look like a stage set can actually add 10 or 15% to the selling price? You can hir...
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  • Boost Your Curb Appeal with 4 Doable DIY Projects
    When it comes to putting your house on the market, you spend much of your time considering how to stage your rooms to...
  • Buy for Your Buyer
    The smart way to buy today is with resale in mind. Here are four long-term trends that will likely shape the marketab...
  • Buyer Beware: 9 Real Estate Scams to Watch Out For
    A competitive housing market may require fast action, but buyers, sellers, and renters still need to proceed with extreme caution. Home-purchase and rental transactions both involve large amounts of cash, and cash attracts scammers. Before you start your hunt for a new home, read up on 9 common real estate swindles and how to avoid them.
  • Buyers Pay More for Homes with These 12 Features
    Remodeling is a big investment—and whether you’re doing it for your own benefit or with an eye towards selling your house, it’s nice to know which redos are going to get you the biggest bang for your buck in the long term! Here are 12 in-demand features that experts say will make your home sell for more if you include them in your next remodel.
  • Buying a Fixer Upper? Be Ready for These 9 Costs
    Beware the common but not always obvious costs of buying a house in less-than-mint condition.
  • Can You Get Approved for a Mortgage if You’re a Freelancer?
    Freelance workers play a major role in the U. S. workforce. According to a report by Freelancers Union and Upwork, 57...
  • Can't Sell It? Rent It Out
    It was an unsuccessful attempt to downsize for a smaller house payment that led Joseph Cortez, a realtor in Corpus Ch...
  • Capture High Marks for Below-Grade Improvements
    Photo: shutterstock. comBasements are a common target for the supposedly easy and fast addition of livable space. Aft...
  • Checklist: A Safe and Insurable House
    Following some simple guidelines can safeguard your property, keep your family protected, and lower your insurance pr...
  • Clean Credit Wins Home Loans
    Mortgage interest rates continue at record lows, but if you&#39;re hoping to snag a home equity loan for a planned renova...
  • Consider a Condo for Your Second Home
    Bob Vila’s Home Again opened its fifteenth season with a bay-front condo remodel along the Venetian Island stretch of...
  • Contain the Commission to 3%
    You saw its potential. You designed, bought, plumbed, wired and painted it. Now that you are thinking of selling your...
  • Creating Affordable Housing
    Since World War II, the federal government has had its hand in promoting and supporting affordable housing through GI...
  • Curb Appeal to Steal from 12 Hollywood Homes
    Your home may not be as large or valuable as these celebrity pads, but don’t let that deter you from borrowing a few of these star-caliber ideas for enhancing your home’s exterior.
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    If you’re about to put your house on the market, you likely have a laundry list of things to fix, open houses to orga...
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  • Do These 12 Things Before a Home Appraisal
    Leaving around-the-house repairs undone can cost you big when the appraiser comes around. Here's how to show your home in the best light and score a top-dollar appraisal.
  • Don't "Fall" Down: Surviving Autumn's New Real Estate Rules
    Well, that didn’t last long. The buoyant housing market of this past spring has already sputtered out, and mounting e...
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    If you plan on purchasing a home this year, you’re not alone. There are currently more willing home buyers than homes...
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    Real estate agents like to say that house hunters make offers based not on price, but emotions. Recently, Duke Univer...
  • Don't Quit Your Day Job: 10 Tips for Wannabe House Flippers
    You’ve heard the story: Someone purchases a run-down house below market value, fixes its flaws, and sells the remodeled property for a hefty profit. But while this rags to riches tale is alluring, house flipping is a risky business full of potential roadblocks. Before you commit to a fixer-upper, remember these 10 tips that will help keep your budget—and your stress—under control.
  • Don’t Waive That Inspection Contingency!
    With home sales running a solid 12% ahead of last spring, some house hunters are waiving the inspection contingency. ...
  • Estimating Home Value: Whose Price Is Right?
    Hooray! The housing market is bouncing back from the depths! No, wait, prices are going sideways—in some markets. Who...
  • Evaluate the Home Exterior
    Before you buy a home, you should hire a professional inspector to conduct a thorough analysis of the true state of t...
  • Evaluate the Home Interior
    The Floor PlanFind out how many rooms the house has and whether or not the number will meet your family’s needs. In p...
  • Evaluate the Home Systems
    So you like the way the house looks and believe the footprint will accommodate your family’s needs. But how does it f...
  • Every Home's a Stage
    You stripped the woodwork, replaced the windows, and brought the kitchen from the dark ages into the light. You poure...
  • Experts Explain the Most Confusing Real Estate Terminology
    Knowing the meaning of these 10 terms will help you negotiate your next real estate deal like a pro.
  • FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Success: 4 Things You Need to Do, According to Experts
    Some homeowners balk at the idea of paying thousands of dollars to a real estate agent to help them sell their home. ...
  • Fee for All: How to Keep More Equity
    Realty agents have clung to their traditional 6% fee structure through boom and bust, insisting that 6% of the home s...
  • Final Walk-Through Before Closing—Here's What You Should Be Looking For
    The final walk-through is a vitally important part of the homebuying process. Regardless of how many times you view a...
  • Flipping: Remodeling for Resale
    With a glut of distressed properties on the market now, people are eager to make deals. But there’s little room for e...
  • Flood Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy
    This is advertising content created in partnership with Clearsurance. Flood warnings remind me of when my Massachuset...
  • Gen 'Why' Ponders Homeownership
    Though they&#39;ve seen their parents lose equity, today&#39;s 20-somethings have home-buying on their minds. A just-released...
  • Getting a Loan
    Loaning money is at the heart of a bank&#39;s business. But to stay in business, the bank must do it carefully, lending i...
  • Hard Sell: 7 Pretty House Colors That Scare Buyers Away
    Getting ready to sell your house often involves a good deal of decluttering and sprucing up so that every room will look its best. But this presale prep shouldn't stop at the front door. The exterior of your house, including its color, is just as crucial as your interiors. "First impressions are important," says Colleen Badagliacco, regional vice president of the National Association of Realtors in San Jose, California. "From the moment buyers get out of their car, you want your home to look welcoming and inviting." So, when choosing exterior paint, it's best to stick with classic colors and light neutrals. While any of the shades pictured here might look wonderful in a certain region or in the context of a particular architectural style, if you're painting your house for sale, you should try to appeal to the broadest possible group of buyers. "Now is not the time to get creative," Badagliacco says. Here are 7 house colors that might do more harm than good when it's time to sell.
  • Has the Recovery Hit Your Block?
    The residential housing market is finally experiencing an upswing across most markets. Even relatively stable regions...
  • Heat Up Kitchen Resale Value
    Kitchens sell houses. That&#39;s still true. But if you are remodeling your kitchen with an eye towards recapturing your ...
  • Here's What Potential Home Buyers Need to Know About Radon
    Purchasing a new home can be as stressful as it is exciting. In addition to choosing a house that suits your budget a...
  • Here's What to Look for When Buying a House
    Shopping for a new home can be exciting, and it’s tempting to grab the first house you fall in love with. But exercis...
  • Here’s How Much House Flippers Actually Make
    The reality shows make it seem like a surefire way to rake in some dough, but is flipping a house truly a royal road to riches? Read on to find out what real people make on a flip.
  • Hire a Photographer If You Want to Sell Your House
    You don&#39;t think twice about commissioning professional photos of your children, right? Even if you don&#39;t have any imm...
  • Home Appraisal Basics
    You know what you paid for your home and how much the house next door costs. You know what you’ve put into renovation...
  • Home Buyers Seek Low Carrying Costs
    Price is the number one factor for home buyers, according to the annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers recently r...
  • Home Staging Can’t Hide These Problems
    The right staging almost works miracles—with an emphasis on “almost. ” But it won’t distract buyers from noticing maj...
  • House-Flipping Profits Reach an All-Time High During the Pandemic—Should You Get in the Game?
    Flipping houses always looks so cool on reality TV, and it’s no doubt that those shows, compressed into 60-minute seg...
  • How Many Times Do You Need to View a Home Before Making an Offer?
    Buying a home is a major decision and something you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s not a good idea to rush, because you...
  • How Much Do You Tip Movers?
    Q: My wife and I are moving to our first house next week and were told that the move would take a full day. Will the ...
  • How Much Does It Cost to Move?
    National Average: $1,250Moving. It just might be a universal word that can almost invoke a headache when it’s spoke...
  • How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?
    Typical Range: $279 to $399 National Average: $338You’ve found the home of your dreams, made an offer, and are rea...
  • How Much Does a Land Survey Cost?
    Hire a Land SurveyorView more Architects &amp;amp; Engineers cost guides or View all home projects  Typical Range: $346 ...
  • How Stuck Is Your Market? Two Key Metrics to Track
    All real estate is local, but it’s national real estate statistics that dominate headlines. If you wish to identify e...
  • How To: (Really) Win a Bidding War
    It&#39;s a realty agent&#39;s dream: bidding wars are back! At least, that&#39;s the hyperventilation du jour. From Boston to Los...
  • How To: Attract First-Time Home Buyers
    Millennials can’t seem to catch a break. Saddled with student loan debt and facing some tough employment challenges, ...
  • How To: Calculate the True Cost of Homeownership
    Homeownership is widely considered to be a bedrock of family financial stability, but as aftershocks continue to reve...
  • How To: Figure Out What Your House Is Worth
    If you&#39;re refinancing or selling your home and wish to find its estimated value, a handful of online tools can help y...
  • How To: Find Affordable Housing
    In most areas of the U. S. , housing costs are rising faster than wages. To meet the federal government’s definition ...
  • How To: Get Your Security Deposit Back
    Oh, wait. . . you WANTED your security deposit back?!Well, buckle your seat belt, responsible former tenant: You are ...
  • How To: Hold a Successful Yard Sale
    Even if you’ve had numerous yard sales in the past, here are a few pointers to make yours more successful. Start Earl...
  • How To: Sell Your Home This Winter
    Don't despair if your house is hitting the market this winter. Purchasing a home might not be at the top of everyone's list during this time of year, but there are still people out there on the hunt. Follow these tips for a successful house sale this winter.
  • How To: Sleuth an Open House
    Traditional real estate wisdom dictates that you should never buy the nicest house on the block. Calibrate potential ...
  • How To: Stage a Home
    Much like detailing a used car prior to sale, staging a home allows it to put on its best face. Not to be confused wi...
  • How to Avoid Overpaying for a House
    Make sure you pay a fair price for that property by following these simple rules to getting the best deal.
  • How to Choose the Best Moving Company for Your Needs—10 Crucial Considerations
    Save money and ensure the safety of your belongings by putting in the work to find a reputable moving company.
  • How to Find Property Lines
    Good fences may make good neighbors, but accidentally erecting one on a neighbor&#39;s property can lead to hard feelings...
  • How to Find a Real Estate Agent: 17 Tips for a Successful Transaction
    Whether you are buying or selling a home, it's a challenge to find the best real estate agent. Our tips will help you simplify the agent-selecting process.
  • How to Move to Another State
    With more and more workplaces deciding to save on overhead costs by shifting to remote work, the options of where you...
  • How to Save Money on Texas Homeowners Insurance
    This is advertising content created in partnership with Clearsurance. Homeowners insurance in Texas can be expensive,...
  • How to Save Money on Your Home Insurance (9 Top Tips)
    This is advertising content created in partnership with Clearsurance. Home insurance rates are based on a number of f...
  • How to Sell Your House When There's a Pandemic
    Use this vital info to find a buyer and manage all the house-selling processes as smoothly and safely as possible now.
  • How to Sell Your House in a Sluggish Market
    While it’s ideal to sell during a hot market, if you must sell your house during a slow period, tweak your marketing approach to get the best possible price.
  • How to Shop and Save Money on Georgia Home Insurance
    If you’re a homeowner, you know that you need home insurance to protect your house and belongings. Trying to find the...
  • How to Shop and Save Money on Home Insurance in California
    Homeowners insurance is essential, but it can be expensive. In California, there are a number of factors that lead to...
  • How to Shop and Save Money on Home Insurance in New York
    Homeowners in the state of New York know that rates can vary dramatically across the state. It may take some time to ...
  • How to Shop and Save Money on Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance
    Shopping for homeowners insurance can be a complicated process, but it&#39;s critical if you want the right coverage at t...
  • How to Shop and Save Money on New Jersey Homeowners Insurance
    Shopping for homeowners insurance can be daunting. Not only are there a lot of insurance providers out there, but you...
  • How to Shop and Save Money on North Carolina Home Insurance
    North Carolina is known for its beautiful beaches, the Outer Banks, and the Great Smoky Mountains, along with abundan...
  • How to Shop for Home Insurance in Florida: Find the Best and Cheapest Companies
    This is advertising content created in partnership with Clearsurance. Homeowners insurance is a necessary part of bei...
  • How to Shop for Home Insurance in Texas
    This is advertising content created in partnership with Clearsurance. Homeowners insurance is necessary, but it isn’t...
  • If You Can't Find the House You Want, Should You Just Build It?
    Looking for a new home? You’re not alone. Demand is high and inventory is low, which means we’re in a seller’s market...
  • Is Housing Really Back?
    Hyperventilation over the housing market recovery is reaching gale force. National news outlets are quoting some expe...
  • It's a Seller's Market, But is It a Bad Time to Sell Your Home?
    Even before the Covid era, the housing market had been competitive. But now, after spending 24 hours every day at hom...
  • Just Moved In? 11 Things to Do Right Away
    You just moved into a new home—congratulations! Now that the moving truck is unloaded, you probably have a million things to do before getting settled. Prioritize your list by focusing on these timely tasks first.
  • Kitchen & Bath Show: Day 1 Top Picks
    Today was opening day at the annual Kitchen &amp;amp; Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Chicago&#39;s McCormick Place. The show is...
  • Kitchen & Bath Show: Day 2 Top Picks
    Today was another day of discovery at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, and while I covered a lot of ground and saw...
  • Kitchen & Bath Show: Day 3 Top Picks
    Today, my last day at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago, continued to reveal more innovative products, de...
  • Kitchen Trends to Bank On
    Baked-in obsolescence is the last thing you want in your kitchen remodel. Classic  layouts, finishes, and styles are ...
  • Leap Over the Top 3 Market Obstacles
    Whether you are selling or buying a house, your plans are likely to be derailed by one of three factors that are trip...
  • Maximize Your Remodeling Dollar
    The average American is said to move every five to seven years. As that statistic suggests, you would be wise to thin...
  • Moving Out? Please Take Your Junk With You
    When buyers purchase a home from a seller, they expect to take possession of a relatively empty house. Maybe some ite...
  • Moving? 5 Ways to Minimize Surprise Costs
    In the weeks before you close on a new house, it&#39;s tempting to think you&#39;ve overcome the most challenging financial h...
  • Never Compromise on These 5 Things When Buying a Home
    If you’re currently in the market for a new home, you’re probably feeling the stress of being a buyer in a seller’s m...
  • No Vacation: Tax Rules Tighten on Getaway Homes
    Ah, a secluded, peaceful vacation home, far from the madding crowd. . . But not far enough to be away from the IRS. T...
  • One Warranty for Everything
    If your furnace dies on a blustery winter morning, you’ll need a few hundred dollars to get it fixed or, worse yet, a...
  • Pro Tips to Help You Close on Your Home Faster
    Buying a home is exciting, but it can also be a stressful, and at times drawn-out, process. In addition, in a hot mar...
  • Put an Appraiser on Your Remodeling Team
    Home values continue to vacillate in most markets, which means that it&#39;s difficult to estimate exactly how much equit...
  • Putting Your Home on the Market? Make These 10 Fixes First
    Want top dollar when selling your home? Better make these changes before the photographer—and home inspector—show up.
  • Quick Flip: Is Now the Moment to Buy, Improve, and Sell?
    All of a sudden there are not enough houses for sale to meet homebuyers&#39; rising level of demand.  Could you pull off ...
  • Quick Tip: Hire a Home Inspector Before You Buy
    Search for Hidden ProblemsNow, more than ever, buyer beware. Most sellers just aren’t motivated to do expensive repai...
  • Quick Tip: House Hunting
     If you&#39;re house hunting, here are some things to keep in mind on your walk-through. Check for structural integrity. ...
  • Quick Tip: Why Home Staging Pays
    Inviting Spaces SellStaging your home or creating a clean, well-presented space that draws positive attention can add...
  • Ready to Sell? 17 Things to Do First
    To increase your chances of a quick sale, there's a long list of tasks you should complete before you post a "For Sale" sign in your front yard. If you're getting ready to put your house on the market, check off these 17 to-dos to ensure that every potential buyer feels at home.
  • Real Estate Experts Say to Watch These 15 Markets in 2019
    Let’s call 2019 the Year of Transition. While experts hesitate to call it a buyer’s market, parts of the country are heading in that direction. We’ve crunched data from industry insiders, including Zillow,, and Trulia, to find out which cities offer the best deals for home buyers.
  • Real Estate Regret: 13 Simple Ways to Avoid It
    Buying a home is the single largest investment most people will ever make, but if you’re not familiar with the process and you don’t take steps to protect yourself, you could end up with a house you wish you hadn't purchased. Buyer’s remorse is a fact of life in the real estate industry, but with a little knowledge and planning, it can be reduced or completely eliminated. If you’re in the market for a new home, keep reading to learn a few shopping tips that will go a long way toward helping you buy a house you’ll love.
  • Rehabbing a Foreclosure? Spend This Much
    Quality home renovation got a shout-out from Wall St. recently with Morgan Stanley analyst Oliver Chang recommending ...
  • Relocating? 10 Factors to Consider as You Choose a New Place to Live
    It&#39;s not uncommon to fantasize about leaving the city for a country oasis or moving to a warmer climate. As remote wo...
  • Remodeling Heats Up
    Brace for a remodeling revival in 2013.  The Harvard Joint Center on Housing is predicting double-digit growth for ho...
  • Remodeling for Resale: 3 Tarnished Trends to Avoid
    At times it&#39;s necessary to walk a fine line when remodeling. On the one hand, you want to give your house distinct ap...
  • Rental Regret: What Real Homeowners Wish They'd Known Before Renting Out Their Properties
    There are plenty of good reasons to rent out your home rather than sell. Maybe you're upgrading to a bigger house and are counting on reliable rent from your existing one, or maybe you're taking on a job in a new city but aren't yet ready to commit to a permanent move. Whatever your reasons for renting out your house, be sure you understand the potential pitfalls—and how to avoid them—before you assume the role of landlord. Take a few lessons from these homeowners who rented out their houses and are eager to share what they learned along the way.
  • Scrapbooking for Fun and Profit
    Documenting your project makes for great before-and-after photos to impress friends. A scrapbook can also validate yo...
  • See Your House Through Appraisal Goggles
    Good news! Real estate prices are firming up, and sales are on an upswing. You may soon be able to cash in on your ho...
  • Selling This Fall? Court Millennials and Empty-Nesters
    If you&#39;re planning on putting your house on the market this fall, be aware that folks at different stages of life ent...
  • Selling Your Home? 7 Things to Know Right Off the Bat
    Are you getting ready to put your home on the market? If so, you probably want the sale to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Well then, get ready to put in some effort—and probably spend a bit of money. To help move the process along, keep the following considerations in mind as you prepare your home for sale. And don’t forget, the expertise of an experienced real estate agent can be invaluable.
  • Selling Your House? Help Your Neighbors Help You
    We&#39;ve all heard the real estate maxim, &quot;location, location, location,&quot; but not everyone fully appreciates how neighbo...
  • Selling to Seniors: How to Win Over Older Home Buyers
    In the past, retirees have fled south, eschewing the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest in favor of sunnier, more b...
  • Senior Moment: Boost Home Value by Enabling Independent Living
    Not much has been guaranteed in the housing industry in the past seven years, but there&#39;s one trend that is sure to r...
  • Should I Refinance My Home? 11 Mistakes to Avoid
    You can save some money if you refinance your home, but whether refinancing is the right course for you depends on fa...
  • Should Your First Home Be a Fixer-Upper?
    Mark Brock is a fan of fixer-uppers. He bought his first in the midseventies, a circa-1935 house in Columbia, SC, tha...
  • So You've Just Purchased Your First Home: Here Are the Essentials You Need to Buy Now
    Buying a first home can be a daunting experience, navigating the intricacies of down payments, mortgages, title searches, and closing costs. Here are a few must-haves that can help you better enjoy and maintain that new home.
  • Solved! How Long It Takes to Buy a House, Start to Finish
    Q: I’ve been renting for seven years, saving money for a down payment, and am finally ready to buy a house of my own....
  • Solved! What are Closing Costs?
    Q: I’m renting and thinking about buying a home since I would be paying the same amount—if not less—than I’m paying n...
  • Solved! What is an Easement?
    Q: My partner and I purchased a house and recently moved in. The place is great, but one neighbor uses our driveway t...
  • Solved! Where to Buy a Tiny House
    Q: I’ve been researching the tiny house movement and I think I’d like to take the plunge into serious downsizing. Wha...
  • Study Finds Two-Thirds of Millennials Regret Buying Their Homes
    Buying your first home is a rite of passage into adulthood. Yet, in a competitive real estate market, it’s common for...
  • Suddenly, a Seller’s Market?
    That choking sound you hear is the echo of real estate deals not getting done, because suddenly, buyers can’t find ho...
  • Tax Tips for Home Sellers
    Selling a house can yield some unexpected tax benefits. Few of us buy or sell often enough to stay abreast of the lat...
  • Taylor Swift Sells Her Cape Cod Abode
    What do Bob Vila and Taylor Swift have in common, you ask? Apparently, a love for Cape Cod-style architecture! Taylor...
  • The 10 Best Lake Towns in the U.S.
    Lap up the lake views in these gorgeous towns.
  • The 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a House Sight Unseen
    Putting in an offer on a home without seeing it in person has become more common than ever. Given the magnitude of this purchase, it’s important to avoid these potential pitfalls.
  • The 12 Biggest Downsides to Buying New Construction
    Many prospective homeowners dream of buying a brand-new house, or having one built to their specifications. But a number of disadvantages come along with the excitement of owning a home in which no one else has ever lived. In fact, a brand-new house isn’t always better than one with a few more miles on it. Before you start interviewing contractors and looking at lots in new subdivisions, consider these downsides to buying new construction.
  • The 35 Fastest Growing Cities in America
    While there’s a lot to be said for the slow pace and relaxed lifestyle of a small town, it’s undeniable that an ever-growing percentage of the U.S. population craves the job opportunities, hustle and bustle, and entertainment options of the big cities. And while New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are unlikely to lose their positions as the biggest U.S. cities by population, there are plenty of other towns moving up the ladder. Here are 35 cities that are among the fastest growing in the country.
  • The 7 Most Annoying Things About Buying a Home
    Buying a home is a major milestone. By the time someone puts in an offer on that dream home, there have already been months of careful budgeting, scouring listings, and attending open houses. Soon after making that bid, however, buyers learn that real estate transactions rarely go down without a hitch. Here are the 7 most annoying things about buying a home, with tips for making the process less of a burden.
  • The 9 Best House-Hunting Apps All Buyers and Sellers Should Know
    Streamline your search and find a home that checks all the boxes on your house-hunting checklist with one of these real estate apps.
  • The Best (and Worst) Things You Can Do Before an Open House
    Selling a home can be an emotional process, but in order to get the place ready for sale, you’ll need to set your emotions aside. With a ruthlessly objective eye, identify your house’s strengths and weaknesses. Next, prep your house for showings in way that plays up the pros while downplaying the cons. To help you put your home’s best face forward, check out these do’s and don’ts for home staging.
  • The Best Cities in America for Flipping Houses in 2019
    Flipping houses can be a profitable endeavor if you’re in the right spot at the right time—and finding the right spot is becoming increasingly important. In the past few years, home values have risen quickly, but economic indicators suggest that the trend is slowing. Mortgage underwriter Freddie Mac predicts only modest growth in the housing market for 2019, and foresees a “tougher road ahead” for both buyers and sellers. In a tight market, flippers should look for cities with robust economies, stable real estate markets, and growing populations—cities like the 15 listed here that promise to be among the best for flipping houses in 2019.
  • The Best Property Management Companies of 2021
    Many people are becoming interested in real estate these days, and you may be one of them. You may own numerous homes...
  • The Best Rental Listing Sites of 2021
    Vacant properties don’t generate money, so it’s critical for landlords or property managers to market and fill vacanc...
  • The Best Things You Can Do for the Value of Your Home
    <p>Your home isn't just a house—it's where you unwind, work, play, and spend time with those you love. So, every remodel or renovation you tackle should take into account how you live in and use your space. There is, however, another side to home renovation—and one you might not think much about until it's time to pack up and move: resale value. If you're trying to decide between competing ideas like, say, adding a new deck or renovating the attic, one factor you should consider is which improvement the future buyer of your home would pay the most for.</p><br/> <p>The home renovation ideas that add the most value to your house can be separated into three categories: basic repairs and maintenance, improvements in curb appeal, and value-added space and functionality. For instance, if your roof leaks, fixing or replacing it is paramount to the value of your home. Planting a shade tree in the right place will boost both your curb appeal and the energy efficiency of your home in years down the road. Adding wainscoting or replacing your stock trim with something custom may look great and appeal to a designer. But finishing your basement or adding an attic bedroom will bring you a bigger return on your investment when it comes time to sell.</p><br/> <p>Read on to get an idea of which home renovation projects will give you the most bang for your buck.</p>
  • The Case for Flood Insurance
    Nothing underlines the importance of flood insurance like a Major Weather Event. The damage inflicted by Sandy—the hu...
  • The Cheapest Ways to Boost Your Home's Value
    Let's face it: For homeowners in most cities, the real estate boom is far, far behind us. Most folks need to squeeze every last penny out of their investment when it comes time to sell. While remodeling the kitchen or gutting the bathroom may indeed increase your home's value, these renovations are expensive and may not yield the best return for the money. And in fact, some so-called improvements, such as swimming pools or hot tubs, can actually detract from your home’s value! However, there are some easy and inexpensive ways to help improve your home’s resale value—as well as decrease the time it takes to attract a buyer.
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Buying Land
    If you hope to build your dream house or even a getaway cabin, you’ve probably been thinking about finding the perfec...
  • The Easiest Way to Get More Money for Your Home
    This article has been brought to you by Clopay. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Hoping to sell your...
  • The Essential Insurance Checklist for Millennials
    This is advertising content created in partnership with Clearsurance. Whether you are a millennial born in the early ...
  • The Most Expensive Mistakes a Home Buyer Can Make
    Buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases most people make—the last thing you want to do is spend even more money than necessary. Find out the most expensive mistakes a home buyer can make during this complicated sale.
  • The New Homeowner's Survival Guide
    So you’ve bought your first house—congratulations! You’ve searched for and found a place that you love. You&#39;ve secure...
  • The Parts of Your Property You Can (and Can't) Rent to Tenants
    Skyrocketing rent has forced some tenants out of the traditional rental market, sending them in search of less expens...
  • The Pros and Cons of Buying a Condo
    Condos are great introductions to homeownership. A condo is usually larger than an apartment, and it comes with many ...
  • The Pros and Cons of Selling a Furnished Home
    Everyone wants their house to sell fast and for top dollar, but figuring out the best way to make that happen can be ...
  • The Pros and Cons of Split Level Homes
    Split level homes, with their three staggered floors, began appearing in American suburbs in the 1950s and reached pe...
  • The Right 5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Selling Agent
    Groomed and energetic, the real estate agent seated on your sofa seems like a perfect fit for the job of helping you ...
  • The Top 10 Costly Mistakes Home Buyers Make
    Homeownership is on the rise again. With mortgage applications surging and homeownership experiencing its first uptick since 2013, now seems like a good time to buy. But purchasing a house is a complicated process that's affected by emotions as well as finances—especially if you’ve never done it before. So, if you’re planning to take the plunge, check out these common missteps first-time buyers often make. Learn to recognize and avoid them to keep your dream of homeownership from turning into a nightmare.
  • The Top 10 U.S. Towns People are Moving to in 2020—and the Big Cities They’re Coming From
    If you aren’t tied to a city because of work, why not move wherever you want? That’s a common sentiment among people moving to smaller metro areas in 2020, where they’re finding more space, a better view, and more bang for their buck.
  • These 11 Repairs Aren't Worth Your Time or Money
    There are a lot of decisions to make when you put your home on the market, and one of the biggest is your asking price. While you can’t change the number one factor in your home’s value—its location—you do have control over almost everything else that might encourage a buyer to make a good offer. But many sellers mistakenly believe that to get top dollar, they have to invest a bundle in repairs and upgrades. Unless you're planning on selling your home as a fixer-upper, some repairs are must-dos—for instance, plumbing leaks, electrical system issues, nonfunctioning central air conditioning or heating, structural problems, and pest infestations. Other fixes and renovations, though, simply aren’t worth the time and expense, particularly if you live in a hot real estate market. So, before you embark on extensive improvements, rest assured that your home will still be competitive if you skip the following repairs and renovations.
  • These 15 States Have the Highest Property Taxes in the U.S.A.
    The average American homeowner spends $2,471 on property taxes every year, but some states' residents have significantly higher tax bills than others. How does your state measure up?
  • These 8 Contingencies Can Ruin a Real Estate Deal
    Real estate contracts are binding once both parties sign on the dotted line. But when contingencies are written into the contracts, one or both of the parties can walk away, scuttling the deal.
  • These 9 Websites Make Buying or Selling Your Home Easier
    Whether you’re selling a property or looking to buy, real estate transactions often seem daunting. At the very least, they require spending countless hours researching market trends, browsing listings, searching for a reputable real estate professional, and calculating potential mortgages. Fortunately, today’s technology makes these tasks a little less intimidating. Here are 9 of the best online real estate databases, all of which can help you buy or sell a home with ease.
  • These Are the Design Trends Realtors Recommend Skipping
    While you can’t do much to change the major determinant of your home’s value–its location–your decorating and remodeling choices can certainly affect its value, for both better and worse. Common wisdom says that you should make design decisions to suit your and your family's style and needs, but it's also true that a feature, color, or amenity that you absolutely love could be a deal breaker to a potential buyer—and that could be a real problem when it comes time to sell your home. Real estate agents see a lot of homes and speak with a lot of home buyers, so they have a good idea of the design trends that help sell a home, and those that don't. If you expect to put your home on the market within the next few years and want to get a good price, take some advice from real estate professionals and skip the following 15 interior design trends.
  • These Are the Markets Where Home Prices Have Fallen the Most
    After the housing crisis of 2008, lenders tightened their mortgage requirements and potential home buyers, worried about the security of their investment, became choosier about the communities they considered. Today, although the housing market is still hot in many areas, in others it’s stagnant or even declining. GOBankingRates studied home sale trends and housing values in more than 500 communities to determine which markets have seen the greatest decline in prices and home value. Click through to discover the 10 markets where home prices have fallen the most.
  • These Impressive Before-and-After Photos Will Make You Want to Buy a Fixer-Upper
    Seeking inspiration for your next reno project? Spark your creativity with this collection of dramatic photos and useful tips from experienced homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.
  • These are the Best States for Life After Retirement
    If you’re of a certain age and leaning toward relocation, consider these states where retirees enjoy reasonable cost of living, low crime rate, and higher life expectancy among other plusses.
  • Things I Never Knew Before Becoming a Realtor
    Home buyers and home sellers often comment that real estate agents are overpaid, believing that they do little more than show potential buyers through houses, help them write contracts, and then collect large commission checks at closing. Many of today’s Realtors (members of the National Association of Realtors) had their own misconceptions before they started working in the field. Click through to learn a few realities about the real estate business that caught these Realtors by surprise.
  • Thinking About Buying a Duplex? Consider Both Sides
    Purchasing a duplex—also known as a two-family house—or a multi-family property can be a smart money-making move as a...
  • This Home-Buying Strategy Increases Your Chances of Winning a Bidding War in Today’s Hot Market
    Buying a home can be a lengthy and stressful process. First, you have to find a dream home that ticks all the boxes. ...
  • This Is the Average Home Size in Every State
    If you're wondering how big the houses in your state are compared with houses in the other 49, this quick look will let you size up your neighbors.
  • This is How the Pandemic has Changed What Renters Really Want
    The events of the past year or so have shifted our priorities and livelihoods tremendously, including how we use our ...
  • This is What No One Tells You About Downsizing
    When it comes to downsizing your home, less can be more. Less debt, less maintenance, and less to clean translates into more cash flow and more free time. If you're planning to downsize, whether now or in the future, there are a few things you should know.
  • Today's Rents for Yesterday's Houses
    Renting is suddenly cool: these days, renting is about lifestyle and flexibility, says Jane Hodges, author of the new...
  • Top Terms to Employ in Your Listing for a Faster Sale
    Talk isn&#39;t cheap, not when it comes to picking the right words to describe the house you are selling. Paul Anglin, an...
  • Two Regulatory Trends That Could Trim Your Cash Flow
    That sacred cow, the home mortgage deduction, is likely headed for the slaughterhouse. As Congress explores ways to r...
  • Video: 8 Renovations That Pay You Back
    Which projects are on your home improvement wish list? A modern kitchen? Maybe bathroom update or a basement remodel?...
  • Walkable Locations Step Up Value
    Common sense dictates that homes in walkable neighborhoods, with easy access to public transit, would pull higher val...
  • Wannabe Homeowners, Listen Up! Find Out Why 2021 Might Be the Best Year to Buy Your First House
    COVID-19 disrupted not only lives, but also lifestyles. A Pew Research report reveals that for the first time since t...
  • Want to Build Wealth? Pick the Right Mortgage
    Owning a home is the best way to build family wealth—that&#39;s been the prevailing wisdom, at least, for the last severa...
  • Watch Out for 12 Real Estate Tactics Designed to Make You Spend More
    Buying a house is the single largest purchase most people will ever make, and while the process is exciting, it’s also complex. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending more than you wanted to, or buying a house you really can’t afford. Remember: Real estate agents are great at guiding buyers through the buying process, but they want to earn a commission as well. Be on the lookout for the following tactics some agents may use to get you to spend more—so they earn more.
  • What "By Owner" Services Won't Tell You
    For the DIY-minded, it makes perfect sense. If you&#39;ve fixed up the house on your own, why shouldn&#39;t you sell it on yo...
  • What Are iBuyers, and Can They Really Drive Up Real Estate Prices?
    If you keep up with current affairs, you probably caught wind of the uproar over a viral TikTok video in which a real...
  • What Fixes Are Mandatory After a Home Inspection?
    Q: We’re selling our house, and we just had the inspection. The inspector found some mold in the basement, and we’re ...
  • What Is ROI? Return On Investment, Explained
    Q: We’re looking to renovate some rooms in our house, but we can’t agree on where to start. A friend recommended an R...
  • What Is a Barndominium? 10 Examples of This Spacious House Style
    Barndominiums blend the airiness of a loft with a rural setting—and they may just be the next big home trend.
  • What No One Tells You About Buying an Older Home
    If you dream of owning a home that looks like it was taken straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, you’re not alone. Older homes appeal to a wide range of buyers in search of the charm and nostalgia of a bygone era, a time when staircases, fireplace mantels, and decorative trim were crafted by hand. Yet while old houses come with an abundance of character, they can also harbor a few surprises. If you’re in the market for an older home, click through to discover the potential pitfalls no one is likely to warn you about during the buying process.
  • What is a Cesspool, and Should I Buy a House That has One?
    Q: My wife and I are looking at homes, and have come across a few in our area that have cesspools instead of municipa...
  • What to Consider Before You Buy a Foreclosed Home
    Jean Nayar is a licensed real estate agent with Bond New York and the author of several books on decorating and desig...
  • What to Know About Paying Off Your Mortgage Early
    You’ve probably heard that no debt is good debt, and if you have the ability to pay off your home mortgage (perhaps you lucked into an inheritance), your first thought might be to get rid of those monthly mortgage payments once and for all. While that could very well be the best possible solution, it’s not the only solution, and it might even be the wrong solution—financially speaking. Before you cut that large check to your lender, learn some of the ins and outs of paying off a mortgage early.
  • What’s My House Worth?
    Housing used to be a fairly safe investment — you put your money in and, in a few years when it was time to sell, you...
  • What’s Up with Down Payments?
    For the past several years, 20% has been the minimum down payment for standard loans, but as the market recovers and ...
  • When Buying a Home, Don’t Spend Extra for These Features
    Buying a house is an emotional experience. Even though buyers know they should focus on what they actually need—perha...
  • When to Back Out of a Real Estate Deal
    Sometimes a real estate deal is simply too good to be true, while at other times a change in circumstances may cause you to have second thoughts. Here are some of the signs that it may be time to walk away from a home purchase.
  • Who Pays for Repairs After a Home Inspection?
    Q: My husband and I made an offer on the house of our dreams a few weeks ago, but now a home inspection has determine...
  • Why Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent Really Matters
    A real estate agent who communicates well and whose values align with yours can go a long way toward making your home buying experience a pleasure.
  • Why Is The Home Depot So Crowded?
    If you&#39;re tackling a home improvement project this spring, you&#39;re not the only one reinvesting sweat equity in your h...
  • Why Spring 2022 Will Be a Great Time to Put Your Home on the Market
    Spring is the traditional time to list a house, but the pandemic and resulting home-value surge have made the market ...
  • Will 2013 Values Support Improvements?
    2013 is likely to see home values stabilizing—but not because of sale prices. A strengthening labor market is the ris...
  • Words to Sell By: Perfect the Language in Your Listing
    You&#39;re proud of your work. But the ultimate validation comes from househunters and real estate agents. In today&#39;s unf...
  • Worth It: 8 Renovations That Pay You Back
    Conventional wisdom holds that upgrades and improvements will enhance a home’s value. But some improvements are better—and more cost-effective—investments than others. Contrary to what you might imagine, some of the most worthwhile projects also are the most economical. Start charting your home improvement course now by considering some of the projects with the biggest payoffs.
  • Would You Buy a 3D-Printed House? Take a Peek Inside the First of Its Kind to Hit the Real Estate Market
    Three-dimensional printing isn&#39;t just for little things—SQ4D, pronounced &quot;S-squared,&quot; a New York construction company...
  • Would You Live in a Tiny House Village?
    When is a trailer park not a trailer park? When it’s being designed and developed by nationally recognized small-spac...
  • Writing a Real Estate "Love Letter"? Here's What to Say (and What Not to Say)
    When home buyers compete to buy a house in a hot market, they’ll try all sorts of techniques to stand out above other...

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Doors & Windows Articles, Blog Posts and Slideshows

  • 1 Simple Upgrade for a (Much) Quieter Home
    This content is paid advertising created in partnership with Indow.  Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com...
  • 1 Small Upgrade Will Lower Your Winter Heating Costs
    Winter is a busy and expensive season for homeowners. In addition to shopping for and celebrating the holidays, folks...
  • 10 Fall Door DIYs for the Best House on the Block
    In fall we celebrate the beauty and bounty of nature. This is a time of harvesting and hosting, of rejoicing in the changing season. This autumn, before your visitors arrive—whether they be trick-or-treaters or holiday guests—be sure to make a festive first impression, beginning with what greets them first: the front door. Warm up your welcome with a door that reflects the the bright, earthy hues of the season, like maple leaf red, pumpkin orange, and corn yellow. Let these 10 crafty entranceways inspire you to hang a cheerful wreath of your own this weekend.
  • 10 New Uses for Old Doors
    With imagination and elbow grease, you can transform that old door into a one-of-a-kind piece that's both useful and beautiful.
  • 10 New Ways to Display Your House Numbers
    Sure, house numbers make it easier for mail carriers to find the right address, or for guests to know they've reached their destination, but house numbers do so much more! When thoughtfully selected, they give the exterior of your house a certain flair, setting your home apart from the rest. It's easier than ever to give your house numbers that personal touch, thanks to the <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Distinctions™ line of house numbers</a> from The Hillman Group, which makes installation practically a snap. Guided by a template printed on the back of the packaging and the easy-to-follow instructions for mounting to an address plaque, home exterior, or other surface outdoors with easy drilling and the included studs, you can spend less time putting them up and <i>more</i> time and energy brainstorming fresh ways to display them outside your house. The abundance of options for weatherproof finishes, fonts, colors, and mounting styles (traditional flush mount or more modern floating) means that homeowners can assemble a set of these freestanding house numbers in the way that best complements the style of their house. Find inspiration for your own address plaque in these 10 wow-worthy designs, and then put Distinctions™ house numbers to work beautifying your home. <br/> <br/> <i>This content has been brought to you by <a title="" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Hillman Group</a>. Its facts and opinions are those of</i>
  • 10 Welcoming Front Door Paint Colors
    Whether you're trying to sell a home or just make one look uniquely yours, an attractive exterior can seriously boost curb appeal. While the overall color of a house may need to be neutral to fit in with the neighborhood, the front door is a focal point that’s prime for self-expression. Here are 11 great front door paint colors, from classic to courageous, sure to give a house more street cred.
  • 13 DIY Summer Wreath Ideas to Spruce Up Your Front Door
    Craft your own seasonal wreath to boost curb appeal and bring happiness to all who enter.
  • 13 DIY Window Treatments to Dress Up Your Space
    Just as clothes make the man, the right dressings can make all the difference for your windows too. Whether your window overlooks a dramatic vista or merely your own backyard, the view will seem just a little bit sunnier framed by a beautifully designed window treatment. DIY window treatments run the gamut from fun to sophisticated, and you can find a style to suit any decor and budget. Don't worry if you aren't handy with a needle and thread—there are plenty of no-sew options. Depending on the size and location of your windows, some styles will work better than others, so click through our gallery to find the best idea for your own home.
  • 14 Eye-Catching Options for Your Front Door
    With all the emphasis on paint color and siding, a front door could easily get lost in the shuffle of exterior updates. But as the first and last part of your house a visitor sees, it’s the perfect place to make a design statement. Replacing an old or dated looking front door is actually one of the most popular curb appeal ideas, making the choice of your a front door for a new home hugely important. It's more than a decorative feature—it's an important investment. Both the security and style your front door provides impact your home’s worth. So, there are several practical matters to consider when selecting a new front door: namely material, cost, and style. Style-wise, your front door should fit in architecturally with the rest of your home, but don't let that hold you back and miss the opportunity to express your personality. A six-panel door is very traditional, while an arched door with stained glass has more whimsy and a single French door adds elegance (not to mention a great source of natural light). Even a nontraditional steel door has gained popularity in modern architecture, boasting in strength and affordability; the metal, however, does conduct temperature, so it’s always not the most efficient option in extreme climates. A solid wood front door will always endure as a classic, despite being a bit pricier and requiring a bit more TLC and repair as necessary due to its sensitivity to moisture and sun. Fiberglass doors hold a middle ground as both affordable and durable—not to mention available in many styles, including those that mimic wood. Finally, no matter the material underneath, color is key to evoking the exact emotions you want from guests who enter your home. Whether you're looking for the vibrancy of red or the cheeriness of yellow, let whatever color you choose be an expression of you. Not sure where to get started? Click through these great front door ideas we've scouted from around the web.
  • 3 Clear Reasons to Add a Bay Window
    When bay windows first rose to prominence in America, back during the Victorian era, they were relatively common but ...
  • 3 Fixes for Dusty Blinds
    Blinds often go ignored during our day-to-day cleaning routines. But when we don&#39;t give them proper care or cleaning,...
  • 3 Fixes for a Stuck Key
    It’s been one of those days. You caught every red light on your way home from work, your laundry wasn’t ready at the ...
  • 3 Hidden Benefits of New Windows
    Technology has redefined virtually every aspect of contemporary life, and home construction and remodeling are no exc...
  • 3 Reasons Why a Sealant Is the Key to Winter-Proofing This Year
    Along with colorful falling leaves, tailgate parties, and family gatherings, autumn’s crisp air brings a reminder of ...
  • 3 Reasons to Love Sliding Glass Doors
    With each passing year, it seems like homeowners spend more and more time outside on the deck, porch, or patio, enter...
  • 3 Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Entry Door in a Weekend
    Inspired by the budding greenery and aided by the warmer temperatures, homeowners inevitably get the urge to spruce t...
  • 3 Things to Look For in Replacement Windows
    Of all the components that go into residential construction, windows stand out as one of the few that heavily influen...
  • 3 Ways to Improve Sliding Door Security
    If you have a glass sliding door in your home, you no doubt appreciate how it creates a nearly seamless visual connec...
  • 4 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Fiberglass Doors
    While a front door&#39;s primary job is to provide security and protection from the elements, a great entry is one that b...
  • 5 Reasons It's Time to Address Your Old Windows
    Do you live in an older house with inefficient—but charming—wood windows? With this new kit, you can have your windows modernized without having to lose an ounce of their vintage appeal. Intrigued? Read on! <em>This content is paid advertising created in partnership with Window SLIP. Its facts and opinions are those of</em>
  • 5 Reasons Not to Buy Replacement Windows (...and Go with Window Inserts Instead)
    A homeowner&#39;s to-do list can seem endless, especially come spring. Paint the exterior. Mow the lawn (again and again ...
  • 5 Reasons to Replace Windows in the Summer
    When summer arrives, remodeling and home improvement projects really pick up speed. The warmer temperatures and longe...
  • 5 Reasons to Replace Your Window Treatments ASAP
    Everyone loves summer for its long, relaxing days and the prospect of endless fun. But if you’re torn between lazing ...
  • 5 Smart Tips for Soundproofing Windows
    Whether it’s highway traffic, loud neighbors, or birds chirping, if you don’t have sound proof windows, some noise fr...
  • 5 Things to Know Before Installing Storm Windows
    If your windows let in anything other than a view, you may be thinking it&#39;s time for replacement windows. But not so ...
  • 5 Things to Know Before Installing a Pet Door
    If you worry about your pet not being able to get outside to potty or exercise while you’re gone, or if you’re just w...
  • 6 Things to Know About Window Flashing
    During the construction, a builder will take many precautions to protect a house from water damage, and one of the mo...
  • 7 Myths About Skylights Debunked
    There are plenty of horror stories out there. You may have heard one or two, if not from friends and family members, then perhaps from a stranger you met at the hardware store. Though homeowners have been adding skylights to their homes for nearly 50 years now, many are still wary of their performance and potential benefits. It’s undoubtedly true that the earliest skylights suffered from design flaws and poor installation. But over the course of decades, like so many other technologies, skylights have advanced by leaps and bounds. In fact, some of today’s options barely resemble the roof windows of yesterday. Take, for instance, the daylighting systems offered by industry innovator Solatube International, Inc. Combining the best of modern materials with leading-edge product engineering, Solatube offers a suite of daylighting options that challenge virtually every preconceived notion you might have about skylights and their role in the home. Click through now to find out just how much things have changed—for the better.
  • 7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Skylight Installation
    Need a little extra light in your life? Consider installing a skylight above an interior room that’s low on natural l...
  • 7 Things to Know Before Replacing Door Locks
    Your home is only as secure as the locks on its doors. Over time, or as a result of security situations, you may feel...
  • 7 Things to Know Before Tinting Home Windows
    At war with home windows that are energy-inefficient, weak, or dated? Tinting home windows from the inside with an af...
  • 7 Tips for Measuring for Replacement Windows
    Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient ones is a great way to weatherproof your home and boost its resale va...
  • 7 Ways to Bring the Outdoors In
    It’s instinctual, really: During the winter, people naturally prefer to hunker down indoors, protected from the frigid temperatures and severe storms that are signatures of the season. When spring finally arrives, however, everything changes, and we head back outdoors to enjoy the fair weather as much as possible. In short, we typically think and behave as if indoor and outdoor spaces must be markedly distinct and separate. But it doesn’t have to be that way—at least not any more. Homeowners today can choose from many styles of windows and doors designed to erase the line between the interior of the home and the great outdoors. Some of these windows are familiar, timeless favorites, while others are brand-new, made possible only by the latest advances in design and manufacturing. All offer compelling advantages for those who crave more natural light, a heightened sense of space, and a feeling of oneness with nature no matter the time of year. Carefully engineered for ease of operation and energy efficiency, options from category leader JELD-WEN promise to redefine your experience of home. Click through now to see a sampling of boundary-blurring JELD-WEN products in action.<br> <br> <em>This content has been brought to you by JELD-WEN. Its facts and opinions are those of</em>
  • A Contractor's Tips for Open-and-Shut Door Installation
    Real estate agents call it curb appeal. It&#39;s how a house looks to visitors as they arrive by car. Curb appeal was, is...
  • A Contractor's Tips for a Long-Lasting Front Door
    If there were one rule in home exterior maintenance, it might be this: Don&#39;t skip the door. With their frequent daily...
  • A Simple Latch, a Happy Cat, and a Dog-Free Basement
    Does this scenario sound familiar? We needed to keep our two 50-pound dogs away from the cat’s litter box on the base...
  • All You Need to Know About Doorway Casing
    The trim around a door frame—also known as doorway casing—is installed first and foremost to conceal unsightly constr...
  • All You Need to Know About Dormer Windows
    Located on the sloped side of a roof, a dormer window brings natural light into an attic, loft, or any room with a va...
  • All You Need to Know About Dutch Doors
    Dutch doors—horizontally double-opening charmers—evoke endearing visions of quaint country cottages, thatched roofs, ...
  • All You Need to Know About Transom Windows
    Few architectural structures and details survive centuries of passing trends and technological advances in the way th...
  • Are Your Windows Drafty? Try These 12 Solutions for Every Budget
    This winter, stop cold air from seeping into your home and driving up your heating bill. These fixes—some of which are under $10!—will help keep you warm.
  • Art Glass for Beauty and Privacy
    Glass is more than functional—it is architectural. It gives the illusion of more space, increases natural lighting, a...
  • Beyond the Farm: 10 New Ideas for Barn Doors
    From trendy bathrooms to hidden home offices, these barn door ideas provide an ultra-stylish solution for cramped spaces.
  • Beyond the Farm: Using Barn Doors at Home
    Barn doors are notable for their distinctive use of space. Rather than hang on vertical hinges and swing open, they g...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Are You Making a Big Mistake with Your Storm Windows?
    This winter, before you shut your storm windows, make sure that at the bottom of each one, the weep hole is clear.  A...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Awnings
    If you’re looking for a little more shade this summer, maybe an awning is the way to go. Let’s review the basics and ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Bay and Bow Windows
    If you’re looking to bring more light and air into a room, consider a bay or bow window. Both are angled to project o...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Casement Windows
    The most common window in American homes is the double-hung, with upper and lower sashes that slide up and down. But ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Conquering Window Condensation
    You may notice condensation on the inside of your windows and figure it&#39;s nothing worry to about. Believe it or not, ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Cool Windows
    There are lots of ways to shade your windows from the sun, and if they seem a little old-fashioned, it’s because they...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Fast Fixes for Sticky Double-Hung Windows
    Sure, you love your old wooden double-hung windows. But sometimes—after raising and lowering them—do you feel like yo...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Fixing a Broken Window Pane
    Has a pint-sized baseball player in your neighborhood recently hit a home run through your bedroom window? Here are s...
  • Bob Vila Radio: For Brighter Interiors, Clean Your Storm Windows
    These days, a lot of folks are feeling the chill in the air and are beginning to button up their homes for the winter...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Impact-Resistant Windows
    While shutters are the traditional line of defense against storms, break-ins, and the hot sun, unfortunately you have...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Interior Doors
    Interior doors have important jobs. They provide sound insulation, privacy and character to your home. Listen to BOB ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Interior Lockset
    Replacing an interior lockset is a pretty simple job. If you’re thinking about upgrading your doors with new doorknob...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Locksets
    Whether you choose a handle set, lever, or knob for your entry door, you also need a deadbolt for greatest security. ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Pet Doors
    Today’s pet doors are a far cry from the heat-stealing, wildlife-welcoming, burglary risks of yesteryear. If your yar...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Pivot Doors
    With the season of outdoor living upon us, homeowners may be looking for new solutions to patio or backyard access. T...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Pocket Doors
    It takes about nine square feet of floor space to swing open a typical 3-foot-wide door. That’s a big chunk of real e...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Quick Fixes for Drafty Windows
    Here’s a cold-weather tidbit: Did you know that in many old homes, as much as a quarter of the heat generated by the ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Redoing the Front Door
    Your front door is the face your home presents to the world. It sets your house’s style and tone. So if your entry is...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Replace a Worn-Out Window Screen
    Replacing a screen on a wooden window frame? It&#39;s a straightforward job. To get it done right, and with a minimum of ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Restoring Old Windows
    If your home has old-style double-hung windows with heavy sash weights on pulleys, you probably know that they’re not...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Screen Repair Made Simple
    Ever notice how pesky bugs manage to find their way through even the tiniest holes in your screens?Listen to BOB VILA...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Shush Your Slamming Doors
    Is a slamming door driving you nuts? Have you had noise complaints from neighbors? Here are a few simple and inexpens...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Storm Doors
    Storm doors are the unsung heroes of our entryways. They protect our exterior doors from the weather and add a layer ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: The Clear Benefits of Insulated Windows
    In an insulated window, the panes are comprised of multiple layers, each separated by an inert gas. Not only do they ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: The Evolution of Energy Efficient Windows
    For decades, window manufacturers have been coming up with incredible new ways to make glazing more like a wall—that ...
  • Bob Vila Radio: The Key to Choosing a New Front Door
    When shopping for a new front door, you&#39;ll want to keep a few things in mind. First, your choice should complement th...
  • Bob Vila Radio: This Winter, Remove Your Screen Door to Enjoy More Light
    Maybe your cat has been using your sliding screen door for climbing practice. Or maybe, as we approach winter, you&#39;re...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Transform Your Home with Transom Windows
    Transom windows rest on the horizontal support beam above a window- or doorframe, enhancing natural light while addin...
  • Bob Vila Radio: Window Drafts
    If your house has drafty windows, your heating and cooling systems may be working harder than they need to. Taking a ...
  • Building a Smarter, More Efficient Window
    Homeowners love windows — the light they bring, the views they frame, the feel they give to homes. Energy experts hat...
  • Buyer's Guide: Replacement Windows
    It&#39;s difficult to overstate the importance of windows in home design, not least because they have an impact on both t...
  • Buyer’s Guide: Find the Best Storm Doors (That Perfectly Suit Your Home)
    When the sweltering heat of summer gives way to the golden glow of autumn, it’s time to open the doors and welcome na...
  • Choosing Custom Windows
    There is more to replacing windows than choosing the glass and the frame. Existing openings may need to be changed to...
  • Discover How This Innovative Skylight Even Shines at Night
    It doesn&#39;t take 20/20 vision to see the vast difference between artificial light and bright, beautiful, mood-lifting ...
  • Door Knobs of Distinction: 21 Stunning Styles for Your Home's Doors
    A door knob might not be the first thing visitors notice about a house, but it is often the first thing they touch. Make sure yours is memorable.
  • Enhance Your Entryway with Storm Doors
    Interested in adding another layer of insulation and security to your home? Look no further than the storm door, an o...
  • Entryway Blues? 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Front Door
    Ostensibly, a home’s front door is there for one reason and one reason only: to let people come and go while keeping ...
  • French Doors Everywhere
    French doors have been around for centuries. Since the 17th century to be exact. The beauty of their design was certa...
  • Genius! A Sunnier Alternative to Window Blinds
    In old homes, it’s the details that draw us in. While the intricate trim and sculpted ceiling medallions certainly cr...
  • Genius! This Door DIY Doubles as an Indoor Gate
    Homeowners with furry friends know that you only have to take your eye off the pets for a minute before they wander o...
  • Green Homes—Windows
    Today’s advanced materials, better science, and new manufacturing processes make for high-performance window units. T...
  • How Do Innovative Skylights Lead to Lower Bills?
    There&#39;s been a lot of talk about light bulbs over the past few years. In 2012, after the new federal light bulb stand...
  • How Much Do Blinds Cost to Install?
    Typical Range: $210 to $1,226 National Average: $706Window blinds just might be the unsung heroes of a house. They...
  • How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?
    Typical Range: $149 to $296 National Average: $213Whether you want to improve your home’s curb appeal or make the ...
  • How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?
    Typical Range: $200 to $1,800 per window National Average: $650 per windowIf the windows in your home aren’t openi...
  • How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?
    Typical Range: $316 to $907 National Average: $587Many people are familiar with window tinting for cars but perhap...
  • How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?
    Typical Range: $97 to $215 National Average: $156If your house has multiple keys for each entry into the home, it ...
  • How Much Does an Egress Window Cost to Install?
    Typical Range: $2,544 to $5,302 National Average: $3,904If you use your basement as a bedroom, office, TV room, or...
  • How To: Choose a Skylight
    Picture the average lightbulb. Now picture sunlight streaming into a room in your home. There&#39;s no comparison, right?...
  • How To: Clean Mini Blinds
    Available in a wide array of materials from vinyl to wood, mini blinds make an attractive feature in any interior. Bu...
  • How To: DIY a Space-Saving Sliding Door
    When you have a doorway but not enough room for a door to swing open, oftentimes the frame goes without any sort of c...
  • How To: Hang Exterior Shutters
     When putting up shutters, the key is to have good, sturdy hardware.  Look for pressure-treated wood shutters for ext...
  • How To: Install Door Hardware
    As a person who has recently upgraded from living in a garage to living in a half-constructed house, the novelty of h...
  • How To: Install Vinyl Windows
     It can be easy to install vinyl windows. First, make sure the window frame is plumb and level. Wrap the window frame...
  • How To: Install a Deadbolt
    Automated security systems are nice to have, but the easiest and least expensive way to improve the security of home ...
  • How To: Install a Pre-Hung Door
     Here&#39;s a tip on how to install a pre-hung door. First, lift the door into place, then be sure it&#39;s plumb. Always use...
  • How To: Make Streak-Free Homemade Window Cleaner
    Dirty windows or a streaky glass door are easy to notice and are easy to clean. Yet, cleaning windows and doors alway...
  • How To: Paint a Door
    Considering the low cost of the project and the relative ease with which it can be completed, painting a door is a te...
  • How To: Plane a Door
    It’s easy to take doors for granted. Until they start sticking or binding, that is—or you install a new floor and sud...
  • How To: Prevent Frost on Windows
    I remember waking up as a kid on wintry mornings to find frost on my bedroom window obscuring the trees and yard. Tho...
  • How To: Re-Glaze a Single-Pane Window
     Here&#39;s how to re-glaze those old, broken window panes. First, remove the old glazing compound with a propane torch a...
  • How To: Remove Paint from Trim and Molding
    Walls framed by baseboards and crown molding exude unmistakable character and polish, most notably in historical home...
  • How To: Remove and Replace a Doorknob
    We think of a doorknob as ubiquitous and mundane, yet a closer inspection can sometimes prove puzzling, leaving you t...
  • How To: Repair a Screen Door in 5 Easy Steps
    I don’t mind the squirrels taking their turn at the bird feeder, but our dog seems to have developed a personal vende...
  • How To: Replace Storm Windows
     It&#39;s easy to replace old storm windows. Here&#39;s how. Loosen all screws and pull the old storm window away from the wi...
  • How To: Replace a Door Closer
    The door closer on my front porch—that mechanical cylindrical device that keeps the door from flying open too far and...
  • How To: Replace a Window Screen
    The screens on your windows are there for a purpose. If they get a snag, a tear or a hole, they lose their effectiven...
  • How To: Restore Brass Hardware
     Here&#39;s how to restore the missing brass hardware from an antique door.  The &quot;ghost&quot; image of original brass hardware...
  • How To: Select Storm Shutters
    There are growing number of businesses in coastal areas selling and installing storm shutters. As all shutters are no...
  • How To: Shim a Door
    When installing a new door, use shim shingles as extra support between the jack studs and the door jamb. Use two ceda...
  • How To: Soundproof a Door
    While closed doors do a decent job shutting out the noise outside the room, cracks between a door and its casing or t...
  • How To: Weatherstrip a Door the Right Way
    Door drafts can be a cause of real discomfort. Besides the immediate unpleasantness of a chilly gust invading the war...
  • How to Clean Window Screens
    Window screens really take a beating. They&#39;re constantly exposed to the sun, wind, rain and snow, and pollen and inse...
  • How to Clean Windows
    Even when the sun is shining, you may not get the maximum amount of natural light in your home if your windows are co...
  • How to Install a Prehung Door
    Doors come in countless different sizes and styles—from modern, flush interior doors with standard dimensions to mass...
  • How to Install a Screen Door
    Q: I&#39;m going to install a new screen door. Any advice or time-saving suggestions on how to go about it?A: It&#39;s relati...
  • How to Insulate Windows
    Though in wintertime a window seat affords postcard-perfect views of snow-covered tree branches, it&#39;s not necessarily...
  • How to Rekey a Lock
    Key rings can get crowded (and heavy!) fast, when you consider all that you load up on them: keys for your car, front...
  • Hurricane-Proof Your House with Impact-Resistant Windows
    Impact-resistant windows consist of impact-resistant glass surrounded by a heavy-duty frame that is securely fastened...
  • I Tried The Affordable Eclipse Blackout Curtains - Did They Work?
    While waking up to natural sunlight helps keep our bodies’ circadian rhythm in check, there are a number of instances...
  • Impact-Resistant Windows Installation
    Hurricane winds deliver force to building exteriors and elements. It is by far the debris these winds carry that most...
  • Installing a Pocket Door
    What&#39;s true about fashion can be applied to interior design: If you wait long enough, the old styles come back in vog...
  • Interior Storm Windows Save Homeowners Money in Two Ways
    Those seeking ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs have an increasingly popular alt...
  • Is Now the Time to Replace Your Front Door?
    Everyone knows the importance of making a good first impression. Yes, that&#39;s advice for first dates and job interview...
  • Is Now the Time to Replace Your Windows?
    If you&#39;re too chilly to feel truly comfortable at home, your windows—not the weather—may be to blame. Drafts are chie...
  • It's All in the Details—Stained Glass
    Stained glass is not just for churches. If you walk through any of America’s older neighborhoods, anywhere Victorian ...
  • Know Your Door Styles: 10 Popular Designs
    Homeowners have no shortage of choice in selecting doors, which range from solid, flush styles to decorative, glass-paneled designs.
  • Know Your Window Styles: 10 Popular Designs
    There's more to windows than glazing. Learn about the design, history, and practical uses for ten different window types.
  • Make One Minor Change to Get Major Curb Appeal
    When Remodeling magazine last published its annual Cost vs. Value Report, many were surprised to learn that, of all t...
  • New Front Doors Change Everything in 4 Entryway Before-and-Afters
    It's almost shocking that a home upgrade as minor as replacing the front door can boost your home's curb appeal in such a major way! Courtesy of Masonite, these before-and-after sequences prove, once and for all, what a difference a new entry door can make!
  • Open Sesame: 12 Ways to Dress Up a Drab Door
    Does your house suffer from drab door syndrome? It’s a common diagnosis. We tend to view doors as necessities—all function and no frill—so we don't see them as the decorative elements they are, or could be. But a door is a room's introduction and finale, both the first and last thing we see as we pass through. And there are doors everywhere! If we take closets into consideration, an average-size home could easily have 20 or more doors. Giving at least a few of them a little attention can go a long way. There are lots of ways to give your doors a little pick-me-up. Simple embellishments will give you almost instant gratification, but if you’re up for a bigger design challenge, you can give a door a head-to-toe makeover by stenciling an intricate design or by stripping it down and applying a distressed finish. Here are 12 decorative touches, from easy to expert, that can give your door the distinction it deserves.
  • Open Up Your Closets with Bi-Fold Doors
    Sliding closet doors are a common installation in American homes, but that doesn&#39;t necessarily mean they&#39;re the best ...
  • Quick Tip: Clean Windows with Coffee Filters
    Everyone dreads at least one household chore. Many people&#39;s least favorite is cleaning the windows. Too important to ...
  • Quick Tip: Door Hanging
     Here&#39;s some tips for easier door hanging. For this type of door, measure five inches from the top of the door to the...
  • Quick Tip: Hanging Double Doors
     The tricky part of hanging double doors is that they have to meet in the middle. After hanging each door, check to s...
  • Quick Tip: Pocket Door Solutions
    Unlike left- and right-handed doors that can take up to 10 square feet of space, pocket doors slide into the wall, le...
  • Quick Tip: Tubular Skylights
     Tubular skylights are a great way to bring sunlight into underlit rooms. The adjustable design of these skylights al...
  • Quick Tip: Windows Can Beat the Summer Heat
    Weather Stripping: Not Just for Winter Before you add to your electric bill trying to keep cool this summer, add some...
  • Quick and Easy Storm Door Installation
    Installing a storm door may seem like a daunting, time-consuming task, but advances in manufacturing and design have ...
  • Replacement Windows 101
    Windows come in all styles, types, shapes and sizes, but unless you’re building a new house, all of the above are lar...
  • Seeing the Light: New (and Improved) Skylights
    There once was a saying among contractors that went, &quot;It’s not if your skylight will leak, it’s when it will leak. &quot; ...
  • Selecting the Right Front Door
    Almost no other part of your home gets as much exposure as the front door. It’s where you greet friends and family, s...
  • Shopping for Energy-Efficient Windows
    Is your blood pressure rising on the same schedule as your month-to-month heating and cooling bills? Relax—you can st...
  • Shutter Style: 9 Designs Everyone Should Know
    Today’s wide variety of fun and functional shutters may make it difficult to choose just one style!
  • Single-Hung vs. Double-Hung Windows: What Is the Difference?
    When it comes to picking out windows, there can be an overwhelming number of options in terms of style. But before yo...
  • Skylight Innovation Rescues 6 Sunless Spaces
    In the past, if you wanted to illuminate an interior room, there was little you could do, other than resort to artificial light. Now, thanks to advanced daylighting systems, you can introduce natural light virtually anywhere. See how these devices worked to bring a bright and airy feeling to a set of six spaces that were once closed-off and claustrophobic.
  • Smart Windows for Improved Security and Energy Efficiency
    Technological advancements have resulted in a new breed of &#39;smart windows&#39; offering consumers enhanced security and m...
  • So, You Want to... Install Blinds
    To filter the light that enters your home and control your level of privacy, you can’t go wrong with blinds. These ea...
  • So, You Want to... Install Tubular Skylights
    It&#39;s amazing that with the growing focus on solar power, tubular skylights are relatively unknown, especially among D...
  • So, You Want to... Install a Screen Door
    Breezes in, bugs out—functionally speaking, the screen door hasn’t changed much in the past hundred years or so. Diff...
  • Solved! How to Prevent Doors from Slamming
    Q: A door in my home tends to slam shut—even occasionally when no one is using it! What causes this and how can I pre...
  • Solved! What to Do About Condensation on Windows
    Q: My windows consistently gather condensation on the inside. I wipe them down, but the moisture keeps coming back. H...
  • Solved! What to Do About a Broken Window Seal
    Q: Until last week, I could look out my kitchen window to watch the songbirds at my backyard feeder. But something mu...
  • Solved! Why There Is Mold on the Window Sill and What to Do About It
    Q: Lately, I’ve noticed mold on my window sills. I wipe it away, but it still keeps coming back. Is this a big deal? ...
  • Standard Door Size 101: Important Measurements All Homeowners Should Know
    Q: We just purchased a home that was built in the 1960s and will be remodeling to bring it up to date. Our plans incl...
  • The 10 Types of Hinges Every DIYer Needs to Know
    When it comes time to upgrade a front door, build new kitchen cabinets, or even fix a toy box, homeowners have a wide range of hinge styles to choose from.
  • The 6 Best Reasons to Install New Windows
    It's difficult to overstate the importance of windows in home design. Windows are unique among building components in that they affect not only the performance of a home, but also its appearance both inside and out. Though it may be tempting to install new windows for aesthetics alone, the considerable cost of such a project is enough to dissuade most homeowners from a hasty decision. People more commonly pursue window replacement for a host of compelling, wholly practical reasons—particularly now, as in recent years window technology has advanced by stunning leaps and bounds. Though the motivation for replacing windows varies from person to person, most consumers are seeking at least one from among a handful of common goals. To find out what drives most homeowners toward window replacement, we spoke with Jim Eldredge, a product manager with Sears Home Services, a nationwide company that routinely guides homeowners through the entire process, from initial consultation all the way to completed installation. Click through now for our recap!
  • The Best Blackout Shades for the Home
    Window shades can lend privacy, protect furnishings from UV light, and even help you get better sleep by softening so...
  • The Best Cellular Shades for Your Windows
    When looking for an attractive window covering that is also energy-efficient, cellular shades are an excellent option...
  • The Best Curtains for Privacy and Decor
    Installing curtain rods and adding window treatments is an easy way to make a room look more polished, while also ach...
  • The Best Dog Doors for the Home
    A portal that allows your pooch safe and easy access to the outside can be a real convenience for pet lovers. A dog d...
  • The Best Door Draft Stoppers for Cooler Months
    The scenario is chillingly familiar: You’re walking happily and comfortably through your home when suddenly, a cold p...
  • The Best Door Handles and Knobs of 2021
    Though they’re one of the most used items in a home, door knobs are often overlooked as a decor element. While they m...
  • The Best Door Knobs of 2021
    Though it’s one of the most used items in a home, door knobs are often overlooked when it comes to interior decor. Be...
  • The Best Door Locks of 2021
    Entry door locks are an essential element of home security. Choosing a door lock might seem like a simple decision, b...
  • The Best Door Stops of 2021
    While this hardworking piece often fades into the background, some door stops add elegance and even a touch of whimsy...
  • The Best Door and Window Alarms for Home Security
    Any type of home security system or individual security measure is designed with the purpose of keeping you and your ...
  • The Best Doorbell Cameras of 2021
    Doorbell cameras have definitely arrived. They show “who’s there?” and most can be conveniently configured with a sma...
  • The Best Electronic Door Locks of 2021
    Modern lifestyles can be so busy, with various household members all on different schedules, so it’s high time for an...
  • The Best Key Finders for Locating Lost Sets
    It’s all too easy to misplace keys and other important items as we go about our day. In addition to investing in a ke...
  • The Best Key Lock Box for Securely Storing Spares
    Your home is your sanctuary. Of course, you want to keep it safe and secure. But there are times when you cannot be p...
  • The Best Keyless Door Locks of 2021
    Home security is of paramount importance, but fumbling with your keys while juggling packages, especially in nasty we...
  • The Best Keypad Door Locks of 2021
    If you’re trying to streamline your lifestyle, few items are as convenient as a keypad door lock. No longer will you ...
  • The Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2021
    Warm weather means lots of comings and goings to and from the yard, deck, and patio. But when bugs barge in with you,...
  • The Best Patio Doors for Easy Access to Your Space
    Patios, decks, backyards, and balconies are great spaces around the home to enjoy the outdoors. And easy-to-use patio...
  • The Best Places to Buy Blinds Online in 2021
    Whether you’re looking to block light or get some privacy, blinds and shades can be a final touch that completes a ro...
  • The Best Places to Buy Curtains in 2021
    Curtains serve both style and function, providing privacy and darkening your interior spaces as needed. Updating your...
  • The Best Pocket Door Locks of 2021
    Pocket doors can be excellent space-savers in modern homes, and they’re a welcomed, original touch in many older hous...
  • The Best Retractable Screen Doors for the Home
    Screen doors allow you to let some fresh air into your home without welcoming in all the bugs at the same time. They ...
  • The Best Roman Shades for Every Budget
    Roman shades can be both a stylish and functional addition to a living space. When closed, they filter (or completely...
  • The Best Screen Door Closers of 2021
    A screen door keeps flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs outside while allowing airflow to cool down the home and cleari...
  • The Best Smart Blinds of 2021
    Slowly but surely, more and more of our home operations are becoming automatic. With each advancement, life becomes a...
  • The Best Smart Doorbell to Upgrade Your Home Security
    The days of squinting through a peephole, peaking through the curtains to see who’s at the door, or calling out “who ...
  • The Best Smart Garage Door Openers for Monitoring and Access
    Whether you use your garage as a home workshop or as a place to get your vehicle out of the elements, the best smart ...
  • The Best Smart Locks of 2021
    It’s been a decade since smart locks began to replace traditional pin-and-tumbler locks on private homes, and increas...
  • The Best Soundproof Curtains of 2021
    If you live in a bustling city or near a busy street, you likely hear a lot of what’s going on outside your home from...
  • The Best Storm Windows for Added Insulation
    Homes with older, poorly insulated windows can face colossal energy bills in the cold- and hot-weather seasons. While...
  • The Best Thermal Curtains for Saving Energy
    Even the highest-rated windows present an opportunity for air to infiltrate your home, causing your HVAC system to wo...
  • The Best Video Doorbells for Increased Security
    A video doorbell is a home security product and means of being alerted that you have a visitor rolled into one handy ...
  • The Best Window Fans of 2021
    When it comes to keeping your home cool and your utility bills low, you can’t beat a window fan. These devices mount ...
  • The Best Window Films of 2021
    Window films are a budget-friendly, versatile alternative to curtains and blinds. Some provide a degree of privacy wh...
  • The Best Window Insulation Kits for Drafty Windows
    Window insulation kits are an affordable solution to cut the cost of your energy bill and make your home less drafty....
  • The Best Window Squeegees for Achieving Streak-Free Shine
    Windows seem to attract dirt, dust, and pollen. Before you know it, the view outside looks like a hazy mess. Immacula...
  • The Best Window Well Covers for Below-Grade Windows
    Window well covers prevent rain and snow from collecting in window wells, which can cause water to pool against your ...
  • The Best Wireless Doorbells of 2021
    Among the many advantages of high-tech home accessories is their ability to let us untangle ourselves from old-fashio...
  • The Complete Guide to Weatherstripping the House
    Weatherstripping is a time-honored method of minimizing door and window drafts throughout the house. In the winter, w...
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Caulking Windows
    Caulking windows—to give them a finished look (inside and out) and seal out leaks and drafts—is a fairly common DIY t...
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Installing a Window Air Conditioning Unit
    If sweltering days and nights without central air conditioning threaten your summertime comfort, consider putting a u...
  • The Economical, Environmental, and Emotional Benefits of Tubular Skylights
    There’s no substitute for natural light. In comparison with the artificial variety, it&#39;s better for your health, the ...
  • The Hidden Costs of Windows
    One benefit of moving to suburbia from New York City and building a new home was getting to customize our space. At t...
  • The One Drawback of Thermal Pane Windows You Probably Didn’t See Coming
    Thermal pane windows have become the standard for new construction and retrofits. In most situations, the windows exc...
  • The Right Time and Place for Pocket Doors
    One of the reasons we chose the house plan we built was because there was a “flex” room off the breakfast nook. We th...
  • The Weird History of Witch Windows
    Q: On a recent road trip to see New England’s glorious fall foliage, my wife and I noticed a number of farmhouses wit...
  • The Window, Reinvented: 6 Features That Changed Everything
    In recent years, technology has transformed virtually all avenues of life, including home building and remodeling. Today, formerly unremarkable, utilitarian components are stunningly complex, boasting an unprecedented degree of sophistication. For proof of the phenomenon, look no further than windows: Once single-paned and wood-framed, the best modern windows are now laced with advanced features designed to contribute a wide range of compelling benefits. From impact resistance and sound insulation to reduced maintenance and heightened efficiency, the current crop of high-quality windows works like never before to serve the home and reward its owner. Click now for details from the experts at Sears Home Services on what makes new windows well worth a second look.
  • Tight Quarters? 10 Smart Space-Saving Door Solutions
    Are you struggling to find a space-saving interior or exterior door for your home? Whether you're building a tiny house or just trying to renovate a small or tricky room, don’t limit yourself to traditional doors and the standard sizes offered by your local building supply store. Think outside the box—or in this case, the door frame. Look at the area surrounding the door opening. Is there room for pocket doors that could slide into the wall? What about overhead? If there's space there, a horizontal retractable door could work. Or, if sound and insulation aren’t issues, accordion doors that fold back toward the frame may be the answer. Pivot doors that rotate around a central point are yet another option. Take a look at our list for more ideas!
  • Top Tips for Installing a New Door
    Most homeowners are installing a new door to replace an old door that’s been damaged or cut short to fit existing flo...
  • Toss Your Keys: 9 High-Tech Door Locks
    Now that our phones talk and our cars start with the push of a button, it's no surprise that the front door is going digital too. We’ve got the lowdown on some of the best new high-tech door locks.
  • Tubular Skylights 101
    This post has been brought to you by Solatube International. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Bringi...
  • Tubular Skylights: Natural Daylight Where You Least Expect It
    Every room benefits from natural daylight.  The living room becomes more inviting and comfortable, the kitchen more s...
  • Use Awnings to Reduce Energy Costs in Summer
    Homeowners looking to reduce air conditioning costs and shield interior furnishings from the sun’s harsh glare may wa...
  • Use Windows to Beat the Heat
    Windows bring views, comfort, ventilation, and energy efficiency to a home. Windows also bring large solar heat gains...
  • Weekend Projects: 5 Designs for a DIY Door
    At its core, a door&#39;s construction is mostly the same; learn to build one, and you can fashion as many as your home h...
  • Welcome Home: 11 Fresh Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Door
    Whether your front door is drab, dated, or downright unwelcoming, you can change its look—and re-energize the soul of the space—with a few simple but artful changes. Paint, hardware, and decor can be combined to give you limitless options for your own front door makeover.
  • What Are Window Prices?
    Typical Range: $300 to $1,200As windows get older, they become less efficient and possibly even dangerous, promptin...
  • What Type of Door Is Best for Your Entryway?
    You put a great deal of trust in your front door, counting on it to form a good first impression of your home for any...
  • What Would Bob Do? Repairing a Door That Sticks
    In my house, several of our wood doors keep sticking. I&#39;ve tried candle wax and have made sure all the screws in the ...
  • What Would Bob Do? Unsticking a Double-Hung Window
    Q: My wife and I recently moved into a rental house, and we cannot seem to open the double-hung windows in the bedroo...
  • What to Do When Your Doorbell Stops Working
    Ding, dong! Your guests have arrived for dinner and drinks. But if your doorbell stops working, you could leave your ...
  • What's the Difference? Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows
    Homeowners who are considering replacement windows have more choices in materials, finishes, and styles today than ev...
  • What’s the Difference? Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows
    Whether replacements for existing windows or part of new construction, your home’s “eyes” to the outside world involv...
  • Which Window Treatment Works Best for Your House? Blinds vs. Curtains
    Window treatments let you control light, privacy, and indoor temperature while complementing your décor. While you’ve...
  • Window Films 101
    Window films are like sunglasses for your house, inexpensively improving the energy efficiency of your home, even as ...
  • Wow-Worthy Window Films: 11 Top Picks
    Drop the drapes, bump the blinds, and shirk the shutters. Instead, check out these wow-worthy adhesive window films that bring style, comfort, and privacy to your home.

Doors & Windows Videos

  • Installing Insulated Windows in the Baby's Nursery
    The new windows in the baby’s nursery are highly insulated for cold and sound and have health and safety features for young children. They can be installed by do-it-yourselfers.
  • Installing a Marvin Palladian Window
    Michael Roche from Marvin Windows joins Bob in examining the house's existing windows and determining which to keep or replace. A new Palladian window will create a great look for the family room.
  • Placing Windows on a Home's Facade
    A double window is installed in the kitchen, which will let in a lot of sunlight and give a view of the back yard.
  • Hanging Old Doors, Installing New Door Trim, and Outfitting the Windows
    On the third floor, the stripped old doors are re-hung, new trim is installed, and the windows are carefully outfitted with 100-year-old carpentry work that has been saved.
  • Looking Behind the Walls and Installing a Pocket Door
    Before putting on the blue board, Bob looks at what goes behind the walls: wiring, light fixtures, heat ducts, water lines, and a pocket door frame.
  • Restoring Old Double-Hung Windows using Spring-Loaded Balances
    Bob meets with architect Gregory Rochlin and expert carpenter Danny Ruffini to restore old double-hung windows and replace lead sash weights with new spring-loaded balances.
  • Installing Restored Brass Door Hardware and Faux Finishing the Mantelpiece
    Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley install the restored door hardware, and artist Kim Sweet faux finishes the mantle in the den, taking as inspiration a piece of Bob’s furniture.
  • Replacing and Installing Windows and Costs of Finishing a Basement
    An old basement window is replaced, and experts explain the costs of the Owens Corning finishing system.
  • Replacing an Exterior Door and Windows
    A new, lower-maintenance front door is installed, as well as new bay windows.
  • Replacing Sill, Repelling Insects and Rot, and Installing Sliding Doors With Custom Trim Molding
    Damaged sill is replaced, the house is protected against insects and rot, and sliding doors with custom trim molding are installed.
  • Installing New, Strong Shutters With an Old-Style Look
    Carpenters install new prepainted shutters made from synthetic materials, with old-fashioned hinges and hardware.
  • Installing Blinds and Window Shades
    Blinds for the new patio door are installed, as well as a variety of blinds and shades in other rooms throughout the house.
  • Impact-Resistant Windows and PGT Factory Tour
    Bob visits PGT Industries to learn what it takes to make impact-resistant windows.
  • Finishing the Impact-Resistant Windows
    Bob works with Dave Olmstead on final stages of creating an impact-resistant window.
  • Installing Natural Bamboo Sliding Panel Shades
    Cindy O'Reilly is on site with Bob to install the natural bamboo, sliding-panel shades.
  • Pella Window Installation
    Bob meets with Brian Kaley and Tim McFadden from Pella Windows to go over the design approach and installation method for this project's fenestration.
  • Installing a Mahogany Windowsill
    Bob puts in a Mahogany windowsill that's been precut with a cleat and bevel to make the installation easier. He also helps install Poplar floor molding and observes as closet doors are added.
  • Pocket Door Installation
    Bob and Gilson Novaes discuss the construction of pocket doors, screens that will divide the bedroom from the outer living area. Bob takes note of the advantages prefab pocket doorframes provide, and sees the versatitlity of steel studs.
  • Window Placement and Installation
    Bob looks at the order and placement of the windows on the facade of the modern Colonial. Upon closer inspection, the classically inspired fenestration, size, type, and placement of the windows, differs slightly from floor to floor.
  • Hanging an Engineered Wood Six-Panel Door
    Carpenter Bob Ryley and Jim Daniels (of Woodport Interior Doors) join Bob to hang a new door in the master bathroom.
  • Shimming, Centering, and Hanging a Door
    Carpenter Bob Ryley hangs a engineered wood door.
  • Installing Interior Window Casings and Sill
    Bob Ryley tackles window trim in the master bedroom of the new Colonial.
  • Working With Pre-Finished Windows
    Gary Prevedini (from Andersen) is on-site talking about the pre-finished windows being installed in the great room.
  • Door Lock Installation
    Bob Ryley is installing the new lockset from Baldwin Brass on the front door.
  • Choosing a Historically Appropriate Door and Creating the Jambs and Hanging a Door
    Bob shows the Woodport medium-density fiberboard doors selected for the Manhattan Brownstone then works with the crew from Thorough Construction as they prepare the Woodport door for hanging on site.
  • Trimming Out Double-Hung Windows
    Bob Ryley and carpenter Pat Cloutier trim out two banks of four double-hung windows in the sunny dining area of the Vermont farmhouse.
  • Trimming Out Bathroom Windows
    Bob checks in with Ryley, who is trimming out the two windows over the vanity in the first floor master bath.
  • Relocating the Front Door
    Bob works with the general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski to move the Medford project home's original front door, so they will be able to frame up a new foyer.
  • Installing French Doors
    Bob talks with Ray Adam (from Pella Windows) about the new French doors to be installed in the library. It's an active/inactive door with all hardware. The most important part of the installation is ensuring the door is plumb.
  • Skylight and Gable Window Installation
    Bob goes up to the attic of the Victorian project house, where an ODL tubular skylight is being installed. Also, Bob looks back at the installation of windows on the gable end.
  • Garage Door Installation
    Bob helps install the new six-panel garage door at the Victorian restoration project house.
  • Replacing the Barn Door
    Workers replace the old barn doors with an oversized Ponderosa Pine door (from KML Industries in Canada).
  • Hanging a Wood Door in the Basement
    Carpenter Bob Ryley works with door hanger Steve Parks to install a wood door in the basement of the Habitat project.
  • Installing a Hurricane-Resistant Door
    Bob talks with, observes, and lends a helping hand to Kevin Calman (from Andersen), who is installing a hurricane-resistant Frenchwood door.
  • Installing Custom Garage Doors
    Bob gets up to speed on the progress made, before joining Kent Forsland (from Designer Doors) to discuss the new custom-made, cedar-faced garage doors, which have been installed.
  • Installing Andersen Skylights
    Bob and Kent Forsland (from Andersen) review the process behind installing Anderson skylights.
  • Work on the Window Casing
    Carpenter Bob Ryley confers with finish carpenter Dennis DeVore about casing a window at the Mt. Pleasant house in South Carolina, near Charleston.
  • Restoring the Guest Cottage
    Bob checks progress in the basement and attic of the governor's mansion, then visits the guest cottage to see how the restoration is progressing.
  • Window Sash Restoration
    Carpenter Bob Ryley works alongside preservationist Fred Ecker to restore an old window sash.
  • Hanging Double Doors
    Carpenters Bob Ryley and Mike Smith hang double doors at the entrance to the private family living quarters of the Virginia governor's mansion.
  • Aluminum Replacement Window Installation
    Carpenter Bob Ryley and Bob George (from New England Window) install a bronze aluminum replacement window in an arched-top masonry wall.
  • Mounting Plantation Shutters
    Carpenter Bob Ryley installs plantation shutters against a bedroom wall.
  • Covering Doors with Plastic Laminate
    Bob meets with architect Greg Rochlin to review the techniques used for covering a series of doors with plastic laminate.
  • Installing Handicapped-Accessible Door Hardware
    Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley install a Schlage interior-lever lockset.
  • Replicating Brass Door Hardware
    Steve Moore (from Architectural Brass) demonstrates how to replicate a brass escutcheon plate based on a faded outline found on the door.
  • Installing Glass Blocks
    Bob helps replace a traditional sliding glass window with glass blocks.
  • Laminate Installation in the Kitchen
    Bob joins contractor Ed Weller, who is working on the kitchen addition. Architect Laurinda Spear has designed a banana leaf partition that Ed's crew will be making out of a hardened laminate material called Ligna.
  • Stained-Glass Window Construction
    Bob meets with Roxana Patino to see how she constructs a stained-glass window, which has a tropical fruit slice design.
  • Fixing Old Double-Hung Windows
    Bob meets with carpenter Cortney Lofton, who is rehabilitating some old double-hung windows with new nylon-braided sash cords and kerf-in thermoplastic weather stripping.
  • Custom Door Installation
    Bob meets with Curt Weiss (from J.W. Door), who has custom-made a door unit for the bungalow remodel, with glass lights designed in an Arts and Crafts style, and wooden stops that resemble old putty stops. Cortney Lofton performs the installation.
  • Making Stained Glass Windows
    Bob learns the process of creating stained glass windows. Designs begin on paper before they are traced onto glass using a light table. A variety of glass types are used to create the "skylights" in the Studio City home.
  • Removing and Relocating Windows
    Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley look at the corner of the house, where the sidewall has been removed to reveal the plywood and Douglas fir sheathing. Next, Bob helps Ryley move a window into the space that's been left open in the framing to receive it.
  • Wall Demolition to Create a Doorway
    Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley demolish a wall on the second floor in order to connect the framed-in addition to the existing house.
  • Installing a Mulled Window
    Bob meets with Bob Ryley and Al Worth to install a pair of Andersen mulled windows with a transom, as well as an interior window seat. Bob discusses the window itself, specifically the innovative features that allow for easier cleaning.
  • Trimming French Patio Doors
    Bob joins finish carpenter Mark McCullough, who, as he works, explains the process of applying trim to French patio doors and adjacent windows.
  • Greenhouse Glass Installation
    Bob and contractor Bob Ryley install sloped glazing on a greenhouse with the help of Mark Santos.
  • Installing the Greenhouse Windows
    Contractor Bob Ryley shows off the greenhouse's motorized windows. At the touch of a button, or via a thermostat, the windows open and close. Bob helps Ryley assemble and install the fiberglass-framed windows.
  • Skylight Installation
    Bob joins contractor Bob Ryley, who is installing a Velux skylight on a curb mount. Ryley describes the screws and mounting hardware used, and Bob demonstrates the flexible window design.
  • Installing a Large Window
    Bob assists Michael Roach (from Marvin Windows) with installing a large setup of three windows on the gable end of the home.
  • Building a Door
    Bob meets with contractor Bob Ryley, who outlines the door construction process and builds the first of seven doors.
  • Installing the Custom Windows
    A large custom-made Palladian window is installed, then Bob helps contractor Joe Fitzgerald install a custom-made casement window in the back bedroom.
  • Installing a Salvaged Door
    Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install a salvaged door on the side of the dream garage, which is undergoing construction.
  • Vinyl Window Installation
    Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install a vinyl-clad Pella window awning with pre-assembled exterior trim.
  • Installing Velux Skylights
    Bob oversees the installation of a Velux skylight in a standing-seam metal-shingled roof.
  • Hanging Drywall Inside the Skylight
    Bob interviews drywall contractor Mark Richardson, as he hangs drywall inside a skylight and attaches the corner bead.
  • Installing the Garage Door Opener
    The garage door openers are installed on the automotive end of the garage. Bob reviews the brackets and beams used to mount the opener's drive, as well as the chain material used to actually move the door.
  • Installing Pella Doors and Windows
    Bob and Tom Moran (from Pella) discuss the anatomy of the doors chosen for the Martha's Vineyard Victorian project, and contractor Bob Ryley demonstrates the process of installing the windows.
  • Adding a Door to a Wood-Paneled Wall
    Bob reviews progress in the kitchen, which includes the installation of a pantry, and contractor Bob Ryley demonstrates how to build a door into a wood-paneled wall.
  • Window Trim and Scalloped Shingles
    Bob and contractor Bob Ryley confer about adding trim to the curvilinear top edge of an arched window. After sheet lead is installed as flashing, Ryley attaches scalloped shingles.
  • Picture Window Installation
    A window is recycled during the remodeling process and placed back into the frame of the new addition. Bob explains the reason for recycling and assists with the installation.
  • Combining Two Double-Hung Windows
    Two recycled windows are used to create one large window. Once carpenter Bob Ryley demolishes the old frame, supports are installed to hold up the new combined window. When the two windows are put together, it's called a mullioned window.
  • Exterior Door Installation
    Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install the exterior kitchen door.
  • Constructing a Custom-Recessed Bulkhead Door
    Contractor Larry Landers builds a trapdoor to enable access to the old bulkhead from outside. Sheet lead flashing and an ice-and-water barrier are used to waterproof the trapdoor. To give the door stability, four pressure-treated cleats are used.
  • Replacing the Storm Windows
    Bob helps carpenter Bob Ryley replace the storm windows on the Plymouth project house, and the newly designed bathroom needs tiles.
  • Installing a Box Bay Window
    Bob helps carpenter Bob Ryley and crew install a new box bay window, which will enlarge the dining space and enhance the interior atmosphere.
  • Building and Hanging the Country-Style Door
    A country-style door, built by carpenter Bob Ryley in the workshop, is hung in the new entry of the Plymouth project house.
  • Installing a Pocket Door
    Bob helps contractor Al Stiles change a swinging door into a relocated pocket door.
  • Replacing Windows with French Doors
    Bob helps contractor Al Stiles install a pair of French doors, but first they remove the old pair of jalousie windows.
  • Installing New French Doors
    Bob helps the contractors work on building and installing new French doors.
  • Replacing Windows at Low-Cost
    Contractors Al and Steve Stiles set a new window on the back porch. Using a combination of stock and one custom windows, they demonstrate how to save money on materials and time on installation.
  • Repairing a Broken Window Pane
    Bob helps general contractor Ron Gan demonstrate how to repair a broken window pane the old-fashioned way.
  • Bricking In a Window
    General contractor Ron Gan talks through the process of bricking in a window in the new kitchen. Ron also addresses the installation of a smaller bathroom window.
  • Continuing Work on the Bulkhead Entrance
    Bob and carpentry contractor Bob Ryley continue working on the bulkhead entrance into the basement.
  • Installing a Pre-Hung Front Door
    Bob helps carpentry contractor Bob Ryley install the pre-hung front door, then visits Shepley Wood Products to see how the door was made.
  • Finishing the Basement Family Room
    The circle-head window, and its accompanying window seat, are now finished in the family room basement.
  • Installation of Window
    Bob reviews progress on the renovation, both upstairs and down. Carpenter John Sheehan installs a new vinyl window, which is a challenge in a brick house where no opening is completely square.
  • Installing Impact-Resistant Windows
    Window installation is underway. Bob talks with Stephen Hugh of Clearwater Window to learn more about the installation process, and Dave Olmstead of PGT Industries tells Bob about the wind- and impact-resistance of the PGT WinGuard.
  • Installing a Solid-Core Cherry-Veneer Door
    Bob helps general contractor Tim Berky put a solid-core cherry-veneer door on its bronze butt hinges, and install matching door hardware.
  • Restoring Old Windows
    Ryan Pirro (from discusses refurbishing old windows with solid-bronze sash chains, new parting beads, and spring-bronze weather stripping for energy-efficient, easy-operation windows at one-fourth the cost of replacements.
  • Installing High-Performance French Doors
    Cordell Burton (from Pella Windows) joins Bob to show off the in-swinging French doors to be installed. It's constructed of solid wood and double-pane, low-e glass. General contractor Tim Berky executes the installation.

Flooring & Stairs Articles, Blog Posts and Slideshows

Flooring & Stairs Videos

Foundation & Framing Articles, Blog Posts and Slideshows

Foundation & Framing Videos

  • Planning for Soil Conditions and Setting the Footings
    Bob introduces homeowner Howard Brickman. Steve Ivas, an environmental engineer, describes the area wetlands, which must be accommodated. Innovative building techniques are used to waterproof and set the foundation.
  • Preparing the Foundation
    Todd LaBarge describes the ReddiForm block system used to create a one-step monolithic pour.
  • Pouring the Foundation and Starting the Walls
    Bob and Howard discuss the concrete mesh used in the foundation that saved time and materials. Bob reviews the upcoming episode during which first floor walls are built.
  • Building with Polystyrene Forms and Concrete
    Bob explores innovative construction technologies – Insul-Tarp and ReddiForm polystyrene blocks – as the structure is reinforced and the first-floor walls start to go up.
  • Installing a New Structural Support Beam
    It’s time to start restoring the structure, marking an important moment in the house’s history.
  • Installing Stud Lumber Partitioning for the Bathroom
    Bob reviews plans for the kitchen remodeling and visits the second floor, where one of the bedrooms has been removed to accommodate his and her bathrooms. He helps set up partitioning for the bathroom.
  • Pre-cast Concrete Foundation Installation
    Bob meets with Jim Costello from Superior Walls of America to discuss the difference between a pre-cast and a traditional poured-concrete foundation.
  • Advantages of a Pre-cast Foundation System
    Chris Vila discusses the benefits of a factory-built foundation system with Mel Zimmerman of Superior Walls.
  • Pouring the Slab
    Bob watches as contractors pour and finish the slab for the addition.
  • Foundation Excavation and Formwork
    Bob and contractor Paul Morse review the excavations and formwork for the foundation.
  • Home Foundation Inspection
    Bob meets with the contractor to inspect the poured footings and discuss the pouring process. Next, Bob helps install the sill plate and explains the various types of lumber used.
  • Foundation Layout
    The foundation has been hand-dug and the forms laid for the footings. Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the layout of the greenhouse foundation and framing.
  • Attaching Steel Support Beams to the Foundation
    The structural steel supports are delivered and while Bob discusses the supports' unique construction, contractor Bob Ryley drills the necessary holes for the supports to be fastened to the foundation.
  • Insulating the Foundation
    Bob and contractor Bob Ryley insulate the foundation of an attached solar greenhouse.
  • Precast Foundation System
    Bob discusses a new foundation system that doesn't require a concrete truck being on site.
  • Installing the Precast Foundation
    The basement walls are lifted into place and secured. This system is ideal for cold weather installation as the concrete is already cured before delivery. The prebuilt walls have R5 insulation and steel reinforced concrete studs.
  • Pouring the Cement Caissons
    To provide structural support in the new Malibu beach house, holes are dug in the beach and the new cement caissons are poured.
  • Excavating and Building the Foundation
    Bob pays a visit to the site as work on the foundation gets underway. Once the excavation is complete, the forms (for the poured concrete) are assembled and put into place.
  • Discussing the Poured-In Concrete Insulated Form System
    Bob meets with Lars Anderson (from Owens Corning) to discuss the Lite-Form Insulating System used in the garage's foundation. The forms are pre-assembled and tied together on site, making them very easy to work with.
  • Pouring Concrete for the Foundation
    Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the pouring of concrete into Styrofoam forms for the foundation. The mix is slightly more liquid than most. While the increased flowability does not compromise strength, it helps eliminate cavities in the pour.
  • Discussing the Concrete Block Foundation
    Bob meets with contractor John Clancy to discuss building the concrete block foundation.
  • Gable Addition Framing
    Bob reviews the turret structure that's been added to the project house. Then Bob and contractor Bob Ryley and the rest of the workmen raise a gable wall in accord with the crew's modified approach to Western balloon framing.
  • Designs and Pouring the Foundation
    Bob meets with the architect to go over plans for the Cape-style house, before heading to the site to observe the pouring of the foundation.
  • Demolition and Reconstruction of Victorian Foundation
    General contractor Tim Berky updates Bob on progress since the footing for the new foundation was poured and repairs to the original foundation were made.
  • Excavation and Foundation Work
    Bob joins general contractor Tim Berky to hear how the foundation and footing will be handled for the Victorian kitchen remodel and deck addition.

Green Articles, Blog Posts and Slideshows

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  • 10 "Free" Things That Cost You Money in the Long Run
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  • 10 Classic Cleaning Products That've Stood the Test of Time
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  • 10 Cleaning Habits to Blame for Your Messy Home
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  • 10 Clever Ways to Use Baking Soda for Fresher Indoor Air
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