Tying Together a Modular Home

Project: Modular Mountain Retreat, Episode 5, Part 2

The main sections of the modular house are arriving from the Simplex factory by flatbed truck. With the foundation already in place, the building lot quickly transforms into a home site.

Before being hoisted into position, each box is unwrapped and additional prep work is done. Once the final preparations are complete, the crane operator deftly arranges each box into position.

Dave Boniello and Pat Fricchione from Simplex join Bob on location to tour the house as it comes together, providing additional insight into the process of assembling a modular home.

General Contractor Michael Shiels is also on site to give us a progress report on the assembly process, as well as a briefing on the next steps.
Part 1: Modular Home Delivery
Part 2: Tying Together a Modular Home
A workman uses a "come-along" tool to join two pieces into what is called, in the modular home industry, a "marriage" point or joint.

Bob heads down to the basement to view sections of the home from below. (The unfinished basement will soon be a large family room, exercise area and TV den). On the first floor, Bob reviews how two sections, still detached, will be joined with steel brackets at the marriage point.
Part 3: Installation of the Modular Home's Second Floor
Part 4: Preparing the Site for Modular Home Delivery
Part 5: Modular Home Delivery Day Overview
Beautifully sited on wooded acreage with breathtaking views of some of the most beautiful countryside in New England, this Arts and Crafts style bungalow certainly doesn't look factory-built. You'd never know it was a modular home unless Bob took you to the Pennsylvania factory where it was built, almost from start to finish.

The house goes down the assembly line from framing, through wiring and plumbing, all the way to the installation of flooring and priming for paint.

The house is trucked to its pre-fabricated foundations on the lot, and start all the finishing touches that will prove that a modular house doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter affair.