Running HVAC Ductwork, Part 2

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 4, Part 4

A new radiant heating system is being installed in the basement in this episode. Bob and Erling Andersen discuss the features of the "Boiler Room in a Box", a new compact, energy-efficient way to heat your home. Upstairs, Bob gets a look at how HVAC ductwork is assembled and run through the attic to an air handler. Finally, Bob takes a tour of a historic doctor's office in the scaled-down colonial Julia Wood House in Falmouth, MA.
Part 1: Installing a Preassembled Whole-House Radiant Heating System
Part 2: Tour of the Julia Wood House in Falmouth, MA
Part 3: Running HVAC Ductwork, Part 1
Part 4: Running HVAC Ductwork, Part 2
Bob meets with Peter Merianos and the crew from Coastal Heating and Air Conditioning, who are fabricating the AC ductwork on site. With the Kenmore air handler already installed in the attic, the crew begins assembling the ductwork using five-foot lengths of pre-crimped sheet-metal ducting as the basic material. The sections snap together and are secured with sheet-metal screws and foil tape.

To add a new line off the main trunk, the crew cuts a hole into the the trunk with a special tool. A starting collar from which the new line will extend is then inserted into the hole. The ductwork is insulated using vinyl wrap.