Installation of Laminated Engineered Wood Floor System

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 14, Part 3

Mechanical systems are being installed throughout the project house. Specifically, low-voltage Category 5 wiring for voice and data systems is being run in the home.

Erling Andersen of A.I.M. Radiant Heating is on-site to talk about the "Boiler Room in a Box" radiant heating system, as well as a new central vacuum system being installed. At a separate location, Bob meets with Jeff Van Sloun to learn about Owens Corning's Basement Finishing System. Once the basement system is in place, a new Kahrs floating floor system is installed.
Part 1: Installing a Central Vacuum System
Part 2: Basement Finishing System Installation
Part 3: Installation of Laminated Engineered Wood Floor System
Work continues at the sister project house where a new Kahrs "Linnea" laminated floor system is being installed. Tim Colgan from Kahrs is with Bob to explain the process.

A four-piece construction method is used to make the floorboards. The surface layer is an acrylic coating that protects a decorative wood veneer. The structural layers consist of a high-density fiberboard bonded to a pine backing layer.